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Marginal thumbs up for this. It's a fairly complex amber, at least in the top. I think the main thing I smell is benzoin, which is a typical main ingredient in perfumes marketed as amber, if I have that right. The tonka also smells strong, which I like. It gives it a powdery, nutty, cola flavor. I'm getting flashes of foods: a root beer float, boiled hot dogs.

This strikes me more as something to enjoy at home than something to wear going out. I get an association in the top with babies and even baby diapers - warm, clean diapers, like when you check if the baby is still dry and he or she is; the warm, sweet baby skin.

As it develops, it becomes less complex and more of a plain benzoin (sweet, ambery) fragrance.
30th May, 2018
Lovely amber, not sickly or overbearing, just smooth and gorgeous to wear. Quite durable too. Probably my favourite at the moment, with Ambre Narguilé and L'Eau d'Ambre close runners up.
24th May, 2018
Sweet, nutty in a candy way, dark, and moody. Love it! Chock full of patchouli, amber, benzoin, and vanilla.
16th May, 2018
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Spicy amber. Add cinnamon, nutmeg and chocolate to it. I also get a soft floral, wood and greenery. And a lot of musk. Well done, not boring. It's got a lot of everything but everything is distinguishable. Sillage is average, longevity is good!
24th April, 2017
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
An amber with a herbal undertone - that is my first impression here. The next constituent I get is a woodsy note, mainly a restrained sandal initially, then cedar and a mild rose impression. So far this is not a heavy scent, but it is not a lightweight either - of medium heaviness but on the brighter side of the spectrum.

Towards the base this becomes richer, darker and sweeter. This is mainly due to added tonka - sweetness - and a soft patchouli with benzoin - darkness with a touch of smokiness.

Additionally, at the later stages I get a discrete powderiness, which is added light-handedly and is neither stuffy nor heavy.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and eleven hours of longevity on my skin.

At times lacking complexity and not super-original, this scent works well on warmer autumn days, is blended in a balanced fashion and interesting enough to deserve a positive score -just. 3/5.
05th December, 2016
Fairly sweet, creamy and nutty at start. It reminds you of pastry but falls just short of having the edibility that you associate with a gourmand. The additions of woods, rose and resins do wonders for me, as I have a really low threshold for sweetness before it becomes cloying. This composition makes for a good combination of sweetness, complexity and smoothness, which thorouhly enhances wearability to me. Fabulous drydown with hints of musk.

A very intriguing and well-balanced fragrance. The best amber I've tested to date.
20th October, 2016
Great fragrance that stays close to the skin.I feel like I am in a sauna. The wood in this thing has just been built and I am the first one in with a great vanilla. .I am not sweating or uncomfortable or can't breathe. It is light and smooth ,and It is a good long ride, and I am in the mood for a drive.
29th February, 2016
There are ritualistic, smoky ambers, leathery ambers, warm, comforting ambers, and indulgent, foody ambers. This release seems to encompass the latter two styles. While it falls just short of edible I certainly get a sort of salted caramel atop baked goods, but the sweetness is tempered well by the herbs, powder, and musk. In fact, this smells a lot like the bottom half of Guess by Marciano for Women (a legendarily potent amber within my circle of friends). The rose, geranium, and woods are just small sprinkles atop the cake here, and it is easy to miss them. This composition isn't likely to blow any minds but I'd be hard pressed to find anyone who disliked it. Projection is fairly close as far as I can tell, but the longevity is quite good. Don't expect much in the way of movement; this is a simple ride - the nose's version of comfort food.
31st January, 2016
This was the first Amber Scentric perfume purchased and it continues to be the model used as Standard from my perspective. Very linear and has a beautiful, uncomplicated scent profile, that can be considered "Gourmand Nutmeg". Nutmeg draws the nose to the sweet as expected. So balanced and smooth that the Patchouli provides an animalic similar to... the simple and sublime thing that is "Creme Brulee" touched by Nutmeg, Salt, Vanilla, Sugar lean, Egg and Cream rich, caramelized Demerera topped heaven.
Will always be my fave.
Out of 10, a million!
12th January, 2016 (last edited: 09th January, 2017)
One of my favorite perfumes, I've been reaching a lot for it lately. Surprisingly, it starts with a note of fresh laundry, then it moves on to spices and herbs, and quickly evolves to ambregris, salty caramel, vanilla and powdery goodness.. To me, this is the perfect summer equivalent of Ambra Aurea by Profumum, as it is surprisingly quite light and airy. Very enjoyable.
26th August, 2015
This amber is rich, sweet & slightly boozy, but not at all heavy or dense. I cannot pick out the herbs or spices individually here, but they serve to give interest & edge to the opening. During the first hour I get little whiffs of rose, geranium, woods & patchouli, before it all settles into a smoky, yet still sweet & deliciously comforting amber. The projection is low, but seven hours in it's still going as a skin scent.
I wouldn't call this an outstanding amber fragrance, as there are several others that I prefer, but it's very good & deserves to be included on any amber lover's try list.
07th July, 2015
So I got one of the travel bottles, just to see what the buzz was, and after wearing it for 5 days straight…well…it became hard to ignore the fact that I never wear anything for 5 days straight.

