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I don't smell any of the fruit maybe a light floral scent, what I smell predominantly is the cedarwood, it reminds me of my grandfather's wood shop.
16th March, 2017
A generic fruity floral wood scent of no particular distinction or interest.

The currant and blackberry notes combine with the violet and musks to present a clean version of the genre. I never get the citrus notes. The other florals are indistinguishable.

I expected more of a statement of some kind from the house of Gucci, but alas. Turin's "sage floral" is an incomprehensible tag to my mind as neither do I get any herbals, nor are any listed.

Bland and a bit boring.
21st February, 2016
Gucci II opens with a fruity-floral accord comprising synthetic notes of peach, rose, white flowers, aldehydes, a base of light mossy wood and a subtle powdery creaminess of sandalwood and, probably, ylang or jasmine. In short, a clean, fresh, soapy floral-fruity scent with just a hint of more "adult" refinement (aldehydes, mossy notes). All is artificial, static and mutely "perfect" like a shop window. Thus, nothing interesting, creative, challenging or particularly evocative whatsoever, but still versatile and fairly pleasant to wear, with no particularly evident defects. A kind of "office-scent" elegance, if you want. Or, the same kind of politically-correct, trendy and uncreative glossy elegance of a fashion magazine. Still, it's decently made, therefore I get it may be pleasant enough for customers which require only a discreet, generically refined and good-smelling perfume, standing to a proper "good" perfume like a hostess' uniform compares to a prêt-à-porter tailleur.

13th October, 2014
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Gucci Eau de Parfum II is a delightfully brisk, fruity, green floral that miraculously avoids the crass hard candy sweetness that plagues so many of its type, trading brisk, grassy herbaceous notes and judiciously applied aldehydes for the usual pink Kool-Aid accord. It’s at once heartening to see what beauty can be derived from this tired genre, and revelatory of the cynicism that breeds the accustomed bubble-headed fruity floral celebrity scent.

The top notes limn the expected sweet-tart berry accord, soon joined by a floral bouquet in which violet and jasmine play dominant roles. The green notes that rescue Gucci EdP II from banality swoop in not long after, and once the three components – fruit, florals, and green – assemble, the scent plays out in a consistent, linear manner for several hours before settling into an unusually reserved clean musk and wood drydown. Altogether an unexpected pleasure.
15th June, 2014
My sister wore this, I liked it on her,so she bought it for me.On her, it seemed to smell predominantly of raspberry, possibly rose, on me, it seems to smell quite subtly different, and I agree with previous more...eleganty-put reviews which mention the fresher,slightly more leafy scent that fades to one of soft fruit and roses.Which I wouldn't normally wear if you paid me, works,it stops just short of being too talcum-powdery or sweet,I get a faint hint of violets or blackcurrant and I really like it,even after a few hours,I think it's quite long-lasting, without being invasive.A friend of mine said it reminded her vaguely of rose -scented incense,possibly with sandalwood, I can understand that....In a strange's ..possibly not something I would have dreamed of wearing myself,I don't see myself as "this type of person" but it IS a lovely scent, if I'm actually, having a Fluffy day,I will wear it..
28th October, 2012
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United States
black currant makes a dominate presence in gucci 2 then dies.violet and berries play a major part now.this one is ok but its not much of a floral so for da ladies that wanna get sumethin different, 2 is nice ,the berry blend is kinda off putting 2 me and this one isnt exciting.
26th January, 2012
This seems to be a very popular fragrance, and while I understand its appeal, I guess I expected something more.

Gucci eau de Parfum II appears to be the perfect Summer choice for the young and extremely feminine. This is your typical pink fruity floral, inoffensive and pleasant.

The opening of Gucci eau de Parfum II is actually quite strong, with the berries and citrus coming to the fore early in the composition. The florals, although present, hardly feature in this fragrance. The fruit certainly dominates.

The heart softens a little into a shampoo-like concoction that is both clean and delicate. Once again it is that 'straight out of the shower' type smell that is replicated here.

The drydown is by far my favourite part, with a musky and subtle berry scent creating a direct comparison to berry flavoured yoghurt. I thoroughly enjoyed this sudden creaminess and I found it to round off the scent nicely.

