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A sweet, floral-fruity perfume. Very feminine. Peach, tulip, tangerine, magnolia, violet, nutmeg, magnolia, rose, and iris all stand out for me. This pile of ingredients all appear upon the first application. They stay for quite awhile. After a few hours I detect some sandalwood, vetiver, and rosewood. I get about four hours of wear, before I need to apply again. Overall it is a nice perfume. Not outstanding enough for a full bottle.
29th May, 2017
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United Kingdom
Two most loved fragrances from S.T. Dupont - its male and female Signature(s)
Femme - seductive musky tulips in amazing cloud of tangeriny-peach, I think that the rosewood underneath makes the tulips and fruits really shine in an absolutely glamorous way. Very happy fragrance and very beautiful. To me bonus is that I dont know anyone who weears it)
Almost the same with male Signature, super-class flowery-smokiness, balmy and aristocratic
, I would follow that man to the end of the world so complex, untrivial and intelligent this smell.
I wear it together sometimes - even though I treasure every bit of these juices, and then - its olfactory heaven, adore flacons, adore the fact that they exist. YET.
07th March, 2014
This extremely wearable scent in some ways it reminds me of L'Or Torrente, without the coffee note. It's creamy and warm without being too sweet. On me, it's more of an oriental floral than a straight-up floral. In cold weather the nutmeg and woody notes really pop in Signature, and that's usually when I wear it. Perhaps that's why I don't get any fruit.
I've seen aldehydes listed in the topnotes on other sites, but it does not have either the soapy or powdery quality generally associated with Aldehydes, Although launched in 2000, the box, with its red flocked paper and gold lettering looks "old fashioned' in a 1950's glamour way, which makes me think they were not marketing to the celebu-scent crowd, but it does not smell dated to my nose. A very reasonable price and good longevity rounds out the appeal for me.
24th May, 2010
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S. T. Dupont is a classically constructed fruity floral that has some very nice things going for it. The fruit, while there, are not overly sweet or abundant. There’s tangerine and either there’s peach or the combination of notes give a peachy smell. The florals are a balanced, mixed bouquet very nicely blended – the only floral that sort of stands out to me is the orchid. The base is woody / amber with the emphasis on the rosewood – quite soft and gentle but with good longevity. Signature is a beautifully put together, refined, muted fruity / floral… Quite discreet and one of those truly under known and underrated hidden gems.

21st November, 2008
Very akin to Dupont's Signature for men, with bright florals and fruits over a woody base. This is one of the few frags I can think of in which the gardenia and rose don't overpower the other floral notes.

Pretty old school in its construction, though, and not for young women in search of a light and breezy type of frag. Also, this one's probably better suited for romantic and formal events in the evening -- I can certainly see how it might come across as overbearing and/or cloying in confined business spaces.
18th April, 2008
Very underrated and not a fragrance you necessarily fall in love with right away. On the first few wearings, I thought this a pretty ordinary fruity-floral with woody drydown - inoffensive and an item in my collection that I'd always consider reaching for but ultimately pass up in favor of something more interesting or pronounced. It wasn't until I tried out Vera Wang, which is very similar to this, that I begun to appreciate the unique qualities of Signature. Though it has many different floral notes in it, I think of it as a "yellow flower" fragrance, sunny and akin to a very fruity, rounded chardonnay. The things that keep it from being just about florals - the nutmeg and the rosewood particularly - do in fact make the composition interesting once you bother to notice them. Once I wear this scent for a few consecutive days, I always end up realizing, "Hey, I could wear this all the time and really enjoy it."
15th September, 2005