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I like this. The saffron note is soft and round, and the whole thing has a nice, delicious balance, with rose and vanilla. The perfumer, Olivia Giacobetti, did a nice job.

This is kind of thing I would feel confident wearing anywhere or recommending to anyone, a safe, likable, lovely fragrance that smells competently made (not edgy, quirky, or clumsy).
26th March, 2018
Young Woman in a Yellow Dress (Madame Modot) by Amedeo Modigliani 1918
05th November, 2017
Chalked with vanilla,
This rose in saffron's name is
Disturbingly hot.
27th July, 2017
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Yes Safran Troublant is a comforting lovely work of delicate spicy alchemy by Olivia Giacobetti and another ideal jump in a dreamy universe of adolescent flashbacks, fairy tales, rosey gracious delicacy and fuzzy soporific projections. Olden Christmas-holidays' flashbacks jump serenely on mind (from the abysses of your childhood) with their background of cakes, sweets and caresses. Saffron is like an hook for sweet left back far memories of disappeared ages. Rose and saffron are well modulated in a light and fresh way, ending to be finally encompassed by a soft kiss of warm yummy (kind of nutty) vanilla. Overall the alchemy is poetic and soft. Not my ideal kind of work. Faint structure (unlike the most part of Giacobetti's renditions). An atmosphere (yes artistically rendered) more than a veritable structured fragrance in motion.
13th December, 2016
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United States
I love this scent. It's a custardy rice pudding made with jasmine rice, rosewater, and a generous helping of saffron, creamy and redolent of sweet spices. It is a fine confection, with just enough suggestion of sensuality to give it an edge.

Alas, it is as ephemeral and fleeting as the scent in the kitchen after one has made dessert. It just doesn't last near long enough. Full disclosure, though: "long enough" when something smells this lovely would be "lasts for days on end." But still, it disappears in a matter of a couple of hours. Safran Troublant is a heartbreaker of a scent.
23rd April, 2016
Safran Troublant opens with an extremely realistic smell of saffron, and I mean the actual ground saffron you can buy at the drugstore, just lightly enhanced by rose and vanilla, both blending with the floral and sweeter sides of saffron. The whole, quite simple ensemble is topped with a nose-tingling spicy note resembling to cumin, a slightly cheaper hint of eugenol (cloves, basically) and an odd, almost random touch that reminds me of a sort of a damp lemongrass-infused tampon - it may sound bizarre, but it works. I think it’s due to rose. Anyway that’s it, a graceful and quite refined blend of thin spices and gentle powdery-sweet accents, with a fascinating sort of subtle, almost transparent texture revolving around the edible heart of saffron. And well, a couple of cheap nuances, but tolerably covered by the good parts. The notes may make it seem a thick Oriental “bomb”, while on the contrary it has more of a British presence – diaphanous and discreet, with a sophisticated sort of camphorous, musky, earthy yet smooth cashmere-suede feel (I think due to saffron) that adds some further elegance to this mannered blend, slightly reminding me of Hermès Cuir d’Ange. I admit this fragrance is fairly pleasant to wear, at least for the first phases of its evolution, but there’s a gigantic flaw I can’t avoid to mention and which sadly, makes Safran Troublant look like (as so many - too many niche scents) a half-baked work: the longevity, which is unacceptably short and really subtle for my tastes. Way too much. Within 20-30 minutes, you already remain with the faint, nondescript drydown it should have after 5 or 6 hours. A time machine in a bottle. Still, one of L’Artisan Parfumeur’s scents I enjoyed the most.

16th September, 2015
This is delicious; a Perfumery equivalent of a Custard Tart but with Clove rather than Nutmeg. It opens soft and Vanilla sweet. Gradually Clove appears; the whole is beautifully blended. There may be some Saffron there but if there is I can hardly detect it. Judging by the colour of the fragrance, if there is some Saffron it is just a smidgeon, or a colourless variety was used.

