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No coconut notes listed but that's what Paul Smith London is all about. Maybe its the brandy? Curious that a scent named London has such a beach-like quality to it. Excellent projection. Enjoyable to you and others if applied moderately, will not be cloying or offensive.
10th November, 2016
I just can't overstate how disappointed I am that this wonderful fragrance is discontinued. I discovered it late unfortunately, and all I have left are two 4.5ml bottles which I use so sparingly it's a crying shame.

Not really comparable to any other fragrance, it's floral, woody, slightly sweet, and lasts as well. I call it my date fragrance because it's one of those that both you and a lady you're looking to impress won't be able to stop smelling.

Mr Smith, if you're listening, please man, do the right thing....
16th May, 2016
Creamy synthetic vetiver and sandalwood, citrus, a mint-lavender combo reminiscent of older fougères, and a thick spicy-ambery accord which seemed everywhere among woody mainstreams of the 2000s together with the other big “jolly” of that time - violet. That’s London, and it’s quite nice. For some reasons, despite being partially quite conventional (woods, violet, tonka...) London smells quite more young, vibrant, genuinely “urban” than many other fragrances sharing the same notes. It smells “pop”, somehow traditional and somehow contemporary – like so many British pop bands in fact; always “fresh”, yet always so rooted into Britain’s pop heritage of the 1960s. London shares the same “concept”; it’s like a fresher, renovated, kind of juvenile and lively version of uncle’s Dunhill colognes – more synthetic, more transparent, with a couple of “metrosexual” features (mint, violet). Far from being groundbreaking, but a really versatile and nice fresh-creamy-spicy woody scent, a bit plastic and almost cheap quality-wise but somehow in a positive meaning – that type of “plastic syntheticness” many niche brands are still able to disguise as “avantgarde”, so why shouldn’t we play that card for Smith too. Grab it in case of good deals.

14th April, 2015
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Paul Smith London must have been a sort of prototype for some of the latest stuff by Anoine Lie (I'm looking at you Nu_Be Mercury). A sparkling citrus opening supported by a kind of lactonic / coconut combo that revolve around an oriental-fougere-y bone structure with woody (sandalwood) and floral facets. Incredibly similar to Nu_be Mercury if not for the fact that Paul Smith London is definitely less metallic, less daring and a tad *cheaper* in texture.

Very nice.

10th March, 2015
Genre: Woody Oriental

Paul Smith London has a top note that smells oddly of lemon zest, dusty carpet, and dry grated coconut. It’s actually more pleasant than it sounds, but gives no clue as to where it might lead. The coconut actually grows more intense over time, and combines with aromatics, sandalwood, and cedar in a warm, nutty, off-dry accord of considerable distinction, marred only by a faint suggestion of suntan oil. The tanning product connotation of coconut-and-sandalwood accords at first kept me from enjoying Maître Parfumeur et Gantier’s superb Santal Noble, but in that case I eventually got past the obstacle, and can just as well forgive it here.

Above its nutty, woody bass line Paul Smith London oscillates gently between a crisp herbaceous violet leaf and geranium accord and a warm nutmeg-spiced amber. This motion continues for a few hours at moderate intensity until the creamy sandalwood, amber, and soft musk drydown takes over. The impression left is one of refined urbanity, sophistication, and subdued comfort, making Paul Smith London at once versatile and gratifying to wear. All in all an admirable offering, and an impressive rebound after the bland and derivative Paul Smith for Men.
23rd June, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A simple but delightful, fresh and fruity opening of mandarins that are not ripe and hence lack sweetness. Soon it is combined with a green note, which in the drydown is joined by and ambery woody vanilla in the base. The top notes are the highlight, and in spite of its simplicity this is overall a good scent. With decent silage and good projection, a major pro is the impressive longevity of nine hours. Nice for a spring day.
20th May, 2014
Paul Smith London opens up with a dark coconut vibe, a heavy dose of green mandarin, violet, and a boozy note. This dries down to something along the lines of Polo Double Black, but without the coffee, it has that same sort of stuffy smell, mostly tonka meeting sandalwood. At some point in time it starts to smell a little like cat piss, but I can't seem to get enough of it.

