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Negative Reviews of Anvers by Ulrich Lang

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Austere, minimal, a bit of shimmer, and a bit of smoke. A very clever fragrance for "today" that's for sure. You take in a little of this through the nose, and you ask; "WHAT IS THAT?" At first you are intrigue, and you like it and wonder why. Then you smell the fruit, and you recognize it as soft ripe guava, and you think, do I want to smell like guava? I never think of myself as a guy would would be complimented in my appearance by the presence of some guava around my neck. So, no thanks, I'll pass. Maybe if I were 25, I would like this. But I'm not and I don't.
06th October, 2006
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United States
The reviews are so tantalizing that I was sure I'd love this. Unfortunately, I don't. The guava note is unpleasant and clumsily married to the heart and base notes. The whole composition smells cheap to me. It smells like a bottle of PdN New York gone bad.

With that said, I'll probably revisit this in a few months and love it.
13th November, 2005
Really wanted to like this scent, but just couldn't. Anvers just doesn't work for me at all. Original, yes, it really doesn't smell like anything else out there, but that's where it stops for me. Words that come to mind: offensive, vulgar and inelegant.
29th August, 2004
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