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ever since Avon brought it on the market, I have loved Treselle. It's floral elegant notes take you on a journey into far away lands... it's great.
27th March, 2013
I wore this on my wedding day, we go married in a tropical garden in St Lucia and stayed for 2 weeks in a 5 star hotel on the island for our honeymoon and I wore it every day ! I chose it to be my wedding perfume so that whenever I sprayed it on I would be transported back to the happiest day of my life.....................2 months later we were seperated (bitterly) and 2 years on we are divorced and cant even bear to live in the same country as one another , yet I still LOVE treselle its gorgeous and sexy and it makes me smile. I think that says a lot for this fragrance, it will never remind me of the day I made a huge mistake, instead it reminds me of an amazing fragrance !
15th July, 2010
it's like a lighter and less good, bit more flowery version of the fresh laundry-aquatic (wich I like a lot)-Lanvin Oxygene.

actually, I'm quite sure that treselle is inspired by Oxygene. They're strikingly similar.

with all that being said... Treselle is still a nice scent.
10th February, 2010
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Treselle is a flower scent that even people who do not like flower scents apreciate. It does not resemble to any popular florals i know. It is a bit extraordinary without any lily, peony and freesia. Flowery note is mainly on jonquil or daffodil like flower ( should be White Tuberanthia Flower) and lotus which gives the scent modest and nice character. It is not the best quality but have medium longelivity and it is understandable for me as in my country its price is one forth or fifth of estee lauders.
30th July, 2008
I'm not good in describing perfumes, but in one word - sexy. Very sexy... And even if there's no linden listed in fragrance note, I can feel it and it's wonderful
09th July, 2008
I do agree with takemyhusbandplease to a certain extent. It is a very generic white frag, however you can get this on offer for $8.00 quite often, and for this price it has to be said it is a very pleasant everyday option. I would never wear this anywhere special, but it is amazing how many people comment positively when I do wear it.
09th May, 2007
Treselle is like every other soft white floral on the market today. Personally, I think Avon's perfumes have gone way down hill! After the original Rare Lines had been discontinued & then Little Black Dress- Avon hasn't made a very original perfume offering since! In the past 3 years Avon has cheapened many of their products while charging more! Every time they change the packaging- cheapen the product- charge more, BS Avon! Many of their older, nicer offerings which cost a little more to make they have discontinued.
Treselle is expensive for an Avon perfume (at $28.00)! You can buy Estee Lauder or Lancome for similar prices. Too mainstream, not unique in the least!
24th November, 2005