This has been compared to Obsession Night, and I see the similarities to some degree, but for the most part, this is a pretty unique and unorthodox scent. Now discontinued and pretty hard to find, prices can get really high, I wouldn't pay more than retail for this one though, if you could find it. I was fortunate enough to find a bigger bottle of this a couple years ago for about 50 bucks, which was a great price. Longevity and projection are both excellent.
13th February, 2014
What a great surprise this fragrance was to me! London starts out smooth and comforting with the fresh aroma of mint combined with lavender where through time evolves to a herbal/creamy side thanks to the appearance of tonka bean which persists even in the base with the appearance of Cypress.

Overall a very good fragrance that is hard to buy and to find someone using it.
28th October, 2011
I kinda liked this but not enough to say much about it, a little sweet smelling, reminded me of coconut for some reason, id wear it maybe to a nightclub or something like that
25th September, 2011
Davem81 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This is definitely an all-time personal favourite of mine. I came across it almost by accident in early 2006, and chose it above all of the rest of the Paul Smith range available at that time.

It's certainly very distinctive, and easy to over-do. It also tends to split opinion I've found - I had a friend who's opinion I trust try it, after hearing me rave about it, but he strongly disliked it. It's not far everyone, but I love it. I also associate it with a certain time & place, like many scents, another reason for the liking.

I managed to get another bottle just before the discontinuation (at knockdown price!) which I'd been conserving, but it's since been reproduced (perhaps in limited supply, I'm not sure), and in my excitement I probably overstocked!
28th July, 2011
Benj Show all reviews
United States
I get a big hit of sweet mango on the top, tempered by the greenness of the violet leaves, which comes through pretty strongly. This is definitely a boozy scent, as mentioned by other reviewers, which cuddles into a very woody base. To me, this is all about the boozy, wooden base, like sticking your nose in the inside of a fruity rum barrel for hours. Personally, I love that.

My first love, sadly discontinued over a year ago.
16th January, 2011
Excellent sillage, good longevity and very complex, although the notes mentioned by those around me were not the ones included in the pyramid: "tea" was the one mentioned by most followed by woody accords mixed with those of a distilled alcoholic beverage.

The opening is sharp, itchy to a certain extent but not uncomfortable to the nose. What follows is a composition that is quite difficult to explain because of the blend's richness - PS feels like a palimpsest, for the interpretation of the blend's silage was different to every person around the wearer. We all could detect whiffs, but these were of different accords, so, for some what seemed like flowers, for others were woods, or spices.

This is the kind of blend that makes you discharge preconceptions about modern perfume - making and design, not everything new is bad, there are good things around, PS London being one of such.
30th December, 2010
Begins with a delicious aroma of green mandarin and violet. This scent is immediately fruity and modern in its construction of the violet and mandarin top. The heart and top notes come on all at once, in my opinion, but these notes hang around for quite a while before drying down to a masculine combination of sandalwood, bourbon, amber, and musk. I definitely get the amber and sandalwood notes in the base, which are impressively accented by the bourbon. My overall impression is that PS London is a modern, semi-sweet oriental that will provide its wearer with a satisfactory aroma in which to entice passers-by who happen to come within its unsubstantial sillage. Unfortunately, I believe its longevity could have been a little better (lasted only 5-6 hrs on me). I recommend PS London for evening wear, as it won't last all day but the scent of bourbon would suit an evening meal quite romantically.
01st July, 2009
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dacerace Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I first smelt a friend wearing this...and I had to ask what he was wearing.I can see comparisons to Obsession night...but London has more depth.This is definitely one you shouldn't over spray...used correctly,you can smell a lovely coconutty smell all night...and lots of people compliment it.I can still get the odd whiff on me after nearly 24 hours of first applying....and yes I do wash!...What a fantastic stayer.
05th April, 2009
tanto Show all reviews
United States
This fragrance to me was a huge disappointment. I realized this after I purchased it. It smells something unclean. It almost reminds me of the old Ferragamo which came out in the late 90's. Very medicinal. The bottle is awkward and very difficult to spray because the neck is too slender. Don't waste your hard earned money on this one because it's a 'bomb" but some of the other Paul Smith frags are truly great.
21st February, 2009
monkeymanmatt's review is spot on "It's figgy, rummy, coconutty and cosily woody" thts it;. if u like obessesion night, boss selections kinda scents..thn this would find home in ur wardrobe, easy
23rd December, 2008
First it smelled like dirty water, but eventually I could smell a poor cousin of lavender ( is that supposed to the the violet?). If I smelled this on a man's shirt I think I would wonder whether he washed often enough.
24th November, 2008
Violet. Brandy. Yup. Sit upon your crushed velvet chair and sip away.
19th June, 2008
Reminds me of mint candy or peppermint rock :D

