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Reviews of New Musk for Women by Prince Matchabelli

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I personally am not a fan of this one. I can't quite put my finger on it but this smells almost identical to a designer fragrance. I might be confusing it with another one but my guess is Vera Wang. I have definitely smelled this on others and they seem to love it. I prefer something with a fresh scent so clearly this is not for me.
08th August, 2008
New Musk is basically a tuberose-musk blend, a fragrance combination that can also be found in Body Fantasies Tuberose-Musk Fantasy. Both fragrances are made by the same company, Parfums de Coeur, and so are in all likelihood built around the same base of ingredients. However, they're not completely identical; the Body Fantasies version, which is very nice on its own, is a little bit sweeter and more florally than the New Musk. Conversely, New Musk is muskier and cleaner. Some find it comparable to Coty's Sand and Sable and I get the resemblance to some extent, save for the fact that Sand and Sable's musk-less. Both are similarly not too sweet, though. Those who like the "buttery" quality that Sand and Sable captures so well should find the New Musk pretty nice, too.
30th September, 2005