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I don't gel well usually with Bond No 9 scents, but one has to give credit where it's due. New Haarlem, by Maurice Roucel, is a high quality gourmand evocative of coffee and coffeeshops. It is not abstract, but more realistic. However, unlike most other artsy coffee fragrances, New Haarlem eschews anything to do with roasted coffee beans, and goes straight for lattes and cappuccinos - the pleasant, sweet aroma that draws in the crowds. Tonka and vanilla contribute to the sweetness, while there is also a slight edgy, bitter aroma, perhaps a sense of astringency. I imagine this is referencing the bitterness of coffee and coffee beans; I find this aspect to be of paramount importance, as it keeps things interesting and sustains my interest, and at the same time distinguishes New Haarlem from the hordes of unremarkable simple saccharine perfumes.

New Haarlem has a significant presence. It lasts several hours on my skin with good projection and offers a very nice sillage. It's hard to imagine New Haarlem being wearable when it is not cold. However, in the winter it blooms beautifully and is rather pleasurable. It can even be a mood lifter on cold mornings. New Haarlem isn't complex or complicated, but is a simple straightforward gourmand done right. It's not as sophisticated as Dries van Noten par Malle, as abstract as Eau Noire or as extreme as Jeux de Peau, but it has a spontaneous beauty and mass appeal. Easy to wear and easier to like.

06th May, 2018
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United Kingdom
Gorgeous fragrance. Kind of smoky meets musky. Burnt coffee is the prominent note which blends with the vanilla, tonka and amber. Not for everyone but I especially find it unique and beautiful. I could wear New Haarlem everyday.
17th April, 2018
Finally reviewing this on a day off following the Eagles Super Bowl victory, Bond No. 9 New Haarlem, for me, epitomizes the sweet brunch vibe, with heavy notes of coffee, amber, and vanilla comprising much of my experience of it.

Certainly the wildcard note, if it can be called that, is lavender, which mixes peculiarly with the coffee to give the fragrance a rather mysterious yet sophisticated edge, as in Armani Attitude, wherein both notes are even more front-and-center without the gourmand influence of vanilla.

Cedar further rounds on the mix, with tonka providing its creamy yet slightly powdery nuances. Overall, the experience of the fragrance is nearly a full gourmand, the lavender providing the sole vestige of something outside simply eating coffee and pancakes, and New Haarlem is all the more brilliant a composition for involving the lavender, which really is the keystone of the whole fragrance.

Next to Andy Warhol, New Haarlem is the most powerful Bond No. 9 fragrance I've tried to date, with excellent projection and longevity, just as loud as I want it to be for how much I love it.

The only downside is its peculiarity, that someone averse to coffee or sweet scents will likely not be attracted to it, but as I love both, I'm smitten with it, and I wear it occasionally for a nice breakfast or brunch occasion.

9 out of 10
05th February, 2018
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My first review on Basenotes. Bond isn't one of my faves but I have to say, I really like New Haarlem (despite the misspelling). I get all sorts of hungry after spraying this on. Smells like the back room of an iHOP, but in a good way. All in all I like it. Not good for a date but great for a night home alone in front of the tv.
14th June, 2017 (last edited: 19th September, 2017)
Being number 12 in a series of 16 reviews on critically acclaimed and noteworthy scents.

The top notes of New Haarlem consisted of a combination of coffee and lavender spliced together in such a clumsy fashion that I feared the worst. As I have had cause to say before, the end result smelled very much like the medicinal odour of calomine lotion. Being used to the seamless connection of lavender and coffee in Yohji Homme, this by comparison seemed like - what's the saying? - attaching an axle to an orange.

However, as time moved on, things turned out for the better. Those that have pointed out a similarity with Dior's Eau Noire are spot on, for while New Haarlem omits the curry leaf note and includes a much stronger, more aggressively roasted coffee aroma, the two are very close indeed. They share many common ingredients, and so the similarities in accords, and in performance for that matter, should perhaps not come as a surprise.

So, once we get to the dry down, exposed skin gives off a straight coffee accord that is between a narrower version of Eau Noire and an amplified version of Yohji, while sprays to the chest bring out the roasted aspect of coffee along with something like the "pancakes and syrup" effect that this scent is famed for. There is also something of a green note here, again, extremely redolent of Eau Noire.

