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I first became aware of this when I bought the shaving soap, so I'm a bit surprised that it is officially described as unisex. From memory the shaving soap was a lot more Patchouli woody than the EdP, but is fairly similar. It is a nice light woody herbal. I don't find it especially Fougere, nor does it remind me of any other fragrances; certainly not Old Spice nor Havana. Not as floral as the first, not as Labdanum rich as the second. There is a vetiver greenness together with a liberal use of modern woody amber molecules. It is well blended, and lasts a reasonably long time. If I owned a chest wig I would wear this all of the time. As it is, I will wear it when I have become bored with flowers and sweet orientals. It is a perfect opposite to Agent Provocateur, or L'Heure Bleu, or Tea Rose (all of which I wear). To be perverse I should wear it with purple silk shirt, and maybe a touch of makeup; just to confuse the punters. Or maybe not.
16th November, 2015
Dry Aromatic Tobacco Leaves...

What I really love about this one, is that it takes you back to the days when fragrances were good! You know, when you smelt something and it had bite and character, the aromatic fougères and masculines of the past. This is a dark, dry, smoker's scent. I get tobacco leaves being rolled into Cuban cigars... chilli and patchoulli and pine needles, sage and other herbs, underlined with a grassy, dry tonka bean. Almost like tonka flavoured tobacco leaves made for a fine quality cigar.

I also get cloves and hot spices mixed with dry herbs. It's very aromatic, and perfect for colder weather, a great individual scent for a strong personality type. Very distinctive. It's good, it reminds me of older stuff, Old Spice etc. But it has great character and great for smokers and non-smokers alike. Well done Lyn Harris!
07th August, 2014
Feuilles de Tabac is a pleasant masculine scent containing a lot of warm rounded spice that is perfect for autumn days.

It goes on with a whole heapful of spiky black pepper, stays peppery for about an hour, then becomes a sort of warmer blend of pepper, tobacco and clove/nutmeg spices, the rounder nutmeg/clove type spice smell remains for a few hours and finally a very nice light incense/patchouli base note remains for the rest of the day. I don't care much for all the upfront pepper, which reminds me of the Molton Brown pepper body wash. Projection is quite weak, but longevity is ok, it does keep returning throughout the day. Overall a pleasant, soft comforting scent but ultimately it is too safe for me to want to keep my bottle, especially as it is not cheap...

Pros: A smell that most would like
Cons: projection could be better. A bit safe"</p>
08th August, 2013 (last edited: 02nd September, 2014)
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The aromatic tobacco leaf note is transient at best. On my skin FEUILLES DE TABAC is cooling, airy and refreshingly green if a little soapy. It truly felt like I just stepped out of the shower. Gorgeous, wonderful stuff which should come in gallon-sized bottles!
13th May, 2013
My impression is the combination of aiona's and alfarom's reviews. This is a very nice fragrance but as far as I'm concerned what it does best is showcasing how good the fragrances of the past are, even now.

I'd pick montana parfum d'homme over this. With the price difference it's an even easier decision, but it's a nice fragrance nevertheless.
02nd January, 2012
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
I like this, but not as a tobacco fragrance. This smells like a cedar fragrance primarily, and one which focuses on the coniferous aspects of the cedar tree (i.e., the needles). I like that.

The tobacco is only prominent for the first few minutes, when you get a blast of very sweet, wet-smelling tobacco. Very quickly the tobacco smell fades to the background, and the cedar takes over. This is one of the better cedar scents I've tried, mainly because it's more of the smell of pine/cedar needles than the dry smell of cedar wood. In the drydown, the tobacco and cedar balance out a little better, but Feuilles de Tabac remains a wood scent for the most part. It reminds me a lot of Agua Brava in that respect.

Don't buy this blindly if you're looking for a hardcore tobacco fragrance, because this isn't it and you'll be disappointed. Fans of woody scents, however, should check it out.

MY RATING: 7.5/10
21st October, 2011
Edit 2013:

I completely fell for this stuff. No, it's not the most original fragrance around but it wears incredibly good. A classic masculine which is extremely well blended. If you need something solid, with no particular twist, versatile but at the same time classy, go for it. Somewhere bewteen Aramis and vintage Equipage. Good stuff.

Original Review:

Feuilles De Tabac is one of those fragrances that while they definitely smell good they're also not particularly outstanding or even inspiring/evocative to do a review.

A nice citrus/spicy opening evolving into a green tobacco leafs middlephase that's pretty enjoyable and well executed yet not particularly fascinating. Hints of coniferous and a sweet ambery/tonka beans base is all I get in the drydown. Overall Feuilles De Tabac could be much better if just a little more daring but considering its conventional evolution it ends up being just nice. Good but not full bottle worthy.

23rd July, 2011 (last edited: 28th April, 2013)
My impression: It's like stumbling into an old smoky out-of-the way bar on the wrong side of town on the Florida coast. It's real blues and caramel colored bourbon, straight up in a whisky stained coffee cup. There's an unexpected whiff of espresso brewing in the back. Shadowy figures sway to a voice like rough honey. It's the music of Ebor City. Someone lights up a Cuban, its sweet mild smoke mixes with the salty air from the gulf on some warm summer night on the wrong side of town.

