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my most favorite from the line .spicy mostly peppery green herbal gourmand base very well blended and nostalgic.
manly .really a holly grail scent.
01st February, 2018
Before the flurry of excellent A*Men flankers that came out in recent years (i.e. Ultrazest, Pure Malt, Pure Tonka, Pure Coffee, etc.) came Thierry Mugler's B*Men. I originally was not too keen on B*Men, but I have revised my estimate of this fragrance from neutral to thumbs up!

B*Men retains the gourmand quality of its older brother; the chocolate-coffee notes, though not mentioned in the fragrance note triangle, are present - though not as strong as the original. The real treat of this scent is the spiciness, resembling red pepper flakes and cinnamon. The mysterious "sequoia" note adds the faint woodiness, with a slight tang provided by the interesting rhubarb.

I give this scent its props for courageously offering an alternative to the wildly popular A*Men. In its time over a decade back, it was the only flanker on the shelf; I was naturally curious about B*Men in that way. Nowadays, there's a dizzying number of A*Men flankers! (I wonder, is A*Men Le Gôut du Parfum / The Taste of Fragrance a scent that attempts to mimic B*Men, with the emphasis on spiciness?)

Didn't like it at first, but now I give a healthy thumbs up for this gem. Can't believe it's discontinued!
16th December, 2016 (last edited: 17th March, 2017)
This is much better than my initial thoughts after trying it out more than once. Has expected nice chocolate/coffee notes but also has a traditional, clean, refined men's fragrance feel to it. Imagine being in a coffee shop waiting for your order when you catch a whiff of a nice men's fragrance, maybe from a passer-by...its kinda like that. On my skin, it doesn't project like original A*men, which is good, but longevity is good, lasts all day.
09th December, 2016
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Pecota Show all reviews
United States
B*Men is a very slightly tart and woody rhubarb that's light enough to be worn in the summer, but shines brightest in the fall weather paired with a nice warm sweater. Testing blind I'd never make the connection to A*Men or the other flankers that followed, this seems like something completely different (and much more up my alley).
29th September, 2016
I was looking for a replacement scent for my bottle of Armani Attitude and this scent was mentioned several times.

I was able to get a gift set from Groupon to test this out. The first time I spayed this I HATED IT!!! All I smelled was a sickly sweet Rhubard smell that I first thought smelled like licorice.

I tried it again on my skin after a shower and the Licorice dissipated quicker and dried down to a lovely and spicy fragrance that I have since fallen in love with. This is my GO to cologne for nights out.

My wife asked "What are you wearing" I asked her if she liked it... SHE LOVED IT. I had a neighbor bury her head into my chest and tell her husband he needed to buy some!

This is a "MANS" cologne and a nice break from all the fruity and powdery colognes that have invaded the market for the metro crowd.
01st December, 2015
Thumb way up and folks, that is not licorice but rhubarb.

Great fragrance that is UNIQUE, even if you do not like it you have to admit it is different.

WARM, Gourmand and made for cooler and evening wear.

Embracing notes that give you that Home-made dish favorite aroma.
16th November, 2015

Another Star in THIERRY MUGLER Sky. It has a Special Warmth like A*Men Furthermore it is More Romantic and Modern than it However i Still Prefer A*Men. This one is Full of Style with a Sensuous Scent. Masculine,Powerful, Warm,Sophisticated,Seductive and Sweet but not sticky sweet.

Leather,Vanilla and Spice mingle with Violet&Musk Leaves and Makes a Composition that is Unmistakable virile. The leather note in B*MEN is not Overpowering or Harsh but is more of a supple Leather that works alongside the Vanilla to create a very impressive fragrance.

This Alluring Oriental is Appropriate for a Romantic Evening like a Romantic Dinner with Your Wife.quite Suitable for a Passionate Character in Winter. If you are Looking makes a Beautiful Impression in HOT moments B*MEN is Your Pal!


Longevity?Not Superb Like A*Men but it is Good on my skin.

18th April, 2015
The community seems split (decant pun?) over the quality of the fragrance, with the consensus being that it's a lesser sibling of the other A*Men fragrances but not terrible, and on this point, I have to agree. It's most similar to Angel Men, the patchouli undertone (the characteristic A*Men "DNA") being highlighted by the rhubarb, fruit, and spice notes on top. In some respects, then, it's gourmand-ish like A*Men Taste of Fragrance, but not as distinctive.

