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A gauzy woody that wears cool and summery, and requires abundant spraying, the EDP designation notwithstanding. Drier, less sappy than Giacobetti’s other fig – Philosykos – but also sadly with a somewhat more subdued personality. This is so discreet and ‘office friendly’ many will find it timid.
The notes are fine – a fig theme that is more about the tree than the fruit, traces of something grassy and herbal (almost like purslane), coconut foam so light it shouldn’t really bother those who hate the sun tan lotion associations, all wrapped at first in a dryness that cautions you not to light a match. Slowly that parched feel eases and we are in the cool shade of a fig tree, with a coy sweetness playing hide and seek at the heart.
02nd September, 2016
Premier Figuier Extreme by L`Artisan Parfumeur was initially a disappointment because all I could smell was the lactonic sandalwood found in Bios Farine. The coconut-covered fig was screaming for help and the whole thing was becoming a little mushy; it just didn’t lift off the skin the way I imagined it would. It is true--PFE is lacking acidity and I can’t detect a fluttering floral note to save my life. I think that the problem is that after smelling the bombastic Technicolor creature known as Womanity, I expected the fig to punch me in the face and take over my soul. Unfortunately, I am not able to wear Womanity because the salty aquatic note turns into terrible cheese on my skin. So, as a fig lover, I am happy to wear PFE because it smells good and gives me a fig fix—it’s just a soft, sweet oriental that wears close to the skin, not a woody aromatic that leaves a bright green trail.

This makes me wonder about where the true innovation lies. Is it with the original 1994 PF or with the 2010 creature known as Womanity? Like it or not, Womanity is a memorable experience while PF seems understated and almost meek.

26th July, 2015
It's immediately apparent that this one is quite different from the original Premier Figuier. It's much woodier, & I could swear there's patchouli here, or perhaps massoia bark. In fact I detect strong similarities with Hermessence Santal Massoia. It's not at all cool or green, but peppery. It quickly settles close to the skin, slowly becoming more creamy & fruity, & ever so slightly smoky, until it reaches a creamy sweet phase around ninety minutes in that I really enjoy. From here it fades to a woody base with a trace of dry coconut, barely there after eight hours.
I find this more on the masculine side than the original, & although I enjoy the drydown, the opening phase isn't what I'm looking for in a fig fragrance.
08th July, 2015
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Genre: Woods

Not so much “extreme” when compared to the original Primier Figuier as sweeter and tangier, Primier Figuier Extrême aligns more closely with the fig-as-fruit style of Heeley’s Figuier and Parfumerie Générale’s Jardins de Kerylos than with Giacobetti’s woody, sappy Philosykos. In fact, I’d rate Premier Figuier Extrême as the most unambiguously crisp, fruity, and floral of Giacobetti’s fig triplets. That makes it by default my favorite of the three, for as much as I admire Philosykos, there’s something overly emphatic about its milky texture that sits uncomfortably on my skin.
23rd June, 2014
This is very close to a real fig leaf. The problem with real fig leaves is that they have a hint of ash reminiscent of inhaling from an ashtray - almost makes me unable to breathe for part of a second. This, combined with the sandalwood, gives this perfume an overly smokey quality to my nose that goes all the way until the end of the dry down. I'm sure many will like it, but it's just not for me.
21st April, 2013
Premier Figuier Extreme by L'Artisan Parfumeur - Upon application, one is pleasantly treated to the sweetish greenness of fig leaves coupled with the coconutty floral of gorse flowers. This fascinating duet percolates a bit before segueing to the waiting middle. Here, in the aborning heart, a wondrous blend of galbanum, with its sour green and somewhat stemmy facets, ivy, with its pert and slightly savory character, almond milk, with its gloppy and nutty features, as well as sandalwood, with its creamy and spicy trait, gives rise to an illusion of budding figs, abounding with milky sap. Transitioning to the enhancing base, the swollen delectability of tree-ripened figs comes to fruition. A redolent, dried fruit accord, with elements of plums, apricots and peaches, commingles with the strong, camphor smell of stone pine. A hint of creamy, coconut milk flutters about to seal the illusion. A delightsome drydown ensues. This wonderful, all-season scent has good longevity, and, after an hour of radiating projection, settles to a skin scent. A truly awesome composition, it leans to the masculine side.
14th February, 2012
This green beauty reminds me of nothing more than the corner of my yard where my fig tree and grape vines coalesce, offering the tangiest pungence imaginable during the late summer. I remember reading George Washington longingly looking forward to retirement time spent under his "fig and vine"...this scent also leads me to invision the Persian Palaces of ancient times, with their fine poets, grapes and figs.

