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After the alcoholic and aldehydes infused first spritz, you will get lots of bergamot wich will make it rather similar to theorema…for the first minute or so. After a while the flowers and fruits will take over and kill any citrus left and make it more powdery as well. It’s not a bad scent at all, but it does still have the 80’s tag-along feel that even with the reformulation it can’t shake off. The notes are very well layered and they are very defined. But I’m glad this reformulation took place anyways as the original had problems with the quality of the scent after a couple of months, wich today, is unforgivable. I wanted to call the scent “chummy” but it’s too elegant for that so I would say “cozy”. My sister kinda hates it. I’m at odds with it, and I know many women love it. It’s very much a sniff-for yourself scent. The scent is never, at any level sweet, the drydown is rather woody but it has a leathery touch to it that can be called the mysterious sister of Fendi Uomo. This EDP doesn’t have the longevity problems of the fendi’s own EDP Theorema. (wich are solved on the extrait conc. of theorema).
22nd October, 2006
A customer in my store wanted this gift wrapped, and since it was open, she offered me a sniff, since I was talking about how much i adored perfume.

its a pretty scent: dark, smokey, full of insense, but not floral to my nose at all. however, it is not something I would wear. its too masculine for my tastes, as i think a guy could wear it better than most women could.
11th April, 2006
I've owned the original version & this new version. Only once have a smelled such a distinct perfume (Dolce & Gabbana's Pour Femme is the other). Fendi is not for the shrinking violet. Fendi works on a woman who is aggressive & knows what she wants. I cannot name the notes in Fendi, but it all works!
Careful more than one spray of the original can choke an overzealous user. After using this for a month it started to gag me out. I still think this is great on other women tho.

Something in this new version of Fendi, does make my allergies act up, for that reason I swapped it. Still appreciate it on others.
04th December, 2005
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