04th May, 2011 (last edited: 17th May, 2011)
Aiona Show all reviews
United States
Oh my! I love this scent! The opening was kinda earthy. My first thought was, "leaves!" My next thought was "basil leaves!" Kinda spicey opening, yummy! I do not see basil in its notes, though.

Then maybe an hour later, I sniffed my wrist again. (Sillage wasn't great on me.) Huh? I did not put Montana Parfum d'Homme (red box) on today! Nor Aramis Havana, for that matter! How odd!

It's that same sweet compelling smell I get from my two favorites. Is it the tobacco? The tonka bean? The Cuban cascarilla oil? (What the heck does that smell like anyway?) Or the pimento berries?

Dunno. But, I love this scent, in the same way I love MPdH (red box) and Havana. Sillage is not as powerful as Montana (red box) or Havana. Longevity is not bad. It's 6 hours later, and I still smell its drydown.

Montana Parfum d'Homme (red box): my favorite scent + pine
Havana: my favorite scent + intensely oily opening
Feuille de Tabac: my favorite scent + a bit of basil in the opening

12th March, 2011
the best tobacco fragrance i have come across. very natural smelling too.
20th August, 2010
My responses to this EXcellent frag are much like Ayala's - and I couldn't say it as well. I LUVLUVLUV tobacco - this one comes down hard at the end of brisk and spicy (as opposed to soft and hay-ey) like rolling a Gitane between your fingers. On me it gets woodsy in the middle and settles into an almost vanillic sweetness with that damp sand that someone mentioned. TOTALLY thumbs up.
30th April, 2010
Running out of Havana/Havana Reserva are you..? Fear not, Feuilles de Tabac is here to save the day. sayin so, FdT is an original..only thing the use of Tobacco..i must say the explicit use and quality of tobacco used in it is exactly the same as the Aramis classic. only thing, it's stripped down of all the other accords Havana R has to offer. this one's a straight ahead, no nonsense blend of florals, tobacco and animalic notes. extremely pleasant and invigorating to wear. cant wait to go stay at some resort in midst of wild life during monsoons...ummmm.. :) gritty/pungent at the same time realistic & wearable.
15th August, 2009 (last edited: 18th August, 2009)
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United States
Cascarilla bark comes from a plant native to the West Indies, Croton eleuteria. Cascarilla bark is (among other things) used to flavor the liquors Campari and Vermouth. Maybe that's why it makes me think of Negronis (minus the gin, of course). But at least part of the magic in Feuilles de Tabac comes from the weird triangle of sage, coumarin, and tobacco leaf. Tonka bean (the coumarin note in this) is usually found in fougères, which this definitely isn't. The patchouli rounding this out into a kind of woody-oriental vibe doesn't make sense either. Even so, all in all, this is one of the best and most novel tobacco scents out there. It deserves to be better known. I don't wear it enough, but that's got to change.
07th August, 2009
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An aromatic and compelling take on tobacco. I agree completely with lilybelle's impressions! An interesting and intelligent presentation of unusual notes. Wearable too, I give it two thumbs up!
12th July, 2009
This is an off and on scent for me. Sometimes is smells absolutely gorgeous, and at other times it smells cheap and give me a headache. Nukapai has done a nice job of explaining the gorgeous side.
10th April, 2009
One of the more interesting stations on the Miller Harris Line. A very robust fusion of clove and tobacco is sweetened for the opening, which is an astonishing waft-fest. Feuilles de Tabac has the corpse of YSL Kouros buried beneath the floorboards, and periodically I could detect it's aroma creeping through during the drydown. This is a multi-faceted composite of rugged ingredients, that begins to harmonize in the later stages. I will give this a thumbs up for it's strident personality and inducing me to sniff my wrist almost constantly for hours.
02nd March, 2009
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This is a lovely sweet tobacco fragrance with a rich drydown, intensified by the amber. I think the sillage is outstanding and the longevity good. I would never wear this in the summer months though -- it just wouldn't work as it is a very 'warm' scent. The new Tom Ford's Tobacco and Vanilla rendition is more gorgeous to wear imo, but comes with a hefty price tag.
15th January, 2009
bbBD Show all reviews
United States
Fantastic! The strong opening of clove and incense, balanced with a sweet resinous note, grabs you right from the start. This opening lingers for about 30-45 minutes until it dries down to a tobacco and wood mix that lingers for a long time. There are some fragrances that you just like at first sniff, and this one of those for me. It will project strongly during it's first phase, but from then on it will stay moderately close to the skin. Definitely full bottle worthy!
14th October, 2008
Nukapai Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Peppery, leafy, brown opening (sort of matches the packaging when you come to think of it!) - after which there's at least an hour of a very wearable tobacco/woody scent. Later in the drydown, some overly smoky - verging on the sickly sweet notes emerge (my husband, who is not a perfume connoisseur, but has been exposed to rather a lot of scents over the years, remarked: "Now it smells too... Mediterranean"). However, once that little speed bump on the road passes, it becomes very soft, very sniffable and dare I say quite sexy. It's a thumbs up from me.
10th August, 2008
LisaWood Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I love this is a modern take on Caron Coup De Foudre and a little like Tabac Noir....a great Winter perfume emanating sophistication and depth.
17th December, 2007
Very complex, classy tobacco fragrance: pluran's analysis is spot on. Great longevity, too, IMO. If you were a fan of D&G PH back in the day, you'll love this more.
06th August, 2007
Starts out surprisingly peppery, and woody. Evergreens rather than tobacco, but I don't mind, it's great evergreens, dry and masculine and not the slighest christmasy/airfreshener. Like brown pine needles on the forest floor, and a sharp hint of sap from a freshly broken twig. Warm and cosy but with that lovely peppery kick, yum
10th January, 2007
One of the better alternative from Miller Harris. Together with En sens de bois and Terre de bois, this is my favourite. You really notice the tobacco scent, which is something I appreciate. Tobaccoscents is really my thing. For some reason it feels like a milder and better version of Comme de Garcon.
21st August, 2006