This is my "fig & vine" scent when I really want to relax and contemplate, go out to the ocean or sit under my actual fig tree with a good book. Here is depth without shock--regalness lacking the overbearing. A scent of mythical and biblical times, colonial times, and modern times. Fig Leaves first, a touch of (I had to focus on identifying this one) coconut which to me comes across as fragrant grape leaves/vines. I'm sure those who love the smell of these ripe leaves in nature will favor this scent. It is easily one of the most creative I have ever worn, although considering some of the other treasures from L'Artisan (such as the wonderful earth Dzongkha), not so much of a surprise.
09th January, 2012
Not the type of fig that I particularly go for. I prefer the fruitier, more earthy type, like in Philosykos. This fragrance opened up, smelling more floral than anything, but I did pick up on the fig immediately as well. Though it ended up being covered up by a very chalky coconut note. A fantastic natural smelling sandalwood shines in the middle, and it pretty much dries down this way. Projects pretty loudly in the first 2 hours, then calms down. Lasts a good solid 8+ hours.

I should also note that this fragrance bears a close resemblance to Black Orchid by Tom Ford, although it's a bit less loud.

This fragrance is labeled as a woman's, and rightfully so here. This is something I would wanna smell on my g/f or mom, not on myself. I also feel that the fig note gets pushed to back too quickly, there are far better choices if fig is your fancy.
13th April, 2011
This is one of my favorite fig scents. Fig notes are prominent for the first hour or so and then the coconut notes begin to kick in...also something else, I can't put my finger on it, maybe plum? Not too strong or too timid either, for me it's just right when you don't want to smell overbearing. Great for being in small spaces, like an office or at a movie.

27th March, 2011
My first thought was that I had found my holy grail. I think this is the most pleasant “fig” fragrance I’ve tried—it presents such an excellent green accord: Fig leaf, green notes, a bit of pine—all smooth and rich, non-aromatic and non-resinous; it’s quite warm and it retains its warmth through the drydown. There is a slight touch of sweetness in the accords, the result, I think, of the almond milk and a bit of dried fruit. I don’t smell the coconut and I don’t get a strong sandalwood, but then, none of the notes seem to stand out in this beautifully refined green / milky fragrance. It is linear and doesn’t throw very much sillage; it stays close to the skin and has good longevity. I don't see it as particularly feminine. I must say, though, that this fragrance provided the quickest olfactory fatigue that I’ve ever experienced. Within five minutes of applying it, I couldn’t smell it. After fifteen minutes of avoidance, there it was back again in all it’s glory. So I had to short shift my sniffing sessions while I was wearing it. Premier Figuier Extème is just plain beautiful.

Originally submitted 24 May 2007
10th December, 2010
I'm with Asha. The topnotes, sure, quite lovely and green and interesting. Everything else? Sheesh, enough already with the coconut and the Iso E! Why so much coconut? It's really the only noticeable thing one smells after the topnotes have faded. A full day in this would kill me dead.
24th August, 2010
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United States
L'Artisan Premier Figuier Extreme

Notes: fig, fig leaf, milk of almond, sandalwood, coconut (from

Observation #1: Premier Figuier Extreme is one of the better constructed fig scents on the market, with bitter green leaf and stem notes balanced in combination with fresh, sweet fig fruit, a touch of coconut and sheer woods. The opening is magnificent, reminiscent of a mediterranean garden in summer.