While I would buy Eau Noire in a straight fight between the two, if money were no object, that appears to have been discontinued. Given that the medical astringency of New Haarlem soon wears off, but retains what the pleasing aspects of a good gourmand are for me at least, I can unhesitatingly award New Haarlem a positive review and leave it on the wish list until such time as the idea of an unashamed gourmand in my collection becomes irresistible.
27th November, 2016
New Haarlem is probably one of Bond No. 9’s most iconic fragrances, along with Chinatown (on the female side). It’s a grotesque, “extreme” gourmand that pushes the envelope with a set of roasted, burned, and syrupy notes that walk the line between cloying/intense and appetizing/comforting.

I like extreme gourmands a lot – they are impolite and they don’t pussyfoot around with the idea of food as fragrance. They don’t make any apologies. Done right, they are both satisfying and cartoonishly awful in equal measure. In this category, I place Jeux de Peau, Cadavre Exquise, A*Men, and yep – New Haarlem.

To my nose, New Haarlem smells like roasted black coffee beans over a soapy, aromatic lavender cologne. The lavender here has the same sun-roasted, “garrigue” effect I notice in Eau Noire, that intensely woody, aromatic aroma of crushed lavender buds which is what creates the roasted coffee impression.

It is certainly a very dark and woody coffee smell - very attractive and distinctive. I can’t think of anything else that smells as close to real coffee as this does. I pick up on a creamy vanilla sweetness later on, but I can’t say that I perceive any syrupy notes at all. And I certainly don’t pick up the famous pancake accord.

To my nose, this is all coffee, intensely black and roasted at first, then smoothing out into sweet, milky coffee in the drydown, draped over a soapy, aromatic barbershop fougere. It strikes me as incredibly masculine. I like it very much, but find it too butch for me to pull off comfortably.

My husband, on the other hand, had a completely different experience. That is to say, it smelled the same on his skin as it did on mine, but his understanding of New Haarlem jives far more closely with the majority opinion of the scent on Basenotes and elsewhere. Without telling him what the fragrance notes were, I sprayed it on him and asked him to tell me what it smelled like. This is what he said:

“Nuts, specifically pecans, and that Danish pastry you like with the pecans. There is a lot of syrup here. Yes, it smells exactly like the bakery where I get the croissants and pecan Danish for you guys at the weekend. It is like wearing a pastry. This is far too sweet. I could maybe like this if I were feeling hungry and wanted to smell something a little sweet. But I wouldn’t wear this, really. It’s way too sweet.”

26th September, 2016
New Haarlem smells like a plate of pancakes and syrup. I went through 3 sample vials before eventually pulling the trigger on the smaller bottle for 91 USD. I'm so happy I finally did! This scent is a must for people who love gourmand fragrances.

When dabbing from the sample vials, I was lucky to get 3 hours before it became a skin scent. I haven't been wearing the juice from my bottle long enough to report its longevity, but the 5 sprays I put on a few hours ago are much stronger than the dabs I've previously used. I feel like the projection is about 4 feet and the potency is better than the samplers.

TLDR; If you like the gourmand category and also like the smell of a syrup-y breakfast then this is right up your alley. Because this one is unique in my opinion, I'm giving it a 10/10.
26th May, 2016
IHOP. For those in parts of the world that are unfamiliar with IHOP, New Haarlem is what an unhealthy breakfast smells like in America.
09th October, 2015
This is what Mr. Roger's sweater would smell like.
11th March, 2015
Wonderful fall fragrance. Nothing much to add to the other reviews but this really does smell like drinking a cup of sweet coffee at a pancake house. Coffee, waffle, maple syrup and a ton of sweetness. Warm and inviting and virtually impossible to dislike. Projects like a beast and lasts and lasts. Single note fragrance with zero drydown but the nose never gets bored and it never feels cloying.

Check out ck one shock - its way cheaper and it has the same vibe going on. Any way, new Haarlem should be in everyone's collections - gourmand done right and can be worn any season by anybody.

Top marks!
03rd March, 2015
Definitely had my phase with this one. It's a powdery syrup-cinnamon-coffee fragrance with a lot of cedar. It's strong, last a while and is nice, but eventually I got kinda sick of it. Not very versatile but has its place in an already established collection.

03rd February, 2015
If I wanted to smell like this I would go to the closest Starbucks, get a cafe au lait, put tons of sugar and vanilla and pour it all over me.
I like the smell of coffee, but not ON me, capiche?
10th January, 2015
A tad disappointed with this fragrance. I agree that the opening is very much coffee with hints of lavender and a cacao note.

