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Neutral Reviews of Narciso Rodriguez for Her by Narciso Rodriguez

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I'm rating the EDP.

It's disappointing. It smells good. A lot of floral, mostly Lilly of the valley. Everything is soft in it. Light. Too light. Sillage and longevity should be a lot better, especially for an EDP. This review would be positive if there was more, because the scent itself is lovely, but you can't enjoy it.

I smelled the EdT now and it's slightly better. It lasts longer and it's got a nice plum touch.
24th April, 2017 (last edited: 15th May, 2017)
This is VERY fruity/floral!

I had only smelled the oil prior to obtaining this (Iridescent) bottle as well as the white cube shaped bottle, so these were both very new to me.

The reviews are all over the place for many of the scents from this house, and I wonder if part has to do with not knowing which scent we are actually describing - even here, I am forced to say I own a bottle that I don't, as it is the closest one to the bottle that I DO own, since someone did not think it was different enough to offer it its own "line item". That is perhaps fine, but I just rated the NON-iridescent EDP - not the EDT or the Iridescent (which is what I have and INTEND to rate). I really do hope someone gets where I am going with this on the MANY levels I am taking it...MANY LEVELS.

Anyway, as far as scent goes, I liked it ok, but I believe this is way more of a fruity floral than I was lead to believe (a difficult genre for me when done by the best), or my nose is really off - plausible...but I would bet money that this house is designed to target the "under 40" ladies, so I feel very certain that I am not this house's demographic.
24th December, 2016
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This starts with a fresh and fruity rose note, which is given a slight sharpness by a musky undertone that at times has hint of patchouli attached to it - with a nigh-chypre-ish touch at times. The drydown includes a refreshing neroli, developing into a base of a sweeter vanilla core.

The opening, not without originality, is my favourite part, but the rest is a tad boring on my skin and to me overly synthetically-biochemically designed. I get moderate sillage, good projection and six hours of longevity. 2.5/5

22nd April, 2015
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Inspired by a musk oil Rodriguez found in the middle east, this was his initial scent and can be categorized as a floral chypre with an emphasis on the use of musk. This information is supplied by Roja Dove.

Rose and Peach can be detected in the opening, with Osmanthus and Neroli in the heart.
Vetiver and Amberlyn plus vanilla make up the base.

Turin called it a "radiant woody" and gave it four stars, noting its success for "mating a big, somewhat masculine patchouli-musk to…orange blossom floral."

I found it to be a light floral with a hint of milky musk. Perfectly pleasant, but nothing special.

Top notes: Rose, Peach, Musk
Heart notes: Neroli, Osmanthus
Base notes: Vetiver, Amberlyn, Vanilla
18th October, 2014
I read the many rave reviews on this perfume and after a long consideration ,I decided to take the plunge and buy it without ever trying this on .I purchased the Gift Set from Nordstrom that includes the EDT 3.4 ounces,Purse Mini Spray 10ml, and body cream 30 ml.I was quite nervous about loving this, as I paid $109. Well,I have to say that I am pretty happy with this perfume and it is a lovely, enchanting fragrance. Very woodsy, sulky and musky, definately fall/winter/evening perfume. However...........This is an almost identical fragrance to another perfume which I simply adore, Believe by Britney Spears. Only, Believe does not develop into a lingering barber's shaving cream smell at the dry down . I have no idea why this is, maybe the tactile musk/solar musk blend?I have to admit that Narsico Rodruiqez EDT appears to be a softer, creamier and overall more well rounded/ subtler version of Believe by Britney Spears. It has somewhat soapy, shampoo-y finish . I love patchouli and in both perfumes patchouli is quite pronounced ,much more so in Believe. Believe is sharper and less complex, yet I still found it to be more feminine that NR. Would I buy NR EDT for Her again?I am not sure. I would probably buy its sibling Believe by Britney Spears instead, that is much better value for money at $40 for 3.4 ounces and also has better staying power.Would I enjoy wearing NR for Her?Definately,it is a good perfume,just not something I am insanely crazy about.
16th November, 2013
Tried this out at Sephora in the rollerball version. I was taken by surpriseat first sniff. It was really interesting and different from most of the fragrances that Canadian Sephora carries. The top notes are my favourite part of the whole thing.