I get a highly aromatic, smoky opening — quite spicy — a clove / pine resin kind of spicy that probably comes from the pimiento berry or possibly the cascarilla bark. I really don’t get much of the peppery note that other reviewers mention. The opening is very warm — almost hot, which is something I didn’t expect from a tobacco fragrance. I can’t help but be impressed by this unexpected and dramatic opening. The clove / pimiento berry note gradually diminishes but that is one of the few changes I can find in the fragrance’s development. Then I get a vague, quiet moist tobacco note, but it’s not strong enough to really change the linear smoky direction of the fragrance. This progression is long lasting but eventually it settles down to a mellow wood accord that contains a moist tobacco background — reticent but enjoyable. I like this fragrance. I believe it is creatively designed and constructed with quality. Feuilles de Tabac is, though, an arguable fragrance — the kind of fragrance that the potential buyer should test quite thoroughly to be sure of a proper fit. (Edit of 03 April 2008 review.)

17th May, 2006 (last edited: 20th October, 2009)
I get smoky tobacco with a fairly linear development. It is also a relatively long lasting scent on me. If I have to place it, I would place it somewhere between new Tabarome and Vintage Tabarome. Less soapy than the vintage, and also more modern feeling in some way that I can't pinpoint. That said, on me it is smokier than new Tabarome. I like it just fine, but I like new Tabarome better. On me new Tabarome lasts longer, has a more interesting development, and throughout, has more "pop" or liveliness, probably due to the much-maligned ginger note, which I actually find crisp, refreshing, and a nice balance to the butteriness and smoothness of tobacco. For those reasons, I can't imagine buying a bottle of Miller Harris Feuilles de Tabac, despite my liking it more than most scents I have tested. I doubt I would often reach for it over my new Tabarome.
18th March, 2006
baron Show all reviews
United States
One of my absolute favorites. I've come to love tobacco scents and this one smells very much of damp, fresh tobacco leaves. Unlike the very smoky and oriental Fumerie Turque or the cigar smoke of Vintage Tabarome, this one is the fresh cigar, right out of the box, still unlighted.
01st November, 2005
This is a BEAUTIFUL tobacco fragrance. Leathery and dry, yes earthy, warm and softly enveloping.
It is like cuddling with my perfect man. A scent that is natural, fresh and non-obtrusive and with the exact amount of character to make it sexy and irresistibly attractive.
If you can’t get your man to wear it for you, just wear it yourself!

What starts as a medicinal, somewhat harsh drink - reminiscent of Absinthe - extremely masculine and sharp-edged - dries down to a seductive earthy sweetness. Warm, enveloping and sophisticated, Fuilles de Tabac is the emblem of what leathery-tobacco scents should be:
Daring, sensitive, and seductive in a reassuring confident manner.

Notes: Pimento berry, cascarilla bark, pine, sage, tobacco, patchouli and tonka bean.
30th October, 2005
Ah, Sir, you are transporting me back to those days near the Rue St. Germain with your scent today! What on earth is it?
Though he has worn nothing but Acqua di Selva for the past several decades, my valet stuns me often with his uncanny propensity to properly ascribe provenance on the various scents in my collection, even new ones like this Feuilles de Tabac.

This is simply quite a scent. Unabashedly masculine, yet perfectly appropriate for the fairer sex. There is no tobacco, per se, at lest not like D&G PH, Cuba, or even Guerlain Vetiver. Rather there is use of cascarilla oil, which is steam distilled from the bark of Croton Eluteria, which grows in the West Indies. The oil's color is a pale yellow to greenish yellow or dark amber. It has a strong, spicy, aromatic, warm woody, peppery, nutmeg, myrtle type odor (the preceding information from the Good Scents Co.). This scent is masculine in the same vein as Le Dandy from D'Orsay, though the two are nothing alike. In other words, this isn't masculine like Paco Rabanne, Sung, Aramis, or any of the otehr "typical" masculine scents; and I consider that a good thing. According to Lucky Scent, this scent has Cuban cascarilla oil, pimento berries, pine needles, sage, tobacco, tonka bean, and Malay patchouli. Seek out and experience for yourself. Enjoy.

05th October, 2005