Projection and longevity are both disappointing, specifically with respect to the other entries in the Mugler line. I get about 3 hours on my skin until it starts to disappear, and less than a foot projection, so it's less than half of the others in both respects.

Has it been discontinued? I had trouble finding it on many of the main sites. Regardless, it's not one I'll be tracking down beyond a Google search. While slightly less cloying than A*Men or A*Men Taste of Fragrance, it lacks the quality of Pure Malt, Pure Havane, or even Pure Coffee, so while interesting to smell, it doesn't embody any special qualities of its own.

6 out of 10
17th February, 2015 (last edited: 21st February, 2015)
Genre: Woody Oriental

So what does B*Men have in common with A*Men? The sweet intensity? Mostly. The patchouli? Certainly. The tremendous sillage and projection? Still there. The chocolate? Hey! Where’s the chocolate!!?? For that matter, where’s the mint?

Yup, B*Men smells a bit like A*Men without the more outlandish gourmand elements. What’s left is a very sweet, spicy, patchouli-dominated woody oriental scent. Which is to say, nothing special. The drydown, which sets in after an hour or two, and persists forever, is a dense, sweet accord of powdery vanilla, patchouli, cedar, and a raspy woody amber. It is at once very loud, heavy, and shapeless, and leaves me with the impression of being smothered under heaps of fallen velvet drapery.

As a scent B*Men is neither here nor there. It lacks its predecessor’s outrageous elements, its eccentricities, and hence much of its originality, yet retains the crude bulk that makes A*Men feel so oppressive to some noses. (Mine included.) I’m not surprised it’s gone.

(Mugler could have ventured onward with “C*Men,” but I guess Etat Libre d’Orange beat him to the punch on that one with the hideous Sécrétions Magnifiques.)
09th June, 2014
Wow, talk about Gourmand...

Only 15 minutes into B*men. And I felt like I've eaten an entire bag of Licorice Allsorts !!! Especially those with mostly black in it. You either love those, or you hate'em. Fair warning. I love'em. But even then...

Thankfully, B*men does eventually cease shoving Allsorts through my nose, and mellow out into something vaguely like a gourmand version of YSL Body Kouros: Resinous woods, with heavy spice, and rich anise(y) sweetness (I'm not saying they smell the same tho). Where Body Kouros' sweetness is restrained by the eucalyptus which cools it; B*men's not into kinky restraints, at ALL. Nope. In fact, he'd rather put on some dapper duds and treat you to a 5* gourmet dinner at an elegant restaurant ; )

O, and don't forget to bring along the Allsorts.
06th January, 2014 (last edited: 29th March, 2014)
Around 4 years ago I've tried it, on paper only. After quite a lot of them tested, at that time even more than few in a day, B*Men didn't stand out. Today I own it, de facto a blind buy.

Quite cold and sort of technological. Very urbane and for winter. There is certain holiday fling to it, I have to admit. Very Masculine, young like, a bit cold and corporate, progressive. Liqueur indeed and a bit gourmand, higher notes than A*Men and a hint of something green. In its own peculiar way, albeit cold way, it is invasive as A*Men which is hot and burned. B*Men contains DNA of A*Men, but then again they're not the same at all. B*Men is elating but cold, it also glows, radiates not so strongly as A*Men does, but more than enough to meet the price. Rhubarb is strong and very unique in B*Men, anis is quite complementary, patchouli and musk are present but not loud. Vanilla is lost in the midst of mentioned and the unspecified spices. B*Men is quite refined, but if you spray too much, you might get the synthetic, ugly part of him. One spray will do the job - it'll last, it'll project. Strong character is present just like with A*Men and I also dare say that B*Men is quite unique, original scent. It was discontinued rather suddenly and went to the perfume past without a glam. Too bad as I believe that, had it been released not in 2004. but in 2008. when it was, ironically - supposedly discontinued, it would've been en par with Pure Havane, Pure Malt and other flankers. This way B*Men is forgotten and lost amidst many flankers that were released in the meanwhile, which is in my subjective opinion a big injustice for B*Men.
B*Men deserves more attention, more mentioning, more recognition.