Although fruity fragrances aren't really my thing, I rather like its 'cuteness', I have to say that this is quite delicious. I'll also add that I found no problem with the lasting power, it lasts considerably well on me.

26th June, 2011
Loved this at first but it disappeared on me in hours. Had to return it sadly as I am not a person to put up with respraying. If it works on your skin and lasts this is a winner.
14th June, 2011
I find it interesting that no one has yet noted the connection between Gucci Eau de Parfum II and Gucci Pour Homme II. Besides the cleverly-executed Violet note, EdP II gives off the same "tea" vibe that Pour Homme II gives off. I suspect it's the Blackcurrants, but really, Gucci Pour Homme II is, to me, essentially a masculine version of the similarly-named Gucci Eau de Parfum II. I still like the men's better, but this is still a superior women's release from the past decade and bears great sillage and longevity.

My 50 year old mother loves this one.
15th February, 2011
Wow, to me Gucci EDP II is berries and creme, not at all gourmand but still very very tasty (Im a guy, just for the record!). Its a young, playful, hairspray and pink nail polish fun fragrance without overpowering every other fragrance in the room. To me the Mandarin, Black berries and Black currant notes work perfectly alongside the violet and jasmine. The 'catiness' is always lingering in the background, grounding the fragrance in the form of musk and the elusive heliotrope note. A fragrance that always intrigues me, making me wish the wearer of said perfume has made their fragrance purchase based on how good this fragrance actually is and not because its a cheaper 'high street' fragrance and it smells 'how a girl should smell'. It plays out in my mind as a 20 something woman back in the 50's who works in an office by day but by night transforms into a bubblegum blowing diner chic by night, loving nothing better than the feel of the wind in her hair as she rides in a soft top cadillac beside 'her man'.
26th April, 2010
I wear this to the office most days. Its light, soft and fresh. And bound not to offend anyone. The berries give it a bit of a kick that for me stops it from wandering into boring territory. Reasonably long-lasting on me.

Love the bottle design and colour of the juice.
15th May, 2009
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United States
Gucci II is a nice "pink" refreshing floral. Easy to wear, but the dry down is a little bit boring. It smells a lot like Hermes Kelly Caleche without the soft leathery notes. It's not my thing, but is still nice. Inoffensive and good for situations that require light fragrance. A bit more sophisticated choice than the normal boring sugary light florals in the market.
17th March, 2009
I see no reason for anyone to dislike this one. Its absolutely one of my favorite top 5 perfumes. My girlfriend has it and it drives me crazy when she wears it.

I remember pulling out a clip ad in a magazine with Gucci II. All my guy friends kept asking to keep smelling it. They all said it smelt like it had grape in it. I concur..

The downside to this frag is the bottle. It's very big and heavy, lacking a reasonable portion for the price they ask. It runs out very fast. The majority of the bottle is solid glass. So wear it sparingly.

25th February, 2009
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I suppose heliotrope, musk and cedar are what connect this edition to the original Eau de Parfum. The interesting thing though: the smell nothing alike. Eau de Parfum is mystical, androgynous, and sexy. This is strictly feminine, light, and pretty.

It is like an Angelina Jolie/Drew Barrymore distinction.

Cute, simple, inoffensive, feminine, fruity/flowery; there is nothing unpleasant in it. It just smells happy. Is it a true elixir of a femme fatale that makes men crawl on their knees, cry their eyes out, and bleed in their hearts?


But it is what it is. Cute. My best friend wore this scent since forever, that is why I cannot be objective: I always had fond memories attached to this smell. But it is honestly pleasant: I am being objective. To me, there is not even a slight connection to the legendary amber colored Gucci Eau de Parfum (for the people who read my reviews, you know how much I love the original Gucci Eau de Parfum.) This is Gucci's 'pink' answer to fragrances like Coco Mademoiselle, Miss Dior Cherie, Prada Tendre etc.: the type of young smelling scents women from horizon to horizon love nowadays globally.

