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very weak skin scent. Too bad as has a nice smell but lasts like an hour.
Are the others by them any good? gold/silver/musk?
05th August, 2017
I feel a bit out of place being the first to give this a thumbs down, as I am among far more educated noses than myself here, and this was also recommended to me by one such member on here whose opinions I value and whose suggestions and reviews have been very helpful to me. All of this leads me to wonder if perhaps I'm victim to a more recent formulation that falls short? In any case, I've been trying to come up with how to explain just why this one doesn't work for me. I know it doesn't fit my usual powerhouse or thereabouts preferences, but for example I sometimes particularly during the summer enjoy wearing Acqua Di Gio from time to time as a refreshing departure from my usual, so I think I can usually appreciate a fragrance for whatever it is in itself including if it's outside my personal preferences or even something that I feel doesn't fit me and I wouldn't wear. In other words, I'd at least like to think I'm capable of a fair, "It's nice, just not for me." This one though, no matter where I try to place it, it just doesn't seem to work, I honestly just can't find any appreciation for it. If it has a voice, I just don't get it.
02nd February, 2015
Fresh, citrus, floral open gives way to a linear vetiver note with poor sillage and average longevity. Vetiver on training wheels. 3 out of 5.
18th August, 2014
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Great inexpensive vetiver with a smell that ratiates quality. If you wonder, what it is similar to, imagine the excellent Nobile Vetiver by Chopard with a touch of Baime by MPG - there you have it.
12th November, 2013
This is definitely the best vetiver I've ever smelled. It's sweet, but not too sweet. I own Encre Noir and have tried Guerlain's vetiver, but prefer this one.
15th March, 2013
What can I say.. I wore this $20 fragrance through most of highschool and it's 100% nostalgia for me, maybe hence my 5 star rating.. But it lasts forever, and to date, is probably my favorite scent of all time. The whole reason I even joined this website was to find a cologne that might be considered "Malizia on steroids" and of much higher quality.. So if you know anything that smells just like this, tell me!
07th December, 2012
Simply a classic sporty, dry and virile vetiver with floral and herbal traits, some dynamic soapy energizing sweet facets, a patchouli support and a certain dose of sharp and crisp green/ambery smokiness. Initially a bomb of projection and even present for hours. A bit deodorant kind for sure but never disturbing, too artificial or dissonant. A pity it smells finally too much floral and sweetly pungent. A decent "on a budget" choice probably interesting to be layered with more precious and expensive niche vetivers around.
27th October, 2012 (last edited: 03rd November, 2012)
This is a very vetiver-y vetiver. It's dirt cheap and smells like vetiver should. I don't like it as much as, say, Tom Ford Grey Vetiver (one of the most smoothly blended vetivers I've had the pleasure to wear) but it's still darn good.

I'm with shlalaw here: this would pair very well with Encre Noire. I wore it with Guerlain Vetiver today and had a positive result as well. If you're into vetiver, there's really no reason not to try this.
09th October, 2012
A very floral opening to me, the vetiver showing up later. A contrast to my baseline Encre Noire. A pleasant addition to the fold.
26th June, 2012
A deliciously dry, crisp, vetiver. Couple this with the even less expensive aftershave and you have pure vetiver heaven!

Does it last forever? Well, no. But on a hot summer's day, for which this is perfect, what does?
04th March, 2012
Wise Owl Show all reviews
United Kingdom
If you like your vetiver dry and smoky then this is a must buy for you. It may be vetiver on a budget, but in terms of longevity and silage it can put a lot of scents four or five times its price to shame. Don't let the price or the rather cheap looking bottle put you off either, as what you do get is a quality scent which can stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the better known vetivers from the big fragrance houses.
20th February, 2012
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United States
I like this scent. Yes, it is inexpensive. Yes, it smells of vetiver. But, on my skin it becomes extremely smoky, and I don't mean incense from church, I mean drinks with the guys at the bar. I, myself, don't smoke, so this has been a bit of a conundrum for my friends who swear it smells like I've been sneaking puffs out back. If you like a smoky vetiver don't miss this one. I will still use it on occasion but don't plan on giving up my faves - Etro and Sycomore.
07th July, 2011
One of the best budget fragrances around and a faithful take on vetiver without too much nonsense as a supporting act. Longevity is actually rather good for a dirt cheap fragrance (£4 for 50 mls) - I get 4 hours on my skin before it fades into a weak pleasant skin scent, and much more if I apply it to clothing. Although it stands up well on its own (the body spray version is excellent too, and so too by the way is the Amber body spray version - try that one as well if you get the chance), I especially like to use it as a layer to support other vetiver-based fragrances that I own, e.g. Eau de Paco Rabanne, Guerlain Vetiver, etc. In fact, this IMO is very close to being a scintillating proposition all round, were it not for its depressingly cheap and nasty plastic lid.
04th August, 2010 (last edited: 14th May, 2011)
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shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
The cheapo price of this fragrance is deceiving: Malizia Vetyver is one of the best vetivers I've ever smelled, second only to Guerlain's. It is sharp, very dry, bitter, and crisp, and therefore embodies all of the qualities I love about vetiver. This is a REAL vetiver fragrance, unlike Creed's or L'Occitane's vetivers.