It's Amber of course, and there are those who are not fans of amber. But if you are one who likes it, and likes it fairly straight-up, it won't hurt to pay attention to the uniformly positive ratings this wonderful fragrance garnered here.
14th January, 2015
The purring, golden part of Shalimar without the animalic "dangly" bits :-)

I love Shalimar, and this has a similar effect in that it makes my eyes roll back in my head with sheer pleasure at its sensual character. It is not anywhere as dirty as Shalimar, and lacks the leathery, stormy, baby diaper parts that make Shalimar so interesting. But I have the feeling that nine out of ten people in my vicinity would rather than I smell like Ambre 114 instead. Sometimes, that is reason enough. Not everyone likes complicated smells. After all, it took me a full two weeks of wearing Shalimar every day before I could claim to love it or even bear it, so can you imagine what an innocent bystander (i.e., those in our social/family circle who are not into perfumes) might think? This perfume has the advantage of being perfectly attractive even to people who don't think about perfume -it is instantly legible and automatically liked, like a beautiful girl who turns up to a boring party peopled exclusively by bored men.

And I like it too! I hope that comes across. I love it, even. At the start, there is a hit of smooth, deep, resinous amber, creating a sort of come hither trail that you can imagine streaming out in your wake. It is peppered with some herbes de provence, providing a little bit of ballast to the smooth roundness, but it is just a smattering, not a full handful of herbs.

The level of comfort and attraction I experienced with this fragrance was immediate. It is sweet, but not cloyingly so. It is also not gourmand, to my nose at least. Something can be sweet and creamy without being edible, you know, and this is a good example (L'Heure Bleue is another - its anisic pastry smell is almost edible but then just instinctively you know that you wouldn't want to put it in your mouth).
07th May, 2014
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Soapy, bright, balsamic amber. More resinous, sweet and soothing comparing to other amber fragrances, less rich and exotic. Not among the best ones, but still pretty good. Beautiful dark drydown, despite being quite much subtle.

13th February, 2014 (last edited: 05th April, 2014)
I picked up a dirt-cheap travel-size bottle of Ambre 114 when a local store stopped carrying Histoire de Parfums last year and sold them off at a huge discount. It was a random choice, but it really paid off, because it's become one of my favorite scents.

It kicks off like a classic powdery old-fashioned amber perfume, but very quickly gets overtaken by a fantastic smoky sandalwood. If you can imagine the legendary Santal Noble with amber in the background and a puff of Iso E Super smoke to modernize it, that's pretty close to what Ambre 114 smells like on me, but I don't think that description makes it sound as great as it actually smells. To be frank, the benzoin in the amber gives it a slightly powdery vibe which may scare away newbies, but a whiff of this under a sweater on a cold day is pure bliss.

Oh, and it's got perfect luxury concentration and lasts forever because it's mostly basenotes. 5 stars all the way.
09th January, 2014
Really like this one. Amber done right. Has that vanilla flavoring vibe in it (not too much though). It is not cloying at all, and is wearabe for any occassion IMO. If you enjoy vanilla or gourmands, you should like this one. I will be purchasing a bottle of this one.
07th November, 2013
Definite Gourmand Vanilla and Amber

This is a great combination of rich sweet vanilla/tonka and sharp amber and nutmeg. the soft sweet is balanced perfectly with the sharpness of nutmeg and amber.

19th July, 2013
Now this is a gourmand

This is a true gourmand IMO. The amber and vanilla mixed with the nutmeg was an excellent idea. The spices are smoothly added to balance all the notes out. If you are an amber and vanilla person, this is for you. Will be getting a bottle of this.

Pros: Smooth vanilla
Cons: None

16th May, 2013
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Ambre 114 is a pretty linear scent to my nose, at least (in this case that is just fine). It opens with a good deal of nutmeg spice mixed with the initial amber that immediately makes its presence well known. This amber is only mildly sweet (thank goodness), and is not cloying in the least. The spiced amber adds sandalwood to its repertoire in the heart notes before including a nice dose of semi-sweet vanilla and tonka bean in the base notes. These notes are extremely well-blended, and distinguishing individual notes is difficult due to the high level of sophistication and refinement Ambre 114 brings to the plate. Ambre 114's projection is average to slightly below average, with average longevity.

