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Negative Reviews of Feuilles de Tabac by Miller Harris

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Insanely bad performance from my 2014 bottle and doesn't smell all that great either.

Forget the fancy note pyramid.

Sure this opens pleasantly, smelling of mildly sweet citruses and a good tobacco note. But this phase last two minutes and is replaces by a strong, prickly, astringent black pepper that carries the fragrance for about 20 minutes and transports you to your mum's spice rack. The fragrance then becomes a light Amber scent that is barely there before the whole thing disappears after just over an hour.

Of course, every sale of this fragrance is sealed by the pleasant first two minutes. The all of the perfumer is to have concentrated their efforts into this brief phase of the fragrance.

A crime is committed every time a bottle is sold.

11th November, 2015
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United Kingdom
Strange. I don't find this weak or un-tobaccoey as recent reviewers have commented. This to me is definitely a tobacco fume. But way, way too sweet. There's powder and some cloves but overall this sweet leaf tobacco that just cloys the back of my throat out. THis also seems very strong to me - to the point I just couldn't understand how anyone could wear something like this.

An olfactory cliche which was better done by Old Spice. In fact, can anyone point me out the difference between these two?
13th November, 2012 (last edited: 14th November, 2012)
Dusty tobacco/cinnamon frag similar to Very Valentino and Aramis Havana. Too dry for my tastes and doesn't evolve enough. Not enough tobacco either. I'm glad I did not buy this as it's exorbitantly overpriced. Get Dreamer or vintage Dolce PH if you crave a nice tobacco scent.
03rd July, 2012
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The life of this fragrance goes out rather quickly. The opening is a complex, interesting, yet slightly harsh barrage of citrus and spice, leading quickly to a very pleasing cinnamon and rosewood heart with a slight fruit tinge. Then, it's like the fragrance suddenly falls apart, losing all its sillage and becoming a faintly sweet skin-scent reminiscent of soap. It's a slightly baffling little performance, and doesn't do much for me.
02nd February, 2010
Very disappointed with this. Had high hopes as I loved Citron Citron. It is a spicy accord with some quite sanatised tobacco which lacks any punch to me. A sort of warm mess with some sharpness. Really not impressed by this.
18th October, 2006
Sadly, I got cheep blond tobacco as in the dumped-out contents of a Marlborough Light, and a half a ton of musk cologne. I felt like I was in a pool hall in the late seventies a few hours after closing time, steeped in old smoke, spilled Bud Light, and the over-application of ten sweaty men's stinging musk.
12th October, 2006