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Smells like an advanced hairspray but acts like a real perfume. Its crisp and light but with a profound intensity that really shines. Works better on the skin than on a blotter. Wears a realm of 'vintage-perfume' charm upon its sleeve while managing to stay a pure, simple and very amicable experience. Just good.
01st August, 2019
Dirty, bitter flowers at first.
Mellows and sweetens in the middle.
Musky bottom with a smattering of patchouli.
Finishes nicely, overall.
12th November, 2017
This scents like my Grandmother's sheets. They were laundered in a 60's floral detergent. Hung dry in the clean country air. Folded and placed in a Cedar chest.
Now they smelled strongly of Cedar and the Floral was faint in the background.

This is opposite, Floral is in your face and Cedar in the background. Ultimately this is Woody Aroma Chemical (WAC)Saccharine.
It gets a thumbs up because it reminds me of my Gran.
Don't know that I would wear it or have my wife wear it though.
26th October, 2017
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Gauzy abstract white floral with a nice peachy voluptuousness about it and a comforting milky undertow. Has something of the siren lure of Rush without the latter’s pushiness. This is squarely mainstream made in the highly buffed manner of 1970s mixed florals, but when it’s done right, hey it’s the kind of perfume to spray on and head to the nearest convivial social gathering.
Smells soft and welcoming to bystanders. Lots of airy musks involved but deployed well in the service of the floral notes. So smoothly executed, it’s a safe buy for purchasers of designer florals, but it also has the ability to remain interesting to those of more particular tastes provided they approach it with open minds.
(Review for EDT.)
17th November, 2016
Found a sample of this in a drawer, and never having worn it decided to spray it on. Quite feminine and 'girly' of course, but also quite nice too, especially in the opening. Getting a lot of musk from this, along with the florals (rose and iris, two that I can live with). Younger or older women could wear this, and probably a man could too, if he were so inclined. Not sure that's me, but this is quite a good designer release, in my opinion.
28th August, 2016
It's perfumes like this one that give me an all new appreciation for rose. (Heck, and musk!) These two dominant notes aren't ones I typically seek out or go weak in the knees for, but here they're just so soft, feminine and pretty. It does have a freshly laundered quality - clean, warm. After a while, the rose wanes a bit and peach and sandalwood come out to play. For me, peach and sandalwood are a great match that always go so well together, and there's no exception here. This is when it goes from powdery to a little more creamy, as well.

Somehow, this reminds me a lot of Midnight Oud by Juliette Has A Gun. Much less woody, but the rose in each fragrance stampedes through your senses just the same way. And, both fragrances remind me of walking through the woods in the springtime - trees and bushes just bursting with fresh blooming flowers. Feminine, sensual yet inoffensive - It makes for a versatile scent that can be worn for just about any occasion.
13th June, 2016

When i first smelled this EDT captivated my senses immediately. It is more Lovely than Male Version and Less Romantic than EDP Version.I am loving this scent.Everything about this product is NICE. Sultry,Sophisticated, Heady,Hot,Provocative,Little Sweet, Creamy,Modern,Feminine and Heavy.

When you enter the Room heads turn and people want to know what that Mysterious fragrance is? Sharp Opening.Orange blassom and Light amber supported by Warmth of Bergamot in the Top notes.NR is a really beautiful dark floral for me.

Generally it it chic and exudes Seduction yet maintains a Hypnotic presence.I would Highly Recommend this EDT with assurance that you wouldn't be disappointed if you are a Smart LADY and definitely 25/40 years old.It is ideal for a SPECIAL occasion in a WINTER Evening.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