It is well documented that I abhor super-sweet amber scents (a "good" example of this is Ambrarem, a much more expensive scent from the same house), so it was a pleasant surprise that Ambre 114 joins Mona di Orio's Ambre as being two of the least sweet, but most appealing amber scents I have smelled to date. I think I have a slight preference for the Mona di Orio, but it is a near toss-up and they are both incredible scents that are highly recommended. Ambre 114 gets a very strong 4.5 stars out of 5 from me. Superb, and full bottle worthy for certain!
17th April, 2012 (last edited: 29th May, 2012)
Well I've only had my Bottle of Ambre 114 for about a week and man what a fragrance.

I knew what I was getting myself into with it when I had been trying it from a sample but I had no idea what it would become.

Nothing else I have worn, ever, has had that many comments (note comments not compliments). People in work have actually stopped when walking past me to ask what it is that I'm wearing and how different/strange it smells. Someone said it smelt medicinal but had a lovely warm smell to it and someone else just badgered me for 10 minutes with the "what are you wearing?" line.

I mean it's nice to get attention and all but this fragrance is just so much more to me. It is certainly in holy grail territory but from a frag/fume-head point of view. I have never smelt anything in my life that keeps giving the way Ambre 114 does. Every time I have worn it, I get something different. Obviously there is quite an oriental kick to it and it can sometimes overpower just after application but even though it has an opulent almost "thick" smell it always stays light on the skin. You get florals through it, and once, only once, I got a fabulous birch tar note for about an hour after wearing it for about 5 hours.

You can get a clear 15+ hours out of this and wearing it is like reading a story or going on a journey.

My only concern about it is................ can it be too nice to wear every day?

03rd April, 2012
Ambre 114 by Histoire de Parfums - A rather different accord greets one initially. A somewhat piquant and savory thyme commingles with the cinnamon-like nutmeg, fostering an atypical, sweetly herbaceous slant. A nascent amber draws the curious blend to its heart. Here, the amber comes into full bloom, with its earthy sweetness, noticeably tempered by an ample geranium, with its forceful greenness and faintly sour undertone. Glimpses of a minty patchouli as well as the clumped, field-grass aspect of vetiver also present. A creamy, balsamic, and faintly spicy, woods accord can also be discerned. And, a lovely, cabernet-like rose makes an appearance. Transitioning to the base, the resinous amber is lifted by a warm, vanillic tonka bean. Labdanum couples with vanilla and benzoin to create a wonderful, ambergris illusion. A clean musk adds to the delightful experience. An enchanting drydown ensues. Admittedly, this is a beautiful, sweetish scent, with average projection and longevity. However, its composition is somewhat banal, hence, my unenthusiastic "Thumbs Up" rating.
18th March, 2012
Ahhhh man this is gorgeous! A sandalwood and a beautiful creamy light sweet Amber with a touch of vanille is what I'm getting from this. I am now picking up a rose note within this beautiful mix.

This scent is just enchanting and really divine to your olfactory senses. And it never overpowers or gets sickly sweet but just sits right on the skin giving you that perfect satisfaction

I have to say this is the best ever ambre fragrance that I have ever smelled. The way the dry sandalwood mixes in with the amber and that touch of vanille is a work of genious. And the way the creator has managed to get that floral aspect too it with the rose is amazing. Full bottle worthy without any hesitation.

To sum up a gorgeous stunning creamy sandalwood amber fragrance which stands tall over most amber based fragrances.
18th February, 2012 (last edited: 04th March, 2012)
Amber is a dangerous territory where sweetness can easily become overwhelming turning a fragrance into an unbrearable heaviness. The big point of strength of Amber 114 is its extremely balanced blend of spices/herbs and resionus notes (mainly benzoin) joined by woods and rose that make of this composition quite an easy wear in which sweetness is carefully tamed and dosed to become a side aspect.

Overall I'd say that while Ambre 114 can be considered as one of the most complex and deep ambers around, at the same time it is outstanding for its incredible wearability and "lightness".

