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Neutral Reviews of Orange Blossom by Jo Malone

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United Kingdom
Nice, clean, young, straight straight straight orange blossom - very JM. Pretty average overall with only brief moments of a touch of nuances of change. The silage is ok, but, although always close to my skin after the first hour, an excellent six hours if longevity are impressive, although it was a hot day. Moments of interest, and it being designed for blending, do not, however, change the overall impression of mediocrity.
29th November, 2012
Got a sample of this and several others from the Jo Malone rep at Bloomingdales. I would say it's an okay fragrance. The orange blossom scent is a lot like the mock orange bush we use to have in our backyard but slightly synthetic. I layered it with Jo Malone White Jasmine and Mint. It was much better this way but I don't think this will ever be something I wear very much if at all. It does last a long time on me.
27th February, 2012
Many years ago on my way to school I used to walk past a garden with a huge Mock Orange (syringa) in the garden, when it was in bloom I loved it - so rich and sweet. Later (much later) I visited Morocco and was overwhelmed by the scent of orange blossom in the sunken gardens of the El Badi palace so I expected to love this.

Maybe I may prefer it as a scented candle - a fragrance that you can walk away from when it gets too much, but, having sprayed my wrist an hour ago with a sample that one of the generous girls at Jo Malone gave me I spent the first 30 minutes fighting the urge to run & scrub it off. It's fading a little now and is a bit easier to live with, but I don't think it will ever become an essential part of my wardrobe - I suppose I'm just not a Jo Malone person (although I love the occasional soak in a solution of Red Roses bath oil - the perfect end to a long muddy winter walk).

Actually I rather resent the suggestion that one needs to shell out for two or more of anybody's fragrances in order to smell good. Chanel, Guerlain and many other perfume companies, large and small, reckon that they can make you feel chic, sensuous, businesslike, glamorous (delete as appropriate) with just one bottle of their better juices, so why do JM expect gullible members of the public to buy 2 or more of their fragrances at £34 a pop when you can get 75ml of Mitsouko edp for less than £45? Sorry folks, but I think this represents a triumph of marketing over commonsense.
15th October, 2010
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Not too much to say. Very transparent, easy breezy scent. A nice clean orange blossom..morphing to jasmine notes on my skin..then fades away. But not completely..there's a slightly irritating base that is slower to dissipate. I That's all she wrote!
02nd September, 2010
zztopp Show all reviews
United States
Top: Citronella leaves, Tangerine
Middle: Orange blossom, Water lily
Base: Lilac, Neroli

Falling somewhere between Czech & Speake's focused orange blossom rendition in Neroli and Creeds snappy citrus-high Neroli Sauvage, Jo Malone's Orange Blossom (OB) does its own thing with the orange blossom note...flanking it between a juicy orange top and watery white floral notes.

The tangerine blast that greets you first is suitably juicy, orangey and pleasant. The orange blossom note that peeks at you afterwards though is not of the finest quality...its not as petit-grainy as in Fleur du Male, but neither is it as indolic or rich. Rather it smells a lot like the version found in Serge Lutens Fleur d'Oranger, with a strange lack of clarity in evidence with woody highlights and little to no indoles. Good thing that this note is further flanked by pleasant lily/lilac floral notes (with an almost nonexistent base...OB just peters out over 4-5 hours) to construct a fairly unique take on the Neroli/Orange Blossom genre resulting in a tangerine-white floral perfume with an adequate orange blossom note which runs through the composition without really overtaking it. All the better I say, considering its not attractive enough by itself to sell bottles. It's Ben Affleck in the Affleck-Damon partnership (while it lasted..).

Rating: 6.0/10.0
19th October, 2009
daisyb Show all reviews
United States
Out of the bottle, one of my favorite scents in the world. The spray fades quickly on me, however, and the creme develops a sour note after it's reacted with my body chemistry for a few hours. What a pity!
18th September, 2009
A very orange, tangy opening… more powerful than I expected. It is like the zesty oil expressed from squeezing an orange skin. It softens into nice florals. It is a bit sweet, especially with the lily note. I can appreciate it, but I wouldn’t wear it.
05th November, 2008