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Neutral Reviews of Signature pour Femme by S.T. Dupont

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A floral with bit of fruitiness to it and a warm ambery base. Of the plethora of florals, the rose and other heart notes are the essence of the fragrance. The frangipani is rather sweet and clean and gives the fragrance a clear quality. This stuff is rather strong and lingers on clothing, though on dry skin it seems to disappear. Overall, not a bad fruity floral.
28th November, 2009
About 3 years ago we bought this fragrance to my mother-in-law, for her birthday. It was fine for winter, a bit stronger, but it left a trail of headaches at summer seasons.

The top notes are fruity, but brief, with something in the orange vein (maybe bergamot or mandarin) and some peach notes. Middle notes appears then, based on strong floral notes of rose, orchid, maybe a bit of soft gardenia, and an always present note of earthy iris and some old aldehydes. The basenote is based on woods like sandalwood, rosewood, some cedar and musk. Maybe also a little of vanilla, as an oriental note.

About a month before we bought it, we tested an 1 ml sample on my mother's skin and also my best female friend smelled it. Both of them liked it, as she often used strong and distinctive fragrances. Unlike them, my mother-in-law usually used soft fragrances and with this fragrance she tended to overspray it. At winter it was fine, but on summer or closed spaces, it was suffocating for the ones in the same room. Best suitable for colder seasons and evening events, for women with personality over 35 years old. Not suitable for office use or another kind of closed spaces, or warmer seasons, as it's a dense and not fresh fragrance.
11th June, 2007