And then it quickly falls apart. It started smelling really synthetic, and it reminded me of some cheap hair products.

Does anyone know a good alternative that smells like the top notes of NR for Her?
13th May, 2013
If you like egyptian musk this is for you. This is what it smells like. My husband bought this for me and he loves it. Im not against egyptian musk as I use to wear in the oil form so it's okay.
14th December, 2012
Oh how I wanted to like this fragrance. All the build up, the publicity, the "Sex in a Bottle", etc. and all I got was pure musk. No florals, wood notes, just pure musk, like a bottle of Jovan Musk oil. It was not disgusting or vile, just not worth the hefty price tag when you can get Jovan Musk oil at the corner drug store.
08th September, 2012
This fragrance is nice, pleasant, inoffensive, a bit different and interesting, but not remarkable. Do I detect Lilly Of The Valley somewhere in the mix? It avoids the trap of the sickening sweetness that every other fragrance of the day seems to be falling into.
09th August, 2012
i cannot smell it at all on my skin, however not a bad scent .
altough i cannot detect anything in this perfume( it is too light for me, almost invisible) my cat was obsessed sniffing my wrist(which is a scary fact, imagine what is inside this thing..)!
29th February, 2012
I really like this fragrance but surely I am not alone in thinking it is a slightly more refined and dare I say it, sanitised version of a cross between Strip & Agent Provocateur? That is why I'd give it a neutral rather than definite thumbs up - to my nose, this has been done before.
05th February, 2012
Narciso Rodriguez for Her EDP, is quite possibly one of the muskiest perfumes I've ever experienced.

This fragrance tends to be warm, subtly sweet, feminine, clean, and of course, musky. For some, Narciso Rodriguez for Her is animalistic and sexy. In my opinion, this fragrance is musky in a clean and old-fashioned sense. Don't get me wrong, this is not a scent just for 'old ladies'. It just doesn't scream 'sex' to me.

Occasionally I am anosmic to musk, so there are some moments when I can't smell Narciso Rodriguez. Every now and then I catch a subtle whiff of this scent which is certainly pleasant, but not to my personal tastes.

This fragrance smells dusty on my skin. It makes me think of a dark, crowded attic that hasn't seen the light in years. This relation is possibly due to my connection of musk to closed-up, suffocating, deserted houses.

This fragrance is not all bad, it's just disappointing due to all the hype. I don't sense many floral notes in the composition unfortunately. It's mostly musky woods to my nose.

Even in the EDP concentration, the sillage and lasting strength are rather average. I can understand Narciso Rodriguez for Her and its appeal, however I believe it is very much an acquired taste, that I don't have.

04th September, 2011
First impression is good, but then the scent begins to smell like soap.
Nice try, but not good enough.
20th December, 2010
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I must be anosmic to the musks in this because this smells almost precisely like nothing on me. Correction: it smells some Egyptian musk oil that has already been showered off. I get just the faintest aroma out of this, but what I can smell is quite lovely. Seems like it would be one of the nicest choices you could make at the department store these days. I'll never buy this one for obvious reasons - rather an expensive way to smell like nothing, plus I cringe at the thought of obliviously gassing out innocent passers-by with massive doses of this. Drat. Makes me wonder what other lovely things I'm not smelling & don't know about?
19th December, 2010
This is for the Musc Oil for her version.
I am anosmic to the musc in this which makes me sad. I can only get a faint floral note and vanilla. What I do smell is delicious and I only which I could smell more......:(
17th June, 2010
I was surprised to discover that I really don't like this. It starts out fruity/floral a la Badgley Mischka and then morphs into Lolita Lempicka minus the anise. Interesting, but not compelling, inspiring or beautiful enough to purchase.
04th September, 2009
After reading reviews on Basenotes I was inspired to order an EDP sample from TPC. I am disappointed that on my skin Narciso Rodriguez smells nothing like other people's experiences of it. A subdued pleasant enough rose note. No musk that I can detect. My skin's chemistry just doesn't work with this fragrance I guess...
13th May, 2009
Rakhee Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A light floral, reminded me of a garden full of honeysuckle, with a pleasant musk drydown - but not evocative or particularly interesting to my nose. Tom Ford's White Patchouli is a fuller, richer and smoother take on this kind of sensuality.
24th February, 2009
I got a sample of NR edt recently and I have to say it doesn’t really live up to my expectations, its price or the extraordinary beautiful bottle. I expected something muskier, more potent and interesting. But in reality, this is a very delicate fragrance that reminds me of floral deodorants, except that NR edt lasts longer.