12th May, 2015
I was prompted to write a review of 'For Her' after smelling 'For Women' (white bottle) a few days ago.
This is the one (FH) with good sillage and elusive musks, the EDP is peachier with definite stickability.
The EDT is the equivalent of a Toyota Corolla, ubiquitous, rust free, user friendly with good economy. It lacks imagination but statistics show it benefits from repeat purchasers, and you can soup it up with the 'In colour' or 'Musc Intense' add-ons that men love, like a leather bound steering wheel or Recaro seats. That men love this is not in question, my husband loves the sillage hours after I have put it on.
Let's face it, it's a must have, it's your favourite pair of jeans or possibly your favourite pair of knickers; you, but better, with Narciso at the leather bound steering wheel, cruising the Napa valley, tasting astringent wines that mellow with age, For Her in a Toyota Corolla.
14th October, 2014
It was only seconds after first applying Narciso Rodriguez for Her that I realized I’d need to spend some time with it. It’s appeal was immediate, but not easy for me to fathom. Its profile is distinctive and instantly recognizable, yet every time I wear Narciso Rodriguez for Her I smell echoes of other scents. So while it does not smell at all like Angel, it shares partly in Angel’s uninhibited flamboyance, and completely in its willingness to play games with gender expectations. The animalic musk and woods at the core of Narciso Rodriguez for Her are no less “masculine” than the patchouli-soaked woody oriental accord beneath Angel’s fruity florals.

On another wearing it occurs to me that Narciso Rodriguez for Her is a sort of modernist gloss on Chanel’s Bois des Îles, from apricot-inflected osmanthus and orange blossom top notes that reflect the Chanel’s peach and neroli, to the parallel construction of its musk and reconstructed sandalwood drydown. The “modernism” manifests itself in simpler construction, comfort with exposing blatantly chemical ingredients, and an overall sense of comparative bluntness. If Bois des Îles is rendered in oils, Narciso Rodriguez for Her is an acrylic painting. Likewise, to borrow an anatomical metaphor, where Bois des Îles displays a glowing, unblemished skin, Narciso Rodriguez for Her reveals the skeleton beneath.

These echoes of genre-defining woody oriental predecessors detract not a bit from the pleasure of wearing this scent. Perhaps that’s because, for all its embrace of the obviously synthetic, Narciso Rodriguez for Her exhibits sufficient balance and integrity to convince on its own terms. Too bad Rodriguez followed this up with the relatively insipid Narciso Rodriguez for Him. They’d have done better just to amp up the vetiver in this, put it in a different bottle, and sell it to the guys as well.
20th June, 2014
This is a review on EDP; the pink bottle.

My favourite perfume at the moment.
It is unique & sexy. It has prominent rose & orange blossom notes but it’s not like a typical old lady’s scent; with the musky base notes, it is feminine and sensual and definitely for the women with confidence. It has really luxurious floral scents and smells absolutely beautiful on me.

Years ago, in early spring, when I was strolling around Valencia city (Spain) enjoying the lit up historical buildings in the night, I ended up in the plaza with several stalls selling flowers. All the colourful spring flowers were radiant in the dark and, as I passed them, I was enveloped in the composite of floral scents filling the air. This fragrance reminds me of the magical feeling of that night.

I adore it!
25th January, 2014
EDT. Really nice. Feminine, but could easily be worn by a daring male.
15th April, 2013
Shouts it is a Kurkdjian work, has signature of him overall. It reminds me a mix of Lumiere Noire pour Homme&pour Femme, but of course leaning to the feminine side. Very classy and women who discover and wear this is very lucky (NR being not very popular brand here in my land)
27th March, 2013
I think this scent is delightful. Light, sexy, with just a tiny bit of sparkle.

Yes, it smells delightful--in the bottle.

It smells nonexistent on my skin. I can barely smell anything. Other people can barely smell anything. They have to jam their noses right up against my skin to smell anything at all--a ghost of a scent. Heartbreaking.

I have ben reduced to obsessively sniffing the bottle for my high.

