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Neutral Reviews of 1828 by Histoires de Parfums

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A somewhat disappointing experience. I can see how a citrus aquatic emerged from the notes listed, but I must admit I had something different in my mind. Dries down to a pleasant enough musk, but pyramid promises much more than it delivered. Essentially, if I wanted something like this, I would buy a random masculine Galimard and save myself the money. On the other hand, if you want a good quality mainstream-style fragrance with a bit of a story, this would fit the bill... but personally uninspired, and I hope the remainder of the Histoires turn out better than this.
13th December, 2017
I was ready for another fern-n-fir release but upon application was mercifully surprised to find a cool and fresh citrus backed by a strangely sharp -and- smooth wood - there must be nutmeg involved. I am reminded of the odd effect it lent to Van Cleef's Zanzibar. Any instance of camphor you'll catch with this will be tiny, but the vetiver is a clean and pleasant one. This is a very enjoyable scent, but one which has been stylistically plundered by every crap clothing outfitter in every American mall. If you are looking to graduate from your Banana Republic, Abercrombie, or American Eagle woody-aquatic, might I suggest its distinguished father, 1828?
01st February, 2016
Genre: Citrus

I would have expected the listed eucalyptus top note to jump out at me, but its familiar camphoraceous blast is nowhere to be sensed. In fact, this scent is oddly elusive when it’s first applied. Only after an hour or more of wear does 1828’s shy, irresolute citrus/floral nebula coalesce into a tangible accord of spiced wood and rose. Even then, 1828 is a staid and taciturn fragrance, all discretion and propriety. It strikes me as the most “historical” in mood of the Histoires de Parfums scents I’ve tried; so resolutely Edwardian that I can practically hear an Elgar march if I hold the sample vial to my ear.

In keeping with its overall reserve, 1828 offers little by way of sillage or projection. Instead, it’s the kind of scent you have to seek out on the skin. I might consider the search worth making were 1828 possessed of more obvious flair, but I think it lacks the character to make up for its reticence. Insufficiently distinctive or assertive for its high price, 1828 leaves me disappointed.
09th June, 2014
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There’s minty, citrusy, pine-and-eucalyptusy bairns crowded around the ample skirts of mama nutmeg at the start of 1828. Thus this dusty spice takes on a greenish, tangy aspect.
Things change in the mid-section, the nutmeg receding somewhat, taking on a creamy, almost coconutty aspect, and the pine coming through more, giving a brisker, cologne-like feel. The deep drydown is an even, thoroughly blended mix of the cool, the lightly spicy and the lightly woodsy, a thing of some delicacy which performs best when one does not pay it too much attention. Pleasurable even if not quite exciting.
10th February, 2014
This starts with citrus notes then a very dry pine note appears very soon after which is joined by a blast of cool soothing eucalyptus. As time goes by I'm picking up a mixture of the pine and grapefruit notes with eucalyptus in the background.

The menthol aspect and pine together with woods coming into play with incense make
this fragrance interesting.

Though to be honest these fragrance accords are not to my taste though this would be worth sampling if you like these notes in a scent. Again everything is so well
blended and the ingredients are top notch.

So to sum up a dry pine menthol fragrance with incense and woods which smells good and different from a lot of fragrances on the shelves. I got about six to seven
hours with this one.
18th February, 2012 (last edited: 04th March, 2012)
Reading some previous reviews i crosscheck in those comments several common elements i noticed at the end of the olfactory trip of this scent. Is like all the initial cool, aromatic, almost balsamic potential temperament of the fragrance fades in to a more "disappointing" ambery and musky-benzoin outcome that exudes a sort of almost oily and artificial green banana-tobacco effect that i can detect while inhaling fragrances as Askew Humiecki & Graef and Gucci Envy (as well as my friend Alfarom underlines). I smell a sort of fluidy suede of musky benzoin and amber that is deprived of its original woodsy soul of birch, pine, mint, prickly spices and eucalyptus. The first stage is infact an invigorating blast of green-aromatic elements, pungent spices, grapefruit and citrus (mostly orange). In this phase the smell is natural, indented and multifaceted with a sort of aromatic and incensey vibe that is a pleasure to be inhaled. As well as the fragrance morphs in to a smoother ambery base the aromatic power fades, the spices turn out with tobacco nuances, the smell is musky, fat and oily with a green, spicy ad orangy undertone. I catch hints of not listed ginger in the air. The note of vetiver is not rooty or botanic, the atlas cedar is characterless while the woods and the incense are faint. The outcome is anyway good and appealing but not for the initially misleaded lovers of the aromatic exhalations from the forest.
13th January, 2012
OK you can call me names but, to me, 1828 is not so distant from Gucci Envy for Men.

It opens with citruses and eucalyptus immediately joined by incense. Frankincense perfectly blends with the aromatic grapefruit note adding depth and consistency to the fragrance. This accord is definitely successful and so well executed that I was ready to declare 1828 as one of my favourite compositions from this house. Elegant, masculine, fresh but not dull, with a remarkable presence but not loud...a fantastic everyday's fragrance...but...

...but disappointment was waiting for me just right behind the corner. The eucalyptus note evaporates in couple of minutes and you can say goodbye to the "balsamic" effect. Same is for the aromatic grapefruit leaving 1828 in a sort of generic territory made of vetiver, spices and woods (mainly cedar) that's really too similar to Gucci Envy For Men. Overall I can't say that 1828 is unsuccessful but after the outstanding opening I definitely expected something more.

That saidt, if you're not familiar with Gucci Envy For Men and you are ready for a challenging price tag, you could enjoy 1828. Personally I stick with the Gucci.
10th August, 2011 (last edited: 13th February, 2012)
Fragrance notes
Top: grapefruit, Italian lemon, mandarin orange, Brazilian lime, mint, eucalyptus
Mid: clove, nutmeg, black pepper
Base: Atlas cedar, patchouli, Siberian pine, vetiver, incense, amber, white musk
I wanted to try 1828 when I read the ingredient list, which I think sounds marvelous! Having tried it, I’d say that this is a good but not great scent. I feel it doesn’t live up to its woody/pine potential. The opening is very good: it is green, aromatic, refreshing. The citrus blends well with the mint and eucalyptus, and the latter is refined and not like Vicks. The middle is an adequate expression of peppery spice. There is very little pine or wood, which I find disappointing given that the ingredients are ‘named’ (e.g., Atlas cedar, Siberian pine). Instead of interesting woods the base quickly becomes a patchouli-amber blend that at times reminds me of coconut. The wood could be woodier, the vetiver and incense could have much more character. The base gets more ambery for a while and then finally and pleasantly settles down. Don’t over-apply 1828 based on its light top notes, you’ll regret it! This is an OK scent, I like it but am not raving about it. Histoires de Parfums has a line of scents named after the birth years of French authors. 1828 refers to the year Jules Verne was born. Other masculine fragrances are 1725 (Casanova) and 1740 (Marquis de Sade!).
05th April, 2008