12th December, 2013 (last edited: 14th December, 2013)
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Fruit & Licorice Angel

The opening blast is fruity in character, some rhubarb but more a mixed fruit basket. Spices of a milder variety are mixed in together with a soft and sweetish patchouli; and in the drydown a licorice note appears that remains present until the end. A bit of amber and wood in the base mixes well with the licorice. This is not just an A*Men flanker. The chocolate and caramel mores are missing, and even if one regards it as technically just fulfilling the criteria for a gourmand fragrance, it is a comparably light and mild one. Initial silage and projection are good, but later it is close on my skin. I get a total longevity of just over five hours. This is a *Men that is neither intrusive nor cloying, and wearable for work in the intermediate seasons.

23rd August, 2013
Brother more content, less partying and more elegant.
09th January, 2013
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Sure, it's another fruity amber aimed towards men, but this one is of a different breed. The fruity top note is based around rhubarb which throws you for a loop. It's red and green and very delicious even though I don't like the taste of rhubarb at all. Quite literally, a breathe of fresh air after so many bad apple(s), citrus and melon top notes that plague mens' frags.

Bmen settles downs to a spicy cocktail of vetiver and "sequoia", which I'm unfamiliar with. It's restrained, tasteful, and a bit woody and certainly keeps you interested until the Amen base of amber and patchouli show up to round this off. The Amen base is strong and doesn't smell cheap like so many men's frags out there. There's real quality in this.

One could say Bmen is like Amen without the chocolate addiction. I would also add that drydown reminds me a lot of Terre D'Hermes. Looking at the notes, they're similar too. Kind of think that Elena was influenced by Bmen, either subconsciously or literally, because Bmen came out before TdH.

7/10 rating.
24th December, 2012
B*Men starts with a tar like smell which evolves into licorice.
But if you pay a bit more attetion to the details envloped in that strong smell then you suddenly stop focusing on how strong it smells and start noticing the wood hidden in it, the vetiver, patchouli and the spices comes to life...

It is deep, dark and exciting.
I don't try breaking this scent into top, heart or base notes, nor do i try distinguishing between the stages of it's evolution. I just love the fact that it smells differantly every time i hold up my wrist to my nose.
18th December, 2012
Lots of licorice and spices with below average lasting power, sillage and projection. Suitable for autumn and fall. Sweet but not overpowering. I will not miss this one, thought.
25th October, 2012
B Men is a similar scent to A Men. It's not as strong as A Men, but it has the same DNA. It's a safe buy. I recommend Pure Havane or Pure Malt before buying this one. This one just doesn't stand out of the Thierry Mugler collection. But, if you are a collector, or you can get this one at a low price then go for it!
26th August, 2012
andym72 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I personally think the only connection between A*Men and B*Men is a sweetened Patchouli accord. But even then, there is a clear difference between the sweet notes used. In A*Men, it is a Caramel Candy note, which is where most of A*Mens tooth rotting, diabetic shock sweetness comes from. This along with the Mint, Coffee and Chocolate firmly peg A*Men as a gourmand. None of these exist in B*Men. If Caramel Candy is 'cooked sugar', then the sweetener in B*Men is most definitely 'burnt sugar', overcooked and blackened. This is why B*Men is nowhere near as sweet as his brother. This burnt sugar and Patchouli accord is there from top to bottom and becomes more dominant as time goes on, which might be why people consider it linear. These two also produce a tar note, not the same as the tar in A*Men, a bit more rubbery.

I cant make out the Rhubarb in this one, there is a sour fruit note there in the opening, but doesn't register as Rhubarb. It is paired up with Licorice Root. I have spotted the 'Peanut' accord that people mention once or twice, but I dont always get it.

In the heart, in comes the redwood and the spicerack. The combo of wood and burnt smells doesn't come across as smokey though. My experience is that if you are not judicious with the spritzer, the redwood note becomes very musky, a not very pleasant 'scratchy' musk. This does mean I'm never quite sure what experience I'm going to get that day. Be warned, B*Men is highly potent - my 100ml bottle will probably last a decade, and in its own way it isn't any more polite than A*Men. Two sprays is enough.