Wish it lasted longer, but I'm happy with the strength. All in all a "thumbs up".
18th August, 2015
A light (and I do mean light) saffron with light spices and vanilla. Nothing complicated (not a bad thing).A light (and i do mean light)rose note sneaks in there in a few minutes. Caution: The projection and longevity on ST is very weak. A great smelling fragrance nonetheless.
15th April, 2015
Olivia Giacobetti has a way of combining disparate elements to make something that while surprising is never shocking.  Unexpected, but perfectly coherent when you think about it.  The sweet and salty hay of Dzing! The smoked-lily soap of Passage d’Enfer.

It’s a delicious way of changing our reality.  The trick is neither fantastical nor over-the-top. She gives us something that doesn't really exist, but easily could since it makes perfect sense. In Safran Troublant, she doesn't give us a talking bear or a winged horse. She gives us a rose/saffron marshmallow. Not only is this imaginable, it starts to convinces me that I might actually have eaten one of these marshmallow at some time or other.  The perfume is so persuasive that I question myself.  Is the perfume a memory or an imagination?  Giacobetti speculates so effectively that I question the experience, but she does it so deftly that ultimately I don't care.  It's as if I'm day-dreaming.  My mind eases a bit and I become more mindful and less perplexed.      

Some perfumes call to mind comparisons to the visual arts.  The portraiture of the soliflor. The fruity-floral as a still-life image. The abstract expressionism of Timbuktu.  Giacobetti breaks into the written word with her perfume. Safran Troublant is literary fiction.  It is the perfect short story.  I don’t know of any other perfumer who does this.

18th June, 2014
I love the creamy initial blast of saffron and rose, but the rose soon leaves and I am left with a medicinal clove-like after scent of the saffron and a bland vanilla.

Very light and not very long lasting.

A for originality, D for follow-through.
06th March, 2014
I could have sworn there was cardamom in this - like Cartier Declaration but better and more gourmand. In any case, it's wonderful and after one sniff I was hooked. I'm very much looking forward to sniff number two.
25th February, 2013 (last edited: 20th March, 2013)
Veritas and Proportion are the guiding deities behind this divine scent. Giacobetti propitiates Veritas by realizing the truest saffron note I have yet encountered in perfumery – this is the real thing, the kind of magical intoxicating fragrance that first made people pick crocus stamens in back-breaking labour. Unadulterated saffron is pretty difficult to source these days and thus many people's perception of this note can be a bit mixed up.
Proportion (and no doubt craft) is what makes one baker turn out a minor miracle with flour, water, yeast and salt, and another a chewy lump. Here the merest dab of rose gives extra propulsion to the saffron at the start, and then the vanilla smoothes and gently warms the entire composition into creamy voluptuousness. To call this a gourmand is to somewhat miss the point; to my mind this has the erotic charge of being with someone with whom one is completely at ease and to whom surrender will bring only pleasure.
Sadly, loses strength fast and needs reapplications.
29th June, 2012
As you may have gathered by now, you're buying this for the first 30 minutes or so, which are pure comfort-scent wonderfulness. This makes it a top rate fragrance for before-bed application.

I don't go through too many bottles, but I'm on my second of this one, because I use it so much this way.
18th April, 2012 (last edited: 01st September, 2017)
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I agree with the flavors on the previous posts. Not a sexy scent to me, like Opium, but a comforting scent.
12th October, 2011
To me this one smells like oldfashioned, thin, quiet and inoffensive, but nothing to wear nowadays.
05th October, 2011
This is my story. I walked into Barney's on Madison Avenue, I told the SA I was looking for a nice vanilla, she handed me this first. I smelled it. I bought it, and I left.
I've never smelled anything remotely similar. If you like vanilla/saffron perfection, you have come to the right place. Get this one.
01st July, 2011
I had tried a sample of Safran Troublant a while back and found it quite intriguing, very different from many of the more floral L'Artisan fragrances I've tested. Finding a whole bottle at a decent price, though, wasn't the easiest task, but I finally managed to get a partial bottle from a swap site.

