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Shalimar-esque sans the "plastic". Suits me. Nice Carnation note.
Did I say I like Carnation?
Just a touch powdery for my Masculine skin.
Similar to Geisha Noire oil.
Best on my girl.
22nd July, 2016 (last edited: 23rd May, 2017)
This is a classically ambery, powdery, warm oriental, with shades of Shalimar & Imperial Opoponax. It reminds me most of all of Stoned by Solange Azagury-Partridge, one of the stars of my collection, but this one is way less expensive! The orange blossom in the opening reads as candied citrus, atop a plush pillow of labdanum. The floral notes aren't obvious to me, but serve to give depth to the whole. After the first half-hour, the citrus fades, leaving the oriental heart to slowly fade in linear fashion. The projection is medium to good, & twenty two hours after application, I still get delightful soft, powdery wafts emanating from my arm.
This is one of those rare occasions when a fragrance smells exactly as I imagined it! It's very nice indeed, & one I'd consider buying if my bottle of Stoned ever runs out...
28th January, 2016
Am describing the 30ml parfum version...

Fantastic oriental scent with a beautiful blend of rose, amber, vanilla and spices...

Although might come across as feminine initially, am comfortable wearing it along with my handbag of testosterone...

Fantastic longevity and adequate sillage.

Delighted to have found such a jewel...

Big thumbs up...!
26th December, 2010 (last edited: 29th December, 2010)
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A delightfully understated, yet charming blend of floral whimsy and oriental edginess. One of the better balanced creations from Miller Harris, it has the potential for unisex categorization. Nothing seems to dominate, and this allows the ingredients to weave a very warm and subtle accord that affords the wearer the opportunity to use this on any occasion.
11th April, 2009
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United States
This is definitely in the same ballpark as Shalimar (or even Habit Rouge), but not as sweet or vanillic. I like them for the same reason -- gorgeous softly seductive comfort oriental. FO definitely as a more defined powder accord with small hints of light incense. I think it is very nice, and at times prefer it to Shalimar, which I love as well, but is more sweet. It has medium to strong sillage and good lasting power. It could also be a masculine.
08th March, 2009
Lilybelle's got Fleur Oriental pegged - Amber * Vanilla * Heliotrope - comforting, powdery sweetness. I don't get much spice either, and frankly I'm shocked to read anyone has found this to be strong or even slightly overpowering at all! These notes perform with restraint. From my perception, I would consider this to be an oriental/gourmand - if there is such a thing, and it comes across decidedly feminine. I'm lovin' this one!
23rd January, 2009
Whoa! Forget about subtle and light we have an oriental here. It's almost cute how it tries to come across like less than an elephant in a porcelain cabinet with that powder and amber but the powder is not enough to hide the vavavoom and strength. I still haven't tested Shalimar yet so I can't compare but this has presence, it's sexy and warm, nice touch of spices and sass underneath. This perfume has some kick to it, it's like a sassy lady who manages to be perfectly polite but you know there is some hot passion just underneath the surface and it's on the verge of spilling over. That's what this perfume is to me, all nice but you know the spice is about to break loose and the amber is barely containing it.
10th November, 2008
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United States
An interesting, lightly spicy floral oriental. There's definitely a powdery edge to this, but it makes for a nice balance with the spice notes, which dominate over the carnation. The vanilla is never too sweet, and I'd swear there's a touch of tobacco in here. In some ways this is very de-tuned version of Feuilled de Tabac - at least in spirit. If you can get past the powderiness, there's no reason a guy can't wear this. The spiciness of the floral actually reminds me of the opening of vintage Equipage.
05th November, 2008
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United Kingdom
It's a HUGE, HUGE... baby powder oriental. Honey, I blew up the kids and they're crawling all over mommy's Shalimar!

Beautiful and terrifying. I'm impressed with the lasting power and the feeling one gets of two distinct layers; the amplified baby powder sitting on top of a rich, sensual oriental base. The powder mellows quite a bit in the drydown, but it never leaves entirely.
20th October, 2008
I had it put away for a couple of years years because I thought it was too strong for me. this is for the perfume! I was going to put it up for sale when I dabbed on a bit for the last time so I thought, and I was hooked. the soft sexyness of the amber, vanilla, really got me. dried down makes me feel soft and sexy. It lingers in the most strange way but it does not change, the notes remain in the same order throughout. In the dry down it becomes a bit powdery but the notes are still there from beginning to end. not your usual oriental. This is one that I had to mature to in order to appreciate.
28th July, 2008 (last edited: 15th January, 2012)
I don't generally like orientals, but in the spirit of experimentation, I tried yet another (there are so many!) I remarkably liked Fleur's not as bossy and noxious as most orientals...quite subservient to the wearer, and the amber and vanilla stay in check. I also like the spicy's much milder than some of the spices in many orientals. The rose and jasmine also temper the loudness of the base. This is genuinely a friendly oriental (friendliental?...oh that's bad...) that doesn't turn me off, but instead, creates interest from the spices and florals, and treads lightly on the skin. I agree that it lasts exceedingly well given how tame it is. Of all the orientals I've tried, there are two I would consider buying...Fleur Oriental and becker.eshaya's Golden Amber. Both very nice and of similar ilk. Fleur Oriental is a gracious fall/winter fragrance.
11th November, 2007
maggie Show all reviews
United States
Very sexy and wearable.
11th March, 2007
This is a perfume I did not like at first sniff- it seemed like uber-strong baby powder, I mean, like baby powder on crack. I was disappointed because some of many of the notes, carnation, heliotrope and amber are some of my favorites. But I continued to come back and revisit this 'fume from time to time. I used the last of it up during the hottest part of the summer and once the top notes burned off, I didn't think it was half bad. Then I left the empty vial in a lacquer box by my bedside and I noticed everything in that box gradually took on a wonderful sweet and smoky cherry flavor. That's what hooked me. I became somewhat obsessed with this scent and ordered a full bottle soon after. Now, my intense love has somewhat quieted but I am still very pleased to own this. I use it to scent my dresser drawers and it seems especially well suited to this purpose. For some reason I find it to have a near nuclear half-life, which is something I adore in perfumes. I have no use for here one minute gone the next kinds of scents. The amber base in this is quite strong, and you must apply carefully or it can over-whelm. But when you crave a heavy powdery oriental, this is a great choice. I almost forgot to mention my favorite part of this perfume: at the opening there is a yellow pollen smell,and an almost crunchy, chalky powderiness that I find quite addicting.
17th October, 2006
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I wouldnt exactly call this one ubermacho. But I am not inclined to agree 100% with Mrs Honey. If applied lightly this one could very well pass for a masculine scent. Quite allright.
28th August, 2006
This is my calming fragrance. Based on the notes and reviews, I expected a glamourous, intense fragrance. Although it lasts well, it is not overpowering at all. It reminds me of something my grandfather wore, and yet it is not at all masculine.
30th April, 2006