Then in the base, the burnt sugar and Patchouli prevails. I've not picked up the Vetiver at this stage, I am assuming I'm combining the earthiness of the Patch and the Vetiver into one smell.

I wouldn't call it an Oriental, there aren't really any resinous or vanilla notes. Its a semi-sweet Woody Spicy to me.
20th August, 2012
Like many others here, I bought this after trying A*Men and loving it. Upon first sniff, though, I found myself a bit disappointed, and the bottle sat unused for some time.

Much later, I decided to revisit it, and found it to have amazing longevity and an unexpected but not unpleasing aromatic modulation over the course of a day (as did A*Men). However, I still wasn't sure I'd use it that much -- so many sweet scents mixing together, it seemed to have limited applications. In fact, I didn't even realize I was smelling vetiver in there until I read someone else here comment about that note.

But it is very intriguing, and although I'd recommend it, B*Men is one of those scents that I need to wear a few more times to get a good feel for.
31st May, 2012
The opening is nice, but the drydown is wonderful. Very masculine without being traditional.
Too bad this is discontinued. Still very easy to find on the net, and pretty cheap too.
05th May, 2012
Instead of the chocolate accord in A*Men, B*Men is more focused on the licorice and the spices.

While I love both fragrances, I do believe that B*Men is much more wearable, and a better seller overall. It's a nice combination of sweet and spicy, with a very subtle gourmand feel throughout.

Sexy, a little daring and very Thierry Mugler in its style, B*Men delivers. The incredibly earthy and woodsy drydown may be too much for some, especially those that hate patchouli in large doses, however I enjoyed the drydown the most.

A little does go a long way in regards to wearing B*Men. Like all Thierry Mugler fragrances, the sillage and lasting power never disappoints, in fact it is often so powerful that it leaves you breathless.

The leather note in this fragrance isn't as strong as I expected to be. I guess you could say that it has been overshadowed by the sugar and spices. Although I like this fragrance the way it is, a bit more on the leather side of things would have given this fragrance more of a bite.

It's difficult to sum up this rather complex fragrance in a few words, however if I really had to, B*Men would be defined as a masculine vanilla scent with rich, syrupy woods and licorice accords.
22nd March, 2012
The best part of this hyper sweet concoction is represented (imo) by the top notes which combine the two elements that go gradually disappearing with time in order to let the scene to the spices, the minty "powdery milk" and the warm resins, I mean the fruity aromatic crispiness and a touch (far less intense than in A*Men) of caramellous and chocolatey gourmand vibe. The last element binds B*Men with its old brother A*Men but the connection lasts just for a while. The fragrance is indeed actually far more close to scents a la One Million, 212 Sexy Man and Roccobarocco Extraordinary (but with a more specifically minty and  aromatic temperament) than in the same vein as the infamous brother A*Men. The fruity and vaguely boozy note of rhubarb (in its link with the gourmand elements) characterizes the first part of the journey. In the humid dust of sweet spices and tamed fruits I detect a medicinal trait which makes me thinking to the YSL M7' "aoud apothecary-like feel", just in a way an hint more synthetic than the previous. There is possibly a subdued (in comparison with A*Men) presence of the super synthetical chord of lavender, helonial and peppermint that characterizes the A*Men's top part or may be (but I have many dubts about) a similar aromatic effect is exclusively here due to a connection of watery rhubarb and conifers' resins. The fragrance indeed along time evolves towards a sort of aromatic, almost mentholated, supersonic vanillic-ambery develop with a sort or gassy and balsamic temperament. This chemical base possesses the woodsy vibe elicited by mint, musk, cedarwood and vetiver. B* Men does not provide any peculiarity in the range of the modern (or better nowadays mainstream) fragrances because of the following or contextual launches of similar concoctions. The dry down is tremendously sweet, amberish, resinous, minty and obviously synthetic but overall in to a quite exaggerate way although time tends to notably improve and sedate the impressive sweetness that is endly characterized by a masculine, almost corporeal/organic, pungent vibe. Longevity and sillage are powerful but a touch less powerful than in A*Men.
22nd November, 2011 (last edited: 11th December, 2015)
This is me writing about B Men on my partner. Yes, he's got Guerlain in his wardrobe and Parfumerie Generale, he's swanned through Serge Lutens and appreciates Terre d Hermes. But, when it comes down to it, what do I always respond to in an 'OMG you smell gorgeous I have to get close to you' way? B Men. Its been slated by compared to A Men(meh) and discontinued but to me this is the ultimate 'come hither' scent. And in the end, isn't that what it's all about! Super thumbs up to B Men - I love ya!
28th September, 2011
Izzy Show all reviews
United States
Smells like peanut butter!
20th July, 2011
I bought this blind from the internet based on the fact that I wear A*Men and also because of the reviews I read on here! one particular review (its was actually a negative review) compelled me to buy it because the review alone was hilarious! The review was about how it smells like a Stepford wive's burnt rhubarb crumble that is due to be shown at a country fete to win the heart of the general... I laughed for a long time!
Back to the fragrance itself. I can understand the references to the burnt rhubarb crumble-It's the first note you get, but It doesn't detract from the Vetiver accents - I'm a sucker for Vetiver. It is not in any way as nice as A*Men, because it is completely different, and I get more compliments with A*men than this, but it's a lot cheaper than A*men, so I wear it almost every day, and it is just similar enough to fulfill my cravings for the A scent, so i save my more expensive colognes for special occasions.
30th May, 2011
I get a sweet tart candy vibe from this. I can't smell the licorice not at all and if there is one it's nothing like the licorice note in LLAM. I think I'm smelling whatever the fruity notes are combined with the Rhubarb. Sweet? Not to my nose.
11th March, 2011 (last edited: 30th June, 2011)
Oh my. I first purchased it blind and hated myself for it. The scent hit me in the face and I didn't expect to nor did I know how to react, nor by nose. However, it grew on me, so much so that I prefer this over any of the other Thierry Mugler fragrances. This is a man's scent with somewhat of a learning curve... You have to have a trained nose to appreciate it.