Yesterday was my first public wearing of the scent. I knew I had an exacting day ahead of me--an appointment with my therapist (because one always feels a bit "troublant") plus as many errands as I could fit in before the anticipated thunderstorms. Although my experience has been that many L'Artisan fragrances are quite short on sillage and longevity, Safran Troublant nevertheless outlasted my own energy, and it was still going strong when I collapsed into an early bed last night.

On me, Safran Troublant is a heady, voluptuous spicy oriental. Saffron, I find, is the most prominent note, surrounded by a rich and harmonious blend of passion flower, rose, and vanilla. Every now and then I got a whiff of sandalwood emerging from under my clothing when I moved suddenly. All in all, I was surrounded by a luxuriously pleasant but unobtrusive aura of fragrance for over eight hours.

The scent developed very little over time--but when something is this lovely, who wants it to change?
21st August, 2010
I finally got a full bottle of this wonderful scent
and I am sooo pleased with it.
Its my first venture into the
Gourmand category of fragrances.

I love this smooth, sensuously
light and spicy scent.

The Saffron infusion ...added to
a rich and unique mixture of flower notes and my favorite base ... Vanilla!!!!

although it may sound like a "Plate of Paella"...
its very .... Uni-Sex in my book...

I cant stop smelling my wrist ....
and can't wait to wear this out and see what the response is from friends and strangers.

UP Date Oct7 2010:
My only compliant:
Non lasting and fleeting!
I find myself spraying it over and over....
to recapture its ethereal
19th June, 2010 (last edited: 15th January, 2011)
Gourmand fragrances are a genius idea: beauty for foodies! When a perfume's brief reads like a Ruth Reichl essay, it's certain that some corporate entity has fully calculated the profit in pushing consumers' hunger buttons. Most gourmand products do so cynically, offering you a feast of edible-sounding ingredients but ultimately leaving you empty and unsated. Not so Safran Troublant. This olfactory riff on Persian choleh zard (saffron rice pudding) delivers all the delicacies -- saffron, honey, rosewater, cardamom, nutmeg, cream -- but manages to do what few others can: feed the soul. Delicious AND nutritious!
30th January, 2010
Safran Troublant seems so shy and tender at the start that I almost had it written off as pale and bland, but I gave it just a moment longer to warm up on my skin and I'm glad I did. It's very simple and straightforward - roses, saffron, vanilla, and sandalwood, but the blend is magical. This is an enormously comforting scent - cozy and delicious but not overly sweet, slightly exotic and mysterious but not weird or funky. The rose I smell is pink and perfect. And I love the silky, smooth sandalwood. The vanilla (never my favorite note) adds just enough creaminess to the saffron to keep the whole concoction from smelling like an entree...but I never mind smelling a bit like dessert!

It must be the rose and sandalwood, but I find ST to be reminiscent of Ivoire de Balmain in the dry-down...but it's not green like Ivoire, and it's not nearly as dense. I can see enjoying ST in warmer months while I find Ivoire more suitable for cool weather.

I think this might be the first fragrance from Olivia Giacobetti that I ever sampled, but from what I had read I expected no projection and no longevity. Well, I'm thrilled to report that the sillage is very nice, and it lasts much longer (4-5 hours) than I expected. Safran Troublant is wonderful! I feel quite posh wearing this subtle but sublime fragrance.
23rd January, 2010
Wow, it is lovely and anusual! Something that I can't explain! First saffron, maybe clove, ginger, or what, then deep rose with spices, a bit of vanilla, and sandalwood. I can not stop smelling myself!!!!
11th December, 2009
Safran Troublant is... adorable. If I had to pick one word to encompass the entire scent, that would be it.
The mild, gentle opening of powdery saffron quickly sinks in a semi-sweet basmati rice-milky concoction laced with rose. People who do not like rose in perfume (me!): try this.
A bit foody but not too much so, highly comforting and quite elegant. I can't praise it enough.