The opening notes are mildly smoky, and there’s some greenness to it, possibly vetiver. This fragrance makes me think of spring and breezy, sunny days. It isn’t something I’d call sensual or sexy, like some other reviewers have, but I find it quite pretty and inoffensive. We all have our definition of sensuality, so if yours is like mine, on the dark side (Youth Dew, Knowing, Japanese Musk, Lush Ginger) you probably won’t be that impressed by NR edt. Orange blossom is the star in this scent, and except for the longevity NR isn’t much different from considerably cheaper Orange Blossom by Yves Rocher. I can’t detect other more prominent notes in this. There’s some warmth in the drydown, but not enough for me to find this full-bottle worthy.

For people who don’t like strong fragrances, try this one- it’s a soft and fresh floral. NR is of the prettier of its kind, but simply not for me.
17th June, 2008
I absolutley love this perfume. I have tried the EDT and the EDP and the EDP is slightly sweeter, more floral rather than musky and less fresh and breezy, but I think this adds a bit of depth and energy to it. The staying power of the EDT was really really dissapointing on me- only about an hour (and thats being generous), even if i used the shower gel and body lotion, so really not worth the money, as it is quite expensive compared to other perfumes in department stores. I have not yet tried the EDP for longetivity yet though. I hope it is better.
29th May, 2007
I like this perfume lots, but not one of my all time faves and here is why. Its smells quite generic, very similar to lots of others e.g SJP as Heidi also commented. It is ideal in my opinion for the office, not special enough for a date. OK for shopping, but not for the theatre.(get my drift?) Having said that, I will probably buy it again when this bottle runs out. It is a nice combination of mossy, musky, floral and fruits. Whew!! I am definitely going to try Heidi's idea of combining it with Crystalle though.
20th March, 2007
I've tried both the EDT and the EDP and I have to admit that the EDT smells a whole lot nicer than the latter. Although the it is gorgeous and incredibly inviting especially with its musky end notes (something that I absolutely adore in my perfumes), its staying power on my skin is so disappointing that I just couldnt make myself buy it, despite of its lovely smell.
13th March, 2007
To monochromatism:
I have exactly the same reaction the Stella and Stella Rose Absolute.
I LOVE the smell, but I cannot wear it, I get quite sick, exactly the way you describe it. But the funny thing is, I was recommended this fragrance by someone when I said I loved Stella but was allergic to it! Yikes, now I don't think I want to try this either!
11th October, 2006
I'm very literally allergic to something in this perfume. I'm not sure what it is, as I have no other allergies, but this perfume makes my head feel cloudy and dizzy, and NOT in a good way. I do like the scent, but my body doesn't!
09th October, 2006
I tried the edt and it's not something for me. It starts out smelling very much like red wine, which is pleasant but might give off the wrong impression. Eventually it settles into a very strong jasmine-like scent. Over all, I can see it on some people, but doesn't suit me at all.
30th May, 2006
This smells exactly like my grandma's cedar chest; fresh cedar with a faint touch of citrusy mothballs. I say that in a good way. NR is a comfort scent to me. I don't believe this is really heady or strong enough to be a real vampy seducing musk scent. When NR dries down, it lies very close to the skin with little to no sillage. I wouldn't repurchase, but this is still a very interesting & unique musk based scent.
08th March, 2006