But that's all the opening. 3-4 hours in, the mid and base notes is more about tonka, amber and vanilla than coffee, which is what the reviews here rave about. Longevity is decent at 6-8 hours, not the beast that people talk about here.

Looking to sell this, used 10-12 sprays, if anyone is interested and is a fan.

Its good, just not great.

PS: people smell coffee beans after sniffing numerous fragrances. No surprise that olfactory fatigue may kick in really quickly for this fragrance.

PPS: the best coffee frag I've smelt so far is Eau Noire from Dior. But that has other notes like immortelle that put me off. Anyone have recommendations?
01st December, 2014
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rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
When this scent touches my skin, the most wonderful aroma of fresh black coffee arises, soon accompanied by a firm lavender with a herbal undertone. More into the drydown there is coffee and a cedar impression, although the coffee still dominates. Now the coffee is less fresh, a touch less intense and more like cafe au lait. In the base by a great twist the addition of tonka create the atmosphere of a cafe where maple syrup wafers are served, nut never too sweet, sickly or intrusive. In the first phases added bergamot adds freshness, and in the later stages an added ambery wood note prevents the sweetness to be to dominating. Coffee prevails throughout, albeit a bit in the background in the base. Although a great gourmand scent, its lack of intrusive sweetness makes it very wearable on me. It displays good silage and projection, but the longevity on me is utterly sensational: fourteen hours have passed and I can just still catch a whiff of......(a hint: it starts with c). On me this is the gold standard in coffee fragrances, a great, not too heavy winter gourmand.
21st July, 2014
Coffee, vanilla, cinnamon, and... pancake syrup? Sure, why not! New Haarlem reminds me of the holidays. It's an amazing and potent gourmand. One or two sprays of this stuff and I'm good to go for the entire day. Has a vibe that almost sparkles.
07th July, 2014
I know my friend "Omid Z" is not agree with me about the coffee scent but this is a really great coffee based fragrance with high quality and very nice smell.
The opening is very sweet and strong coffee scent mixed with patchouli note.
The sweetness is a little too much in the opening! So try to don't over spray it specially on your neck!
It will choke you without any doubt!
In the mid the sweetness settle down and you can smell stronger coffee scent with some patchouli in the background. the sweetness was syrupy in the opening but now in the mid I can clearly smell vanilla which is sweet but it's not as sweet as the opening. also the coffee scent is very dry and bitter which is really great.
In the base the patchouli note is almost gone and vanilla plus that beautiful bitter and dry coffee scent will follow you to the end.
The coffee scent in this fragrance is really great. I love it!
Good projection and longevity with this sucker!!
01st June, 2014
Gourmand thy name is New Haarlem. Sexy Pancakes is the best description I have had with this fragrance. It is a MONSTER on projection, silage, and lasts for 24+ on me.
05th May, 2014
Ghosst Show all reviews
United States
Extremely sweet, even if it is a gourmand, it is sickly sweet, very sharp, and just gives an overpowering sense of ugh.... To life. However, as a hardcore fan of Creeds and Bonds, I would still enjoy a sample of it.
24th March, 2014
Nice parfum smells great not synthetic love the smell I would recommend this to anyone who loves gourmands one of the best coffe notes I've ever smelled in a fragrance projection beast longevity beast
29th January, 2014
This is an amazing perfume, rich expensive-smelling and unique. I have a 10 ml split of it that will probably last me years, because this isn't something you would wear, or want to wear every day. It's hard to find a perfect occasion to wear this -- doesn't work for the office, too special for casual, not really a romantic or date perfume. I've settled on wearing it Sunday mornings I spend with my wife.

Don't listen to people who say Michael Jordan Legend is a clone of this this. Maybe that was the intent with MJL, but in comparison it is cheap and loud and nowhere near as much fun.
22nd December, 2013
chet31 Show all reviews
United States
On Occasion

Too syrupy for me to wear every day, but fun and different. As a vanillaphile, I much prefer Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol Success is a Job in New York, but this is a nice change of pace.