Longevity on me is very acceptable (5h), but then I never have problems with L'Artisans. It does stay close to the skin after maybe 30 minutes - it's one of those scents that you don't register as a perfume, but as "you smell good". Which is nothing but a compliment, in my opinion.
04th September, 2009
I was scared off of anything called "gourmand" by A*Men. The cloying sweetness put me off. Safran Troublant makes me realize that this was a mistake. The opening is what I call "hot" and delicious, an Indian lunch buffet, saffron, rose water, and a blend of the spices from the many dishes. The hottness fades, and vanilla appears, as if all the vindaloo has been taken, and what remains of the buffet is but the pudding. Not a lot of projection, not long lasting, which is a shame as it is gorgeous. I find it very masculine, while I would love to meet the exotic beauty that comes to mind when I imagine a woman wearing it. This is the finest saffron scent I have experienced to date.....
06th May, 2009
The opening is of lovely rose and saffron. Absolutely wonderful. As it dries down, vanilla comes into the picture. It is a creamy, slightly spicy vanilla. Not the sickly sweet vanilla found in so many vanilla fragrances. I'd be tempted to buy a bottle if it didn't disappear so quickly on my skin.
02nd April, 2009
Lovely, sweet-spicy accord with a hot-cold combination that smells like cinnamon and cardamom plus vanilla and saffron. The listed notes are merely rose, saffron, and vanilla, but I'm registering the rose as Saigon cinnamon. Very heady, with the intense jammy spiciness of chutney sauce--plus a large dollop of cream. Especially recommended to those who like Chinatown, but this one is spicier and less foody to me, minus the nutty notes of the Bond fragrance. Quite yummy.
12th February, 2009
Begins with a lovely accord of powdery rose and saffron. The dry-down, however, is disapoining, a typical vanilla-pudding gourmand. Nothing offensive, but nothing exciting either.
27th January, 2009
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United States
This is a delightful little fragrance by Olivia Giacobetti. If you can imagine what saffron, rose, and vanilla blended in perfect harmony smells like, you can imagine the impression given by Safran Troublant. I ALMOST want to say I smell cinnamon as well... just the littlest tiniest hint which gives this a little tiny prickle in the nose, especially when I breathe warm air on it. The only problem I have with it is that I have to work very hard to smell it, even when I smell it up close. As the fragrance develops and as the star ingredients meld together, the floral nature subsides quite a bit and it becomes an extremely soft, gently spicy gourmand.
11th January, 2009

This fragrance starts out with a big red rose note, which is soon joined by spicy-sweet saffron. The two aromas mix beautifully, and stay close enough to the skin not to invoke a headache. Over several hours, a smooth vanilla creeps into the mix, while the rose and then the saffron fade away.

A lighter, sweeter cousin of Le Labo's Rose 31, I like this scent because it says "feminine" and "exotic" without shouting either.
01st January, 2009
Spicy/peppery vanilla with a touch of rose. Fantastic. Smells like a Christmas store. (I wouldn't wear it, though.)
06th September, 2008
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United Kingdom
I first smelled this on a tester strip and thought it smells terrific but overall just too "foodie" to wear. I had a very strong desire to try cooking with the sampler as it smelled so completely delicious, but reckoned that maybe this is not such a good sign for something meant to be worn as a perfume: After all, who wants to walk around smelling like a rice pudding? However, I'm glad I persevered and spent a couple of days wearing "Safran Troublant" as the effects on my skin are less far less food-like. In my mind, it still has all the elements of a divine rice pudding: cream, rice, sugar, saffron, vanilla, cloves, cardamom, rose water, maybe a touch of additional spices (ginger, cinnamon, mace). The fabulous creamy, sweet (but not cloying) accord of the opening soon settles down into a lovely warm vanilla/sandalwood base, saved from being too flat by the brightness of the floral rose. I was really surprised at how pleasant this perfume is to wear and definitely will be adding it to my collection. It is a completely comforting scent from every angle. However, as mentioned in several of the other reviews, the longevity is not quite as good as other frags in the L'Artisan line.
15th July, 2008