This is no way to live.
15th December, 2012
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Like walking into a florist's shop at midnight. Dense, musky, tropical flowers and foliage. Quite dreamy, for some reason it causes a nostalgic emotion in me. I get visions of Elizabeth Taylor and troubled love...uh, where was I?...this scent is very boudoir-like and old-fashioned. Also, doesn't have top quality composition, tends to fall apart in the end and display the hem of its synthetic underskirt.
07th September, 2012
This is for the EDT.
Words cannot accurately describe this fragrance. It is now my signature scent.
It is sheer, somewhat translucent; yet very present, comforting in an exciting way(!), and concealingly enveloping. Very tactile indeed. It starts with a dominant note that I cannot identify at all, sort of like a incensey/smokey ghost note that can't be grasped. It has a "warm skin" quality that dominates, but not sun-kissed, as this is a night time scent for sure. The "ghost note" makes room for orange blossom, musk, woods and a few others I'm not familiar with. The honey flower note seems to last the longest on my skin.
30th May, 2012
Irresistible super sophisticated concoction, one of the best "things" of the modern perfumery (I talk about the juice in the pink bottle, the EDP version, the one I've tested on my skin and that my girlfriend has worn for a period few years ago). First of all this is different, really different from the modern gassy-plastic lollipop kind new feminine concoctions around. Chic and glamour. The aroma is neither gourmand nor caramellous or powdery-synthetic (anyway in a sheer way), is instead averagely sharp, musky and slightly balmy but with a touch of classic exoticism and an outstanding floral discreet  sophistication. This is a modern fragrance that expresses a traditional , indipendent and solitary concept of femininity. The scent is musky, very musky and rosey with key roles played by orange blossoms, bergamot and amber. The mystery is enhanced by a silent lush sambac jasmine while the extreme sophistication owns a secret with the name of iris (anyway that's what i think). The aroma is at the same time erotic (may be also a touch of honey is hidden in the blend), sensual, almost corporeal, intimate and ethereal...a rarity. Something laundry and soapy, may be the combination of rose, iris and musk, sparkles in the air exuding from the complicated wake of orangy, rosey and ambery musk, sandalwood and hyper lush osmanthus. The femininity is intimate and a bit mysterious. A touch of vanilla and patchouli imprints more depth and silence. I figure on mind the image of a young, discreet girl elusive in the shadow.
20th November, 2011 (last edited: 19th September, 2015)
One of the very few interesting compositions of the last decade among the designer's range. NR for Her is a tremendously radiant concoction of woods and flowers (mainly orange blossoms) laying on a masculine musky base. Its main appeal lies in its incredible distinctiveness made of an unmannered beauty and charme. Elegant but not affected, NR for Her takes immediately the distance from nowadays clean fragrances by introducing a bold ambery/musky base that continuely winks at many classic compositions from the past. At the same time its perfect balance and refinement make of NR For Her a very versatile fragrance that's perfect for both younger crowds as well as for mature wearers. Very good.

Let someone who's not into perfume smell this, and if he/she likes it you just discovered a new potential perfumista. A contemporary classic.
26th October, 2011
This is a dark, warm,and sexy fragrance. Not much floral in it at all on me. Sadly, it doesn't last as long as I wish it would. But I love it while it's there.
20th October, 2011
This is one of my favorites. A very sexy smell. Maybe a bit too much honey flower (or whatever that is that smells like honey) for my taste.
30th June, 2011
It took me many years to warm up to this fragrance but I finally did. The white patchouli note in the base used to really jump out at me too much, so I never really tried wearing it. when I finally did I was so pleasantly surprised! it really calmed down on my skin, and turned into a unique and wearable fragrance. I think LT called it a "radiant wood", and that sounds about right. The osmanthus note is very very pretty, and this fragrance is a compliment-getter. Not the rarest scent out there, but a very special scent to me.
16th June, 2011
This review is for the EDT in the black bottle...

Wow!! I think this is pure sex in a bottle. At least it is for me! Beautiful, lusty, ambery musk at first...and then a sweet floral dry-down that teases and teases.