24th October, 2013
Tony T Show all reviews
United States

I GET THE MAPLE SYRUP NOTE. ALSO the vanilla/Tonka. this is a superb scent with a hefty price tag. I have a decant that will be enough til I run out. I have plenty other gourmands/orientals that fit the bill but the bill is much cheaper. if you have the cash to splurge go ahead. if u don't such as myself their are plenty great alternatives.


09th July, 2013
Gary F Show all reviews
United States
Smooth, but Rather Linear

In the eternal battle between this and Rochas Man, I have to come down on the side of the latter. New Haarlem is wonderfully smooth and the longevity is much better than RM, but all I get on my skin is maple syrup. I love maple syrup, but won't spend $175 for a bottle. Rochas man blends this sweetness with lavender so beautifully and is 7 times cheaper. I'll stick with RM and reapply throughout the day as needed.

Pros: Wonderfully Smooth
Cons: One and Only One Prominent Note

20th June, 2013
New Haarlem

Sugar, cinnamon, syrup, coffee, vanilla and a little cream.  That with a fresh burst of powdery lavendar, which adds to the fragrance without being distracting or dominating it.  The opening is very nice, but it only gets better and better during drydown.  Projection and longevity are some of the best in the business (13+ hours and 1 spray does more than 3 sprays of most fragrances do).


As for the comparisons with Rochas Man, New Haarlem is better by far, and well worth the price difference.  Rochas Man, like many other fragrances, has gourmand elements in there, but isn't purely gourmand.  New Haarlem is dedicated to being a pure 100% gourmand.


Some will find this too sweet (and I've found many sweet fragrances cloying before), but to me, this is a wonderful fragrance, a mainstay in my collection, the best that Bond no 9 has to offer and one of the best (in my view) fragrances of all time.  Perfect score.

18th May, 2013
A powerful gourmand that everyone equates with pancakes and maple syrup. Unfortunately there is some spice note that projects beyond the tame syrup smell and gets annoying. While I wouldn't wear a pure gourmand like Montale's Chocolate Greedy, I can appreciate the fragrance. Not so with this. Unfortunately the cinnamon/nutmeg spice note ruins it. Couple that with the outrageous price tag, and I'll pass. Like always though- Bn9 frags are all powerful projectors and last 12+ hours.
02nd May, 2013
This gourmand smells like maple, vanilla, and coffee. I get a powerful, long-lasting cinnamon that isn't even listed that lingers on my skin. It nauseates me after a while. I was bemoaning another house where they always manage to put one note in their juice that overpowers and ruins an otherwise decent frag. and Bn9 is definitely does the same kind of thing.
13th March, 2013
Simply wonderful!

I get the coffee and coffee and lavender and coffee and vanilla and coffeer...

What a nice thing!!! Roucel you're a genius!!! Ok... I don't like Musc Ravageur that much... but you're a genius anyway (Envy, Tocade, Missoni...).

Sorry, but I must do this:
I smell only coffee... coffee and more cofee, a little harsh in the opening. GREAT lasting power GREAT sillage and projection TOO. TKS GOD! IT WORKS for me... Maybe because I'm young... LOL.

21st February, 2013
phi Show all reviews
New Zealand
This was love at first sniff for me and I'm so glad something in my collection really did live up to the hype. This can't possibly be given anything other than a positive review because at the very least it will project/last and other people will tell you how good you smell
15th February, 2013
Has anyone been to Taiwan, or Singapore? Or one the asian countries that sells bubble tea or boba, known in the west? There's this thing called pearls that you chew when you suck up the straw. When you go to a bubble tea shop you can smell them cooking the pearls, which are basically black balls of tapioca. The way they are cooked, I might be wrong, they are slow cooked in brown sugar syrup. This smells EXACTLY like the top notes of New Haarlem, and it made me smile because of how similar it is to queuing up for a cup of bubble tea.

I must say, it is sickly sweet, and I can understand why it's been said to smell like maple syrup and pancakes (believe me it smells more like pearls being cooked).

Unfortunately, for people like me interested in New Haarlem for the coffee note, look somewhere else. The coffee here is so subtle and if coffee wasn't listed as a note, I wouldn't be able to tell at all.

Definitely a compliment getter, but I would never wear this where I live. Just too hot no matter what time of the year, or day.
01st January, 2013
Coffe+Maple Syrup. Not kidding at all. Smells like maple syrup with some coffee. It's breakfast in a fragrance. If you dig sweet, syrupy coffees then this bad boy is your ultimate choice.
06th December, 2012