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Neutral Reviews of Fleur Oriental by Miller Harris

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now i knew that this one is feminine. bought it cos it was cheap. powdery perfume is not my thing. so, i don't really like the dry down. opening note, just amazing.
will give this edt to my mom. she's gonna love it.
03rd March, 2012
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United States
Fleur Oriental is an easy to wear powdery floral oriental perfect for daytime or the office. The opening is pretty but not moving. It’s the dry down that peaks my interest, I can smell the barest bones of L’Air de Rien in here. When I want an oriental (and sometimes I really do) I’ll reach for the TNT, a micro droplet of Chanel Coco parfum. My sample of Fleur Oriental merely stokes my appetite for a full bottle of L’Air de Rien.
29th January, 2011
It is as spicy as a spice shop in India. I cannon not believe one would get that effect with single carnation note upon amber but that is what i smell. The middle notes are florals which are oriental in name "Turkish roses and Indian jasmine". (probably little of Damascus roses with a higher amount of mogra; all obscured and orientalised by saffron like spice. When cinnamon is added you begin to think of some apples. Any way, this scent is quite colorless ordinary and spicy i suppose...
09th February, 2010
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I got a sample of this from the MH concession in Selfridges - I assumed it was a male scent until I put it on and was overwhelmed by its light floral baby-powderiness. It was too late to get rid of it so I went in to work and was surprised to discover it dried down to something much less in-your-face feminine.
06th August, 2007