Observation #2: If you don't like the smell of figs or Iso E Super, then seek elsewhere. The linearity of PFE is nauseating after the first 2 hours, and the Iso E is scantily supported in the base. It really wears thin after an all day outing.
27th April, 2010
The opening is distinctly fig-like but compared to the softness of the original, Extrême has a distinctly sap-like green aspect to it which lends it a more masculine countenance. The almond bitter milkiness only starts creeping in after 10 minutes but thankfully it does not dominate, the scent retaining a green pine-like freshness right to the mildly sweet woodsy drydown. I actually find it very wearable on a man.
06th January, 2010
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Definately a relative of Premier Fig, Premier Fig Extreme is not extreme in any way. It is less green and more creamy coconut than its predecessor and wears much closer to the skin. It has less longevity than the "premier" fig fragrance, which I still prefer to this newer version. Premier Fig Extreme should have a long list of fans in spite of this drawback. It's a nice, unisex scent that should wear well in all seasons.
24th October, 2009
In comparison to the regular version, the extreme version seems more mature. It is a darker green, a bit sharper and less figgy-fruity, smoother and more subtle (at first) and ultimately more powerful (in the dry-down). The fresh sappy and leafy notes are not as prominent. The creamy almond and coconut milk notes emerge more slowly. The stone pine adds a marvelous coniferous note, a bit elusive but it appears once in a while. The long-term dry-down is an excellent woody-pine fig chord, which is very satisfying.
17th August, 2009
I loved this instantly and can wear it very well. I think it's suitable for either sex, women can pull this off as well as men. It has it all: light sweetness, fresh green leaves, quiet fig, soothing almonds and milk and the tiniest hint of coconut that nearly blends unnoticed into the milk. If there is a wood accord I'm barely getting it. It is so fresh and naturally beautiful. I love the combination of the edible parts and the freshness of the green leaves. I think this would be fabulous in any weather as well because of that quality. Green enough for summer, milky and yummy enough for winter. It isn't loud or projecting. This is a comfort scent that clings lightly to the body and enhances the skin's natural fragrance. I'll be buying a bottle when I can. It's lovely, light and so unusual. I love it when that happens!
09th April, 2009
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United Kingdom
This is gorgeous and will be purchasing asap. It is the best 'fig' fragrance Ive tried and would be a very apt scent for the winter months. It's green and milky and sweet all at the same time and it was all I could do to stop having a quick lick. Outstanding.
13th October, 2008
Pleasant fig but too "floral" for my taste. Much better than other fig frags I've tried. Leagues better than Marc Jacobs for Men. Dries down to a smooth woody floral scent.
01st June, 2008
I must admit, I had incorrectly assumed this would be the fig version of Mure et Musc Extreme, and so had avoided trying it for a while. It's not really that. Noseorgy's review is on the mark. It's warm and earthy, while also having a green quality to it. It's very similar to the non-Extreme version, though this Extreme version is a little plumper, rounder, sweeter, earthier, and less green; it's also more masculine in my opinion because it's less perfumey. I don't know that it smells like figs, because as I think about it, I don't think that figs have a smell, at least not the fruit that we eat. It is milky, sweet, woody, earthy, and ever-so-slightly green all at the same time. I don't detect a whole lot of development, rather a linear fading away. It also has some similarities to Navegar, which were totally unexpected: woody, slightly green, very natural. I like it, but maybe not enough to buy a bottle. Time will tell.
09th September, 2006
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United States
This is nice, but I don't like it as well as Premier Figuier. Premier Figuier Extrême is figgier and sweeter, and gets a little cloying. It smells nice, but I must prefer Premier Figuier.
08th May, 2006
This one is just wonderful. It reminds me of spring time whrn tht leaves just start to appear and ladies are still wearing cashmere coats...
First it bursts with a green smell then becomes soft and even close to classic fragrances.
Personally, I prefer woody scent but this one is the most perfect green one
08th April, 2006
This is a very nice and warm scent. It makes you smell like you just ran through a tall green grassy field and jumped into a pool of coconut milk and toasted almonds and then dried off in the summer sun. Not much sillage but potent nonetheless. Sticks very close to the skin and when heated a little gives off like crazy. I have heard most of L'Artisan scents are like this. It has good lasting power as well as stays on your clothes, if you think that is a good thing. This scent can be bitter smelling at times due to the fig tree leaves I'm sure, but it is only a top note. It adds to the uniqueness and the "green" part of the entire scent. The almond milk I think dominates the scent at least on my skin whereas the coconut milk takes a backseat. Adding Sandalwood was genius as it gives it the "brown" part of the scent. So in essence you have the the ripened fruit, the green leaves and the brown wood. Wonderful scent
15th November, 2005