It smells very young, and distinguishable in its own way. You can't mistake this scent for something else: it has a character in its own niche. For a true fragrance lover, yes, this is a much weaker offering than the original Gucci Eau de Parfum. But it is because II is a different type of scent. Opens with fruits like black currant, mandarin, red berries, bitter orange and currant leaves to break fruit salad sweetness. Quite linear, but luminous from top to finish, it goes on with peony, black berries, freesia, violet, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley. Flowers all the way. And it dries down to heliotrope, light musk, and cedar.

The bottle is identical to the original, and it is a true work of minimalistic art. The fragrance is pink, and was overseen by Tom Ford. It is quite popular because of the Sephora push, and much much easier to find then the original Eau de Parfum.

I have nothing against the fragrance, and it would make a perfect gift to anyone, because there is, like I say, nothing debatable about the ingredients: nobody would hate this scent. But what happened the other day is; I bought a face cream for 20 dollars or something, and let me tell you, it smells exactly the same with II. Exactly. That is why I think II just smells a little common, and not edgy or debate-worthy.

But still, very 'cute'.
03rd September, 2008
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United Kingdom
Blackcurrant leaves wear a Gucci suit and handbag. In other words - sophisticated, inoffensive, wearable and fresh, but not a party animal, sexy seductress or a frivolous girl. I own this and wear it for business meetings, travel, etc.
10th August, 2008
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United States
Bought this for my woman and dig it.... the berries on top are sweet and strong at first, but not to the point of being candy-sweet. The sweetness eventually settles and becomes more musky. Lasts a long time on her.
28th July, 2008
This is a summer favourite of mine. On looking at the notes alone it would be far too sweet for me, and it is rater sweet, but it's not cloying, maybe because of the fresh top notes. It is one of my husband's favourites on me, he can't get enough of it, and I suppose that's a good thing. On me, the violet is the star of the show, and also the note that lingers the longest. It has very good staying power and it doesn't get in everyone's face as it stays quite close to the wearer's skin.
11th June, 2007
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United States
Gucii II is another example of why I love working in fragrances. I hated it at first, it smelled like construction air to me. But after a few months it grew on me, and now I love it! It's an unusal sweet smell with a kick of spice in it. And it last without lotion and shower gels, which is hard for me to find.
20th February, 2007
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United States
Gucci Eau de Parfum II is a perfume I have toyed with owning for some time now. I suppose that when my current Escada limited edition runs out, that might be the time. This reminds me of an Escada summer fragrance with its use of berries and sweet florals, but it is much drier than Rockin' Rio, Island Kiss, and the like. It is a classier fruit scent, with a lot of powder and a significant amount of musk. I am in my mid-twenties, and I find that it appeals most to my age group. Again, sweet, but endearing. It won't knock you off your feet, nor does it really seduce, but it does make you feel rather light.
06th September, 2006
I'm luke warm on this one. I love the top notes - especially bitter orange and mandarine, but the drydown to the basenotes is boring for me.
09th June, 2006
For me Guccy stands for class and style. I was very dissapointed when I didn't like Guccy Eau de Parfum I. It turns out very lovely after two hours, but them first two hours it is very much too sharp for me. I was so glad when I liked Guccy Eau de Parfum II! It's a very personal fragance. I guess it's the Bitter Orange I'm very fond of. Stays on for very long, too. Thumbs up!
19th January, 2006
Coming off the perfection that is Gucci Eau de Parfum, this sequel is just a big, major-league letdown for me. An essentially pedestrian floral that's way, way too sweet for its own good; the violet-blackberry-black currant-jasmine combo literally clobbers the senses in the most assaultive manner possible. It's so strong I feel as though I can almost see the fumes emanating from the bottle the way heat rises from the pavement in summer. And it's all I get from this fragrance, too, as the drydown doesn't really go anywhere from there. It becomes a little powdery - the heliotrope - after hours and hours, but that's it. I was really digging on Gucci fragrances - Envy, Rush, the first EDP - until this one came out, and since its appearance I feel the house's "edge" has disappeared in terms of scents that best express the brand. Gucci EDP II completely lacks the sense of provocative, on-the-verge-of-scandalous attitude that the other "Tom Ford Gucci" scents possess. Compositions like this one are the antithesis of what I look to Gucci for when it comes to fragrance!
26th September, 2005