Despite the refreshing bright lemon opening, Malizia vetiver comes across as rather dark, even stark, probably due to the fact that there isn't the slightest trace of sweetness in this scent. Dry peppery and woody notes in the background adds depth and complexity to this fragrance, all the while enhancing the potency and prominence of the central vetiver note.

The last vetiver fragrance I'd sampled before getting this was L'Occitane's highly regarded Vetyver. Though technically it was a good scent, it annoyed me with its underlying sweetness, which I feel watered down the vetiver in it. This is not a problem with Malizia. There is no tonka, vanilla, amber or other silliness to water this scent down. I also find that it projects very well, and has good longevity, about 6 hours on my skin.

Malizia Uomo Vetyver is a very worthy purchase for any fan of real vetiver scents. I love it.

29th July, 2010
12.08.2009 just bought the Malizia Uomo Vetyver ( 50 ml ) and is the reason that i became new member in "basenotes".
Simplicity, clean smell, low cost. Who needs the longevity.....? Not me !
12th August, 2009
The good: A simple straightforward vetiver, clean smell with an slight oily note in there at a very low price (got me a 50ml @ 7.99$ and around x-mas a 100ml @ 11.99$).
The bad: Longevity is about the same as this review.
3.75/5 stars
01st April, 2009 (last edited: 26th December, 2009)
In general, this is a pleasant take on vetiver — clean, light, more green than woody — not much complicated by citrus or florals. Certainly not complex, its simplicity is a positive attribute. Deep, deep in the background there is an off note: feels kind of stale and oily, but I have to be paying close attention to notice it. For the most part, Malizia Uomo Vetyver is cleanly and freshly enjoyable if you don’t sniff too close to the skin. Unfortunately, the fragrance has miserable longevity. On the plus side, it is very inexpensive. I’d be tempted to buy this just for occasional use if I didn’t have a bottle of the ‘90s version of Vetiver Carven — another extremely light vetiver but much, much better that Malizia Uomo Vetyver.
16th October, 2007
Malizia Uomo Vetyver by Mirato is an excellent budget fragrance. Like Pino Silvestre, I get it at my Italian deli. Here’s the philosophy of the Mirato’s product line (which includes several fragrances): “Malizia Uomo is a complete range of products targeted for Men, to satisfy the specific needs of modern men, who are increasingly concerned about their daily grooming. The range caters for the dynamic and active man with a strong personality, and includes Shaving foam, After shave, Shower shampoo, Soap, Body deodorant spray, and Eau de Toilette with a distinct masculine and intense fragrance.” So what is Vetyver like? It is a good, grassy vetiver fragrance in a Mediterranean style. It has a lemony opening. Then there is a bit of spice, perhaps pepper and/or cardamom. There are aromatic woody tones which lead to the vetiver and light musk finish. The vetiver is solid: grassy, earthy, at times a bit rich like patchouli but basically dry. I like vetiver and I like this one.
Update -- I think there is also ginger in the spice mix in the middle. Also get a bit of smoke in the dry-down. Interesting.
05th July, 2007 (last edited: 16th May, 2015)
markc Show all reviews
United States
Pretty nice, but doesn't last long. A very clean take on vetiver. A hesitant thumbs up
01st May, 2007
True, back in the 90's everyone in Romania smelled like this. Even if this scent has become too mass-market and unfortunately ( sometimes)abused by completely misplaced wearers, it still has an above average refinement for its price range. It burts in a very fresh way, oozes grassy notes and some woody- aromatic touches. Also, resinous and slightly conipherous notes which actually cause this scent's mixed reputation- while they smell half mature, virile, classy and appealing, it also has a too sleazy note, something far too fleshy, dirty animalic and something of a push- over. Maybe due to this association my rating is just neutral.
05th March, 2007
Nice, but not for me:too earthy and classic.In the 90s everyone used Malizia/Intesa fragrances because they were an innovation,but now this has changed
26th October, 2006
Not very well-known(which is good). Very underrated, smells very clean.
20th November, 2004
Malizia, I was told was a very popular scent may years ago, the scent is a different twist on vetiver, its's nothing like Guerlain's vetiver it's very Italian, the first time I smelled it I was blown away. Nowadays its not very expensive, try it!
02nd July, 2004