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Neutral Reviews of New Haarlem by Bond No. 9

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IHOP. For those in parts of the world that are unfamiliar with IHOP, New Haarlem is what an unhealthy breakfast smells like in America.
09th October, 2015
Definitely had my phase with this one. It's a powdery syrup-cinnamon-coffee fragrance with a lot of cedar. It's strong, last a while and is nice, but eventually I got kinda sick of it. Not very versatile but has its place in an already established collection.

03rd February, 2015
A tad disappointed with this fragrance. I agree that the opening is very much coffee with hints of lavender and a cacao note.

But that's all the opening. 3-4 hours in, the mid and base notes is more about tonka, amber and vanilla than coffee, which is what the reviews here rave about. Longevity is decent at 6-8 hours, not the beast that people talk about here.

Looking to sell this, used 10-12 sprays, if anyone is interested and is a fan.

Its good, just not great.

PS: people smell coffee beans after sniffing numerous fragrances. No surprise that olfactory fatigue may kick in really quickly for this fragrance.

PPS: the best coffee frag I've smelt so far is Eau Noire from Dior. But that has other notes like immortelle that put me off. Anyone have recommendations?
01st December, 2014
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Ghosst Show all reviews
United States
Extremely sweet, even if it is a gourmand, it is sickly sweet, very sharp, and just gives an overpowering sense of ugh.... To life. However, as a hardcore fan of Creeds and Bonds, I would still enjoy a sample of it.
24th March, 2014
Gary F Show all reviews
United States
Smooth, but Rather Linear

In the eternal battle between this and Rochas Man, I have to come down on the side of the latter. New Haarlem is wonderfully smooth and the longevity is much better than RM, but all I get on my skin is maple syrup. I love maple syrup, but won't spend $175 for a bottle. Rochas man blends this sweetness with lavender so beautifully and is 7 times cheaper. I'll stick with RM and reapply throughout the day as needed.

Pros: Wonderfully Smooth
Cons: One and Only One Prominent Note

20th June, 2013
This gourmand smells like maple, vanilla, and coffee. I get a powerful, long-lasting cinnamon that isn't even listed that lingers on my skin. It nauseates me after a while. I was bemoaning another house where they always manage to put one note in their juice that overpowers and ruins an otherwise decent frag. and Bn9 is definitely does the same kind of thing.
13th March, 2013
Has anyone been to Taiwan, or Singapore? Or one the asian countries that sells bubble tea or boba, known in the west? There's this thing called pearls that you chew when you suck up the straw. When you go to a bubble tea shop you can smell them cooking the pearls, which are basically black balls of tapioca. The way they are cooked, I might be wrong, they are slow cooked in brown sugar syrup. This smells EXACTLY like the top notes of New Haarlem, and it made me smile because of how similar it is to queuing up for a cup of bubble tea.

I must say, it is sickly sweet, and I can understand why it's been said to smell like maple syrup and pancakes (believe me it smells more like pearls being cooked).

Unfortunately, for people like me interested in New Haarlem for the coffee note, look somewhere else. The coffee here is so subtle and if coffee wasn't listed as a note, I wouldn't be able to tell at all.

Definitely a compliment getter, but I would never wear this where I live. Just too hot no matter what time of the year, or day.
01st January, 2013
Finally got my hands on a sample of this from Bond No. 9. Put it on about 2 hours ago... Yep - pancakes & maple syrup! If I try, I can pick out some of the various notes, but it's hard to get past the smell like the waiter at IHOP dumped my breakfast in my lap.

I also find this a little too sweet and cloying. Unfortunately, my wife seems to LOVE it on me! So, what am I supposed to do now? I guess I'll be in the market for this soon.
19th May, 2012
Butter, maple syrup, pancakes, and a weak coffee fragrance. Very unique, but not for me, and I am a gourmand addict.
18th May, 2012
I'm probably in the minority, but to me this is a very overrated fragrance. There's a subtle coffee note, but the overall smell through the drydown is that of maple syrup. I've worn this several times and every response was "smells like maple syrup." Also I don't find this any less synthetic than Rochas Man which was the biggest surprise and I find Rochas Man much more versatile and wearable. Very disappointed because I really did want to like this.
03rd May, 2011 (last edited: 30th June, 2011)
Pros: Good longevity and excellent projection.

The scent itself is a strange one. I've tried various gourmands, and I really like them. I really like this one too, but I just can't wear it. I smell it and understand the pyramid and breakdown of the notes and all, but regardless, I just end up perceiving it as "this smells like a stack of pancakes with a cup of coffee close to it". Maybe it's just my skin chemistry, but this stuff turns mapley and buttery real quick. I absolutely adore the smell, but I just can't wear this seriously.
29th July, 2010
This is just as carefully balanced as everyone says. Lovely job.

Does it break the gourmand curse? In a word, no -- even with a very light application, it teeters on the edge of nauseating sweetness for me. I don't fault it for this and I know that many people don't perceive the gourmands this way, but I must be extra-sensitive to ethyl maltol or some other component that's common to these scents. I'd wear New Haarlem if I could, though.