This fragrance smells like a Spicy cream bakery ... I get a Pumpkin cheesecake type vibe from this. not sweet though. I also get a very brown sugar type vibe. Sort of like Molasses. Its very interesting, not too overpowering if applied correctly. The top is what has a slight, all so slight fruity cream accord and as it dries down the spice kicks in. At the very base, I get that deep brown sugar, almost burnt, leathery Vibe. Very nice. To me, Varvatos Vintage replicated or attempted to replicate this fragrance... there are some similarities.
09th February, 2011
I can see where all the hate comes from - this opens with a singularly repulsive set of topnotes that evoke a sewage leak in a bakery. Lemon-urine vies with burnt cake.

The opening faded within a minute or so for me and B*Men dried down to something quite likeable, a combination of sweetness, spice and woods. Fruity notes and peppery spices revolve around a very smooth, creamy cedar (or, I suppose, sequoia). There's a tantalizing hint of A*men's vanilla and tar, but only a hint. Although the notes seem discordant the whole effect is quite round and smooth and pleasant - this is not a jagged, pencil-shaving cedar, nor are the fruity notes Hawaian Punch sweet.

I find this quite wearable and even serious in a way that A*Men is not - I wouldn't hesitate to wear this into my office. Get this while it's still around!
29th January, 2011
Three big THANKS are in order.
First, thanks it is discontinued, this monster must have been created during an alcoholic binge by its creators otherwise I can not explain how they could come with such a mix of clashing notes that would leave you anosmic if you smell it for too long. Or maybe Nagel came with a good fragrance and Huclier came with another good fragrance and Mugler decided to combine them and now the Nagel fragrance and the Huclier fragrance are battling it out inside the bottle and what we smell are just the casualties of the battle.
Second, thanks for the weird rubber envelope in which this perfume comes "in". It makes it sooooooooooo hard to squeeze the spritzer so you can spray yourself just a little bit before you are exhausted.
And third, thanks that I bought a small 1.7 oz bottle so it is finished by now.
13th January, 2011
A Real Fruity Patooti that would work as a very,very, very casual fragrance but difficult to take seriously.
The bottle is fun but the scent is a bit much.
Synthetic rhubarb and cherry cough drops yet it still has a masculine vibe.
This may be one of those scents that could evoke bad reactions from others.
But I still have to squeeze in a thumbs up for the uniqueness of it all.
Discontinued....hmmmm...I wonder why?
06th January, 2011