During the first two hours of wearing this, it occurred to me that it smelled how I wanted a masculine cologne to smell on a woman. I realize that doesn't make much sense...but...I have a fascination with cologne and sometimes I think I have found the perfect masculine scent for me, and then, oh no, I find something about it I can't stand. The top and heart of this fragrance made me think about this because of its beautiful musk accord.

Beyond that, it does have a very unique floral dry-down, which is very interesting, as most perfumes are vice-versa. I'm not big into strong florals, but NR's trail suited me just fine...even wearing a suit today! It made me feel feminine, confident, AND sexy.

Lasted almost ten hours, too, which is very impressive in my book. Now I see what all the hype was about!

28th March, 2011
(Edp Review)

I was waiting for a fragrance like this, honestly, today floral scents are beautiful but so weak, i still need some heavy and aggressive fragrance, just to feel alive again. In this case Narciso Rodriguez For Her definitely fulfill my expectations..

The initial notes are fairly woody and intense, then after a while powdery flowers with a strong presence of musk begin to bloom. The powerlasting is good. Just to add: This scent is not for everyone.
26th January, 2011
This fragrance is amazing, one of my all time favorites. The woody and musky overtones create a very sensuous and sophisticated fragrance, perfect for a night out. NR for her is all class.
30th October, 2010
This parfume has got notes that are not easyly distinguishable. I couldn't say exactly what makes this scent smell of "woman". I can't detect fruits, flowers, or woods in its olfactive pyramid. There is a sort of unrecognisable ingredient that makes NR4her a sofisticated product. In my opinion this is a sign of modernity. Too bitter and "dirty" for me, but very nice.
07th October, 2010 (last edited: 18th October, 2010)
I agree with angelica when she says that it's the 21st century's No 5! NR for her is so feminine, classy , radiant, modern but also traditionnal in its perfection and conception!
Try it!
06th March, 2010
angelica Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The 21st century's No 5.

10th November, 2009
I liked it. It is a well blended creamy musky and close to skin scent but is not weak or transparent. None of the notes hits your nose or comes front, has a nice harmony ;just a good choir would have. This harmony reminds me of the very first scent i had in high school; Babe was also so well blended that a friend of mine was suprised to see it is a perfume. It smelled a lot like skin and less like any common note. Whitemusk when balanced with fruits can do the magic. but do not take it easy as it has been tried thousands of times before and very rare of them got the justifiable repute of Narciso Rodriguez for Her.
29th October, 2009
After sampling the EDT and EDP several times on many occasions, I'd have to conclude that both seem to be very different scents altogether. Personally I prefer the EDP which I find creamier, much richer, more powdery, and has a more distinct floral sweetness to it. Both are synthetic smelling but in a good way like Clinique's Happy for Women. To me there isn't a hint of fruits at all in both concentrations.
26th May, 2009 (last edited: 08th July, 2009)
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United States
I am fascinated by the wildly confliciting opinions this perfume generates. I have to say I didn't think much of the EDT or EDP, not bad but nothing to make me charge for the register either. However, I am addicted to musks, and oils in particular work well for me. So I went for the Musc for Her, I think the scent translates so much better in this form, it's smoother, prettier, richer but still quiet. On me it's a innocent clean floral musk, a daytime fragrance . I just don't get the sexy vibe others mention. I guess my sexy is a little dirtier. I think it's quite pricey for a strictly daytime scent, however, the quality is there, the oil is thick, the scent is concentrated - just a dab or two really will do you all day. The packaging - opaque black bottle in a sturdy reusable black box is perfect for storing indefinately and even though I use this as frequently as any of my others, it will easily outlast them all.
16th April, 2009
The one in the black bottle. You know that heady, invincibly sexy feeling you get when you're just the right shade of tipsy, the night is young, and you're looking like a million bucks? If that feeling were a fragrance, NR would be it.
08th April, 2009