To me the scent is most reminiscent of coffee-flavored hard candy. "Sophisticated" isn't the first word that comes to mind, but it's pleasant nonetheless.
02nd February, 2010
adonis Show all reviews
United States
It really does smell like sweetened coffee candy or caramel butterscotch chews. Personally I don't want to smell like sweetened coffee candy, but you might. Staying power is amazing. Couldn't scrub it off in 2 washings. I can't really knock it just because I don't like it, so it gets the sideways thumb from me.
29th March, 2009
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Cedarwood and coffee flash is reminding me A man pure coffee. But this one is better blended and more successful though these greens do not make a nice back ground to exhibit a coffee note.
09th September, 2008
Bigsly Show all reviews
United States
I don't like gourmands with strong lavender, so I'll just mention this in case others have the same problem, which is that you like moderate gourmand fragrances, but some seem to become irritating. So, I suggest avoiding (or sampling first) fragrances like this one, Rochas Man, Attitude, B*Men, and Animale Animale for men (which all have strong lavender notes). Instead, I prefer Jacomo Silver for men and Polo Double Black when I want a "coffee" fragrance.

My "newbie" review: Reminds me of prune Danish pastry with some mocha added. Very strong, and doesn't develop. After a while, it started to smell like pastry that had something wrong with it. Very cloying. I'm a big fan of gourmand orientals, but this may be too close to food for me, so I suggest sampling first, even if you are a big gourmand fan too. For me, NH supports the idea that if a fragrance is too close to smelling like food, it gets sickening. A*Men, for example, with the tar note, prevents this situation, and I like A*men (once in a while, not every day). I don't like Rochas Man either, but I think it's because of the sandalwood in it, making it too "perfumey" for me. However, I can see that some might like the qualities that NH possesses, so I'll give it a neutral.
23rd July, 2008 (last edited: 29th March, 2010)
The comparison to Rochas is quite true BUT I do believe this fragrance is way better in terms of quality than Rochas. At first it hits with its incredible RICHNESS. Incredible amount of body here but nonetheless still not over the top. As it dries down it still doesn't faltar. Thing is though it never goes away. It lasted a good 9 hours on me but I wanted to take it off during the last couple hours. I think this is incredibly well made and doesn't take the route of other "Gourmands" and ends up as just vanilla. It stays together, a little too well for a long time. Its not for me but nonetheless I can appreciate this gourmand.
11th May, 2008
Haarlem is this how the Dutch spell it?
I just noticed the New York Times is printing color. In it daily editions. The "magazine" was printed by magazine printers Where? There's a lotta coffee in this sample and this reminds me of coffee on rooftops at sunrise or sunset. I fin d the scenct is livible. Not a bottle with my name on it. Well the NYT color on it's daily pages is such thin gruel. Honey the scent called New Haarlem is of such simmrins.
11th July, 2007
I have only tried two Bond but I have the impression they're not for me. They're too "perfumey", too sophisticated, too chic... It's like they're not perfume for living people, but for freshly showered models in business gear. They may signal "Now I'm casual/formal/flirty/sporty" but they do so in a shallow and impersonal way. Now, if that's what you're going for, if you want to appear aloof and professional and impeccable, Bond is probably for you. I prefer more eccentric perfume houses with scents I either love or hate, and I can't imagine I'll ever have that strong feelings about a sibling to Chinatown and New Harleem.

My problem with New Harleem is I don't get the combination of gourmandy coffee and fresh green herbs. I understand many do, but to me it's wrong. Especially the coffee/lavender combo strikes me as absurd. I have the same problem with AvaLuxe's Cafe Noir. It's not that I want my gourmand scents sweet and cloying. Put some wood in them to make them drier or some citrus to freshen them up, by all means. (But I already think A Men does that with the patchouli) But black coffee and green herbs? No thank you. I wouldn't eat it and I'd rather not smell it. That said, New Harleem is a very elegant and well-blended scent and couldn't possibly make me nauseous, and frankly that's part of the problem I have with the line.
08th February, 2007
With so many just like it (and made prior to this, thank you Rochas) I guess the only reason I might pay more is for the cute bottle, but even that pales in comparison to the others of the Bond No. 9 line. This taxi might go above 92nd street for the food and the clubs, but not for this fragrance.
07th February, 2007
To me? Smells like a person wearing something Green Irish Tweed-like - citrus, grassy - has just wafted by while carrying a fresh cappucino in one hand. Not bad, It feels like two separate, unrelated things going on simultaneously in near proximity, rather than smelling like a humming cord, bonded together. After a while the coffee note wears on me and starts making me feel unclean, like I've accidentally spilled on my shirt.
30th May, 2006
The drydown of this one is EXACTLY like Berberry Brit for women, and i'm sticking with that. The coffescent is interesting at first but reminds to much of my capuccino scented candle. Sorry Bond No. 9 but this is a no-buy for me.
26th April, 2006