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Neutral Reviews of Safran Troublant by L'Artisan Parfumeur

A light (and I do mean light) saffron with light spices and vanilla. Nothing complicated (not a bad thing).A light (and i do mean light)rose note sneaks in there in a few minutes. Caution: The projection and longevity on ST is very weak. A great smelling fragrance nonetheless.
15th April, 2015
I love the creamy initial blast of saffron and rose, but the rose soon leaves and I am left with a medicinal clove-like after scent of the saffron and a bland vanilla.

Very light and not very long lasting.

A for originality, D for follow-through.
06th March, 2014
To me this one smells like oldfashioned, thin, quiet and inoffensive, but nothing to wear nowadays.
05th October, 2011
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Begins with a lovely accord of powdery rose and saffron. The dry-down, however, is disapoining, a typical vanilla-pudding gourmand. Nothing offensive, but nothing exciting either.
27th January, 2009
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United States
This is a delightful little fragrance by Olivia Giacobetti. If you can imagine what saffron, rose, and vanilla blended in perfect harmony smells like, you can imagine the impression given by Safran Troublant. I ALMOST want to say I smell cinnamon as well... just the littlest tiniest hint which gives this a little tiny prickle in the nose, especially when I breathe warm air on it. The only problem I have with it is that I have to work very hard to smell it, even when I smell it up close. As the fragrance develops and as the star ingredients meld together, the floral nature subsides quite a bit and it becomes an extremely soft, gently spicy gourmand.
11th January, 2009
I think this scent is FABULOUS! However ~ I don't want to wear it! My enjoyment of Safran Troublant will be limited to a mere sampling. Previous reviewers FOETIDUS, TOVAH, & ROBYOGI have described this scent perfectly.

20th December, 2007
Surprisingly sweet, although not quite as sweet as Laura Tonatto's Safram. It doesn't smell like saffron in cooking or baking, the spice scent I love so much. Instead it has the sweet, warm, powdery, perhaps a little amber-like scent of other saffron fragrances. Cosy, but not very edgy or interesting.
14th August, 2006
Beautiful aromas—the rose and the saffron blossom out cleanly and brightly. The opening is a wonderful accord with the depth and fullness of the rose and the surprise of the saffron. Such a smooth feeling to it—like silk. I am usually a little iffy about saffron in a fragrance, but Safran Troublant does a beautiful job with this touchy spice—the silky, creamy texture of the accord is luscious. A subtle sandalwood / vanilla dry down completes the progression of the scent. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last on my skin—only manages about an hour. Excellent, unique scent, terrible longevity.
03rd June, 2006
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United States
I love to smell Safran Troublant but I don't think I'd wear it often enough to warrant a purchase. It's a rich, romantic, gourmand fragrance that makes me crave eating Paella and drinking Rioja on a patio overlooking the sea. It's similar to Keiko Mecheri Gourmandises, but it's centered much more on saffron than rose. The dry vanilla and sandalwood add an utterly gorgeous dimension to this sensual fragrance.
07th May, 2006