These things don't happen by accident. Amazing Stuff!
02nd September, 2011 (last edited: 05th September, 2011)
What lead me buying Ambre 114 was a severe and potentially dangerous detour from my perfume- purchasing- habits: I just gave it a quick sniff, found it quite pleasant and decided that it would have represented the third member of the beautiful 15 ml vials coffret, along with 1804 and Vert Pivoine, which I had tested more accurately on my skin.
It turned out to be the only one of the three that I like and could wear!
It opens with strong and pungent aromatic notes: I can identify most clearly thyme and freshly grated nutmeg, that sublime the bracing greeness of geranium. These notes, curiosly, have a great tenacity on clothes, so they last almost all day and keep reminding the beginning while the fragrance evolves on skin, creating a charming effect.
Then the woods- I couldn’t say exactly what wood, I seem unable to recognize patchouli or sandalwood in mix- give strenght and support, while ambery notes give a special glow to a most delightful and balanced vanilla, conjuring up a powdery candied sugar, marron glacèe-like fragrance, not a bit sticky or overly sweet, that would stay on my skin for hours.
Ambre 114 is a nice fragrance for a winter day, as it gives comfort and pleasure on wool-warmed skin.
15th November, 2010 (last edited: 22nd February, 2011)
Amber 114 is a peculiar one for me. Its opening is a cheerful blast then it quickly mellows ... because of the sweetness of vanilla? But it is not only sweetness that I sense because there is also the freshness and sharpness of woods. I cannot say I am a lover of amber per se; however, Amber 114 is a well made albeit not maybe an innovative composition. Now, why did I start saying that this is a peculiar perfume… I read that nowadays the use of ambergris is replaced by synthetics in perfumery, and that the original substance, fresh, had presumably a … faecal odour. Well Histoires de Parfums has managed to recreate, to my nose at least, some of that odour so subtly blended that could very easily be taken as earthy pungency. I guess that this is what occidentals have attached to and associated with oriental exoticism in too strong, sensual, almost “dirty” perfumes. The dry down of Amber 114 is sweet and olfactory (the musk might also have a role in this) but maybe because of its earthiness, woodiness and subtle sourness it is also fascinating. If you ever come across Amber 114 give it a cautious go… and good luck.
23rd July, 2010
Patchouli and amber. I really got the head shop thing in the beginning here. Oh hey how's it going Mr. Patchouli? So how's the family? I see you brought your spicy kids with you.... ah! Thank you very much for coming late to the party Ms. Amber. By the way, you smell sweet, rich and divine. Now let's get all of you together for a group picture! *click*
05th December, 2009
This is everything I wanted Prada's Eau d'Ambree to be. It's a light, not overly sweet, charming, quirky amber. Definitely unisex, the herbal notes and geranium add a piquancy to the traditional amber. Really a lovely find!
26th November, 2009
At first whiff, I thought I had sampled from the wrong vial and had spritzed on some Imperial Opoponax by mistake. The opening sweetness certainly has a similar vibrancy to the Les Nereides; apparently these two share more than a few base notes. But AMBRE 114 has the greater depth, with swiftly unraveling fine notes of rose and woods wafting in and out of the amber with such subtlety you're likely to miss them. And perhaps that's why earlier references to 'herbal' escape me as I find this to be sweet from top to bottom. A top ranking high quality amber scent in my books.
28th October, 2009
Impressive amber I must say for an amber scent that is not overly sweet, cloying and intoxicating.

The first time I wore it, the instant remarks from my brother was "Goodness, you smell so old". Not that it bothered me.

Ambre 114 was a warm woody scent and it's opening notes does an excellent job to provide a preview of what to expect. The thyme and nutmeg does not shy away in lending a herbaceous edge to the fragrance. In fact, I thought that the bitterness of the thyme and nutmeg very much prevented this fragrance from becoming the typical cloying amber associated with mystical gypsy caravans and ancient harems. The very enjoyable headiness continues well into an hour before the geranium starts to gently appear.

I am impressed that this is a very well balanced scent, with no one single element fighting for attention. It comes across with a cohesive milkiness and ever so slight caramel that totally reverses any preconceptions of what an amber fragrance should be like.

It's longevity is definitely an issue but the drydown of vanilla and ambergis... is perfectly enjoyable, even the warm humidity here. That said, because it is so straightforward since the beginning, and a fairly common basenote composition, it isn't the most exciting fragrance in a collection. I would be curious as to what will happen if HdP had amber featured throughout the fragrance's lifespan as they usually would with some of their offerings.
15th August, 2009
Sybarite Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This wonderful scent is so named because apparently 114 different compounds go into the mixing of this amazing concoction. The first impression as it first hits your nostrils is that of sweetness, but that somehow dissipates within minutes and settles into a much less sweeter fragrance than it first appears. I agree with "surreality's" post as to the fact that the scent is so well blended that it's hard to identify different notes, however not unless you are sensitive to geranium. Fifteen minutes in and the geranium note takes over and to my nose stays, mixed with the lovely ambery goodness, right till the drydown where the vanilla then takes over. It is definitely quite a different amber to the many amber fragrances out there and this I put down to that (unusual) addition of the strong geranium. So if you don't like geranium, steer clear! Otherwise, this is definitely one of my favourite ambers for its uniqueness.
14th January, 2009