Mint and coconut are the strongest notes here, I also smell a hint mandarin, violet, congac and warm tonka bean in the base.
18th April, 2008 (last edited: 13th July, 2008)
The only down side to this magnificent cologne is the bottle. The bottle is awkward to hold and spray, although the shape itself is very suitable for the potion contained therein.

The smell is a deep, warm, gourmand blend of mint and brandy. It smells like heaven and I always get compliments when I wear it.

Two thumbs up!!!
05th December, 2007
An interesting fragrance to say the least...this to my nose is a stronger, deeper, more manly JPG Fleur du Male plus some spice.
I don't really get the link to Grey Flannel though. I pick up some very synthetic "new polo shirt from Dillard's" scnet that is more prevalent in Tommy hilfiger's True Star.
I'd say if you think Fleur du Male is waay to feminine you might enjoy this. not for me though...too rough and jagged.
09th July, 2007
horribly dark and heavy
though it's rich and everything ....its to complex and dense for me...
difficult bottle to hold and spray as well...
though i adore the shape
23rd December, 2006
The opening with its violet note is a little reminiscent of Grey Flannel, and, even though there’s a slight synthetic background to it, I find it quite pleasant. The whole tone of the opening, as well as the rest of the fragrance, is one of balance, softness, and modernity. The violet note hangs on for a long time, and when it finally allows in the middle notes, the vetiver and lavender form a nice rather rustic accord to contrast with the urban opening and dry down. And a very nice dry down it is—discreet and well balanced; the cognac / sandalwood combination is very effective. There’s a lot of warmth to this fragrance and it’s an all-around good scent. Even though it’s too young of fragrance for me, I think it is definitely worthy of a thumb’s up.
28th October, 2006
To me this smells confident and upfront! It lasts forever (on me, anyway). I love the violet and booze mix...more Jack Daniels than Brandy in my opinion. Beats previous PS fragrances by a country mile.
28th September, 2006
Polo mints and pine. that's what it first smelt like to me, and that's the association that i've had ever since. unique, adventurous scent, i think. it's beautiful, though perhaps more of a winter one. i think it lasts on me. gorgeous smell, a classic. i hope they don't discontinue it. ps i didnt notice the brandy smell until once, before i brought it, when i was at the im a poor student and cant afford it maybe illl get it at christmas stage, wherin i sniffed at a card, deliberating over whether or not it was worth getting. i did spray it on cards maybe twice before i bought it. the smell seemed to last on the card for a good while, and days later, i thought i could smell the brandy...
22nd March, 2006
I love it, a very cozy and boozey blend of woods and spices. A wonderful rich scent great fro cooler weather. lists the notes as follows:

Paul Smith London Men is a deeply sensual and spicy scent with sparkling green mandarin and violet flowers. Shots of frosted mint with just a hint of jasmine and lavender. A warm base smoothed with a splash of vintage brandy accord. Australian sandalwood, Tonka beans, and amber.
24th January, 2006
I am usually not the complaining type. But together with Boss nr 1. This must be the most awful fragrance I have ever smelled.
18th January, 2006
I loooooovvvvvveeeee it. But my Wife hates it. It has a top note that goes on and on and on (etc). You either love it (me) or hate it (Wife).
24th November, 2005 (last edited: 23rd May, 2006)
I was first attracted by the bottle, tried it and fell in love with it. It's not too strong, but yet lasted quite well.
11th November, 2005
Neat "swinging sixties" flacon, but only decent content. London could have been excellent if it wasn't so artificial in it's general ambiance. It's figgy, rummy, coconutty and cosily woody. There seems to be large- scale trends in the mainstream designer houses every year now, multiple launches under a given period smell very similar. And this is definitely the case with London, Armani's Black Code and CK's Obsession night. Out of these 3, the Paul Smith is the given winner, especially longevity-wise. An acceptable cologne, and a huge improvement over the two first very dissapointing offerings.
27th September, 2005