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Reviews of La Haie Fleurie du Hameau by L'Artisan Parfumeur

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I began wearing this fragrance the year it was launched and was so disappointed when I could no longer find it. The bottom notes of this scent gave it a complexity that I cannot find with any other fragrance, and cannot find anything that compares. I wish L'Artisan would begin production again,
10th February, 2018
this is young ornella muti in a white fur coat. a gorgeous 1950s inspired jasmine accord. lovely
27th December, 2013
In keeping with the extreme minimalism and linearity which I've come to associate with much of Jean-Claude Ellena's work, LA HAIE FLEURIE hits me as a straightforward jasmine soliflore. This one is right in the middle of the genre: not too dry and not too indolic. There may be loads of other notes in here, but honestly what I smell is jasmine--not honeysuckle, nor tuberose, nor x, y, or z...!

If I needed another jasmine soliflore, I'd definitely consider adding this creation to my collection, but I don't, so I won't, especially since this one has rather poor longevity for what it is... Usually jasmine soliflores last virtually forever on my skin (well, at least until my next bath), but not this one.

Smells lovely--while it lasts!
21st October, 2011
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When I lived in Vancouver and had easy access to jasmine plants I used to fill my apartment with them. I was surprised and thrilled to learn that my jasmine pots produced not just the pretty floral smell I knew as "jasmine" from scents and soaps, but also a smoky note as well. La Haie Fleurie really captures the smoky quality. In conjunction with the lovely honeysuckle note, the smokiness makes me think of honeysuckle tea. It's not all that long-lasting, but I have accepted that being a L'Artisan fan means reapplication once or twice a day. The fragrances are well worth it.
03rd April, 2011
This is for the pre-reformulation version as l tried it back in 2009. A very pretty spring floral, the prominent notes on my skin are mandarin & orange blossom in the top notes, followed by jasmine & honeysuckle, with a little moss in the base. Although it is a very light & delicate fragrance, the sillage is better than l get from Tubereuse. lt lasts only around 2 hours on me though, which is disappointing, but l couldn't bring myself to give it anything but a positive rating, because it's so pretty!
02nd February, 2011
When I read other reviews of this scent on this page people say there is jasmine in it. I bought a sample of this fragrance because I love jasmine but when I tried it I was very disappointed. I couldn't smell any jasmine at all. The only note I could smell was honeysuckle and it was far to sweet and cloying. This scent gave me a headache and I'll definitely not wear it again.
29th July, 2010 (last edited: 30th July, 2010)
(in Bable Fish French)

Ce parfum est avec du charme.
Il est simple et assez.
Il est malheureux que la simplicite soit si chère.
25th April, 2010
A simple little jasmine, almost a single note scent, not too sweet, not too dry. Normally L'Artisan is complex and (sometimes) confusing. This little white floral is neither. It is among the best of the lot of jasmines. I especially like the pairing of linden with the jasmine. The drydown is quite linear and the longevity is adequate. Nice. P.S. I just received a new sample and compared it to my old sample. Both were sent directly from L'Artisan. Surprise! A lot less jasmine in the new and I thought that jasmine was the whole point!
21st June, 2009 (last edited: 12th January, 2010)
For me, this is nothing more and nothing less than a tremendously pretty scent. I get a blast of jasmine but also a strong whiff of wisteria which work well with my personal chemistry and garner me compliments galore. This is the only perfume I've ever worn that has complete strangers stop me on the street/ in stores to tell me how wonderful I smell. It seems to last a long time on my skin and never turns acrid, the way many florals do after an hour or two.

I wouldn't call this complex and sophisticated, but to my nose, it smells wonderful and that's what counts.
04th February, 2009
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United States
Pretty, yes, but when smelling "La Haie Fleurie du Hameau" I can't get past the imagery of a Victorian funeral parlor. It's not the lily influence, necessarily--I often find lilies bring a sunny carnality to blends---there's just something so moth-ball preserved and waxy about "La Haie Fleurie du Hameau". It opens with a sterile, lilac-like sweetness; sugary, creamy and watery all at the same time. As it progresses into its heart, a tinny tuberose unfurls, offering a hint of fleshiness and warmth (thank goodness--"cool fleshiness" would've been the final nail in this coffin of a fragrance). Upon drydown, only a whisper of the florals float over a soapy softness, that which reminds me of the first breeze through a chiffon that had been tucked away in a chest for decades. To me, this smells of death...but in an odd, cheery "acceptance of mortality" sort of way, not reflective of decay or something more sinister but as a pensive and ghostly intepretation of life gone by. It's quiet, reflective and beaming; an auric interpretation of moving toward "the white light".
13th October, 2008
This one dries down like Bond no.9 Chinatown! The opening blast of jasmine is authentic, but fades quickly. It is nowhere near the quality or stunning beauty of Lutens' A La Nuit. For a jasmine scent I find it 'middle of the road'.
20th December, 2007
This is pure jasmine at its intoxicating best, with honeysuckle delicately layered on top. Rich vanilla base that clings to the skin long after the sharp sweetness of the initial jasmine is gone.
18th November, 2007
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United States
This is a beautiful watery jasmine that's almost as seductive and true to night blooming jasmine as À la Nuit. If I had never smelled À la Nuit, I would have purchased this, for sure. But it misses the mark, ever so slightly. It is very, very beautiful though.
07th May, 2006
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La Haie Fleurie du Hameau is a luscious, intoxicating jasmine fragrance with honeysuckle and narcissus notes giving it a sweet, clean edge. It's very similar to Serge Luten's A La Nuit. I'd have a hard time justifying the purchase of both since they're so much alike and so expensive, but if I ever won the lottery I would have a bottle of each on my dresser.
20th October, 2005
La Haie Fleurie du Hameau is a lovely, fresh mix of white florals and watery green notes with a touch of sweetness. It has a dominant sweet honeysuckle note that I just love mixed with the strong blast of jasmine. Ladies, this is a spring flower fragrance that you must get. I like it a lot because it retains its flowerbed smell while adding a titch of sweetness, but not too much, as some other feminine florals tend to do. The oakmoss in the dry down is a little too dark for such a delicate, white floral fragrance, and they clash a touch, but it is still a great fragrance. It lasts forever too.
Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Wisteria, Tuberose, Narcissus, Hyacinth, White Lily, Oakmoss and Vanilla
05th November, 2004