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This is an absolutely beautiful feminine floral scent, that makes me think of warm weather and sunny Spring days when all the trees are in bloom and the lilac bushes are flowering!
When you first spray it on, it comes out smelling like fruity orange drink or orange lollipop due to the super sweet and sugary clementine top notes. However, the top notes don't last very long at all. The lollipop scent fades out and disappears altogether after less than ten minutes, and the fragrance develops into a gorgeous Spring bouquet of lilacs and orange blossom!
I will say that, for a scent that is named "orange blossom", the lilac note is actually really dominant! I can smell the white floral notes, but I can probably smell lilac the most! Personally, I love the smell of lilac, and it's hard to find perfumes that come in this scent, so I think this perfume is wonderful! I know this whole line of colognes is made to layering scents, but honestly, I would buy this one and wear it on it's own! It is a very gorgeous, delicate, and extremely feminine scent, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes white florals, but also to people who love the smell of spring lilacs. I don't think you'll be disappointed!
20th December, 2015
This was my wedding scent - chosen before my recent obsession with fragrance and my introduction to the niche scent world. Had I known about Frederic Malle, Terry de Gunzburg, Serge Lutens, etc etc. at that time, perhaps I would have chosen differently, but after spending weeks smelling things, this is what I selected. It is just all-around beautiful and not too heavy/not too light. I find the sillage and longevity to be quite good. I also now realize how much I love orange blossom and citrus-floral blends, and this one is so lovely. I have smelled many, many of the Jo Malone fragrances and this one is still my favorite, and everyone I know who has smelled it, has really loved it. It's just a sweet, inoffensive scent. Not the most unusual, but also not something you'd smell on anyone, and I have received numerous compliments when wearing it. Definitely worth a sniff, and perhaps a purchase.
10th July, 2015
It's no wonder that this has only gotten one negative review out of 22. The reason is that it's hard not to like orange blossoms, and this is as close to orange blossoms as you can possibly get. Sweet, spicy, and full of joy. My next trip to Nordstrom will be to buy this.
08th April, 2013
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I agree with Quarry. I like layering Orange Blossom over Narcisse Noir if I want to wear NN during the day. Citrus scents can be tricky to me. Sometimes the "straightforward, uncomplicated" ones end up smelling like my memory of Love's Lemon (everyone remembers this classic from junior high!) or Lemon Pledge. Orange Blossom has, to my nose, more of the soft round scent of the blossom rather than the agressively stringent scent of the fruit.
20th October, 2009
My favorite Jo Malone (though not a huge fan of JM overall). Nice soft citrus - truly oranges. Not anything complex or interesting here but a gentle and pleasant scent.
01st April, 2009
When it comes to florals, I am a purist. I like uncomplicated scents that smell like the real thing. This fragrance is all about orange blossoms. It's refreshing and, well, just pretty! I'm sorry that it is not longer lasting. Yet, for a cologne, it's longevity is decent. I suspect that any attempt to improve the staying power would spoil the thing that makes this so special.
18th March, 2009
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United Kingdom
When I first smelt this scent, I knew it was a winner because it was like finding oneself seated in the centre of an orange blossom; it has an other-worldly quality which I think you only usually get when you're touching and enjoying the actual flower in real life. I love the way it brought images of white flowers on naked skin to mind. It has an added softness to the original scent of orange blossoms which makes this very feminine. Absolutely stunning, I wore it on my wedding day.
02nd December, 2008
Orange blossom is one of my least favorite notes, or so I thought! This is quite lovely, I must admit, with top notes of mandarin and honeysuckle, and a heart where I can detect more mandarin, orange and orange blossom. The citrus tempers the 'cloying' quality that I often get with orange blossom based fragrances, making it sharper and fresher and much more to my liking. Though I'm not sure it's something I'll reach for to purchase, I'm grateful this fragrance has expanded my olfactory repertoire a bit, and I'll certainly be sampling it again!
19th October, 2008
Love this incredibly feminine and refreshing scent. Only wish it lasted longer!
16th October, 2008
My favorite Jo Malone fragrance.
22nd August, 2008
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
I think nearly everyone loves this one, including me.

Recently layered Orange Blossom with Red Roses and really liked the result. Great summer scent.
If the Jo Malone fragrances were more affordable, I'd have plenty of each to experiment with.
09th May, 2008 (last edited: 07th December, 2011)
I just obtained a bottle and I will be wearing it a lot this summer. Great orange scent with some added softeners! Layering with this should be great as well. Very pure but soft orange. Stays on well too and will be great with cinnamons for winter
29th June, 2007
Purists will adore this 'fresh from mother nature' take on Orange Blossom. As for me, I prefer a refined orange blossom note...I find raw essences a bit harsh. Jo Malone's OB also boasts a noticeable amount of jasmine, which is a popular fragrance note although not a personal fave. I'm giving a thumbs up on this one because it has a "stand out" sort of quality - but I won't be wearing it.
24th May, 2007
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Orange Blossom smells divine, but it's a bit too literal for me. I think a layering of this along with a vanilla or a jasmine (more creative members can come up with better combos than my predictable ones) would make this a lot more wearable, while still keeping the vulnerable, sweet, honest, blossomy heart.
08th March, 2007
I ignored this cologne from Jo Malone for the longest time, even though I never thought it unpleasant. In fact, I ignored most of the line, because for the most part I find the scents too "traditional" and the prices too high for something so conventional. Another reason I ignored it was due to a sample mix-up: even though they were manufacturer’s samples, my Orange Blossom and my Lime, Basil & Mandarin samples got confused, and so I thought that Orange Blossom was a conventional citrus & herb cologne and dismissed it with no second thoughts. Than when I got that mini-package - an extra mini bottle of Lime Basil Mandarin was slipped in as an extra, so I decided to give it a try. I quickly realized there was a mistake in the samples, and after further investigation learned that my charmging “Lime Basil and Mandarin” was actually Orange Blossom…

I was just stunned by how gorgeous Orange Blossom was! This is no ordinary citrus, nor what you would expect from an orange blossom scent, and it is quite unique. The note that stands out for me is the mandarin. When I put it on I was immediately transported to our family orchard I took care of my entire childhood, where I played and watered and weeded the trees. It was one of my favourite places and any scent that brings me back there is welcome to my collection. The heart is definitely orange blossom, which is one of my most favourite notes, and it helps that citrus top notes to linger just a tad longer than most other citrus colognes would.
11th December, 2006
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United States
Jo Malone Orange Blossom is one of the most beautiful things I've ever smelled. It smells like an orange grove on a warm night with just ripened orange blossom flowers and hints of sultry jasmine. This is perfect to lift my spirits and I love it in all seasons. It makes me feel like I can live the romantic, carefree days of summer all the time.
25th October, 2005
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United States
I must amend my previous opinion (Aug. 10, 2005, review). I now so enjoy layering Orange Blossom with almost any scent that I've bought a full flacon. With Ambra del Nepal, I get something like Boucheron's Trouble. With Demeter's Wet Garden, Orange Blossom smells like it's really outside. I think this could be used remedially, too: If a fragrance sample isn't exactly to my tastes, the addition of Orange Blossom seems to steer the scent closer to where I want it to be.
10th August, 2005 (last edited: 04th October, 2005)