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Negative Reviews of B*Men by Thierry Mugler

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The best part of this hyper sweet concoction is represented (imo) by the top notes which combine the two elements that go gradually disappearing with time in order to let the scene to the spices, the minty "powdery milk" and the warm resins, I mean the fruity aromatic crispiness and a touch (far less intense than in A*Men) of caramellous and chocolatey gourmand vibe. The last element binds B*Men with its old brother A*Men but the connection lasts just for a while. The fragrance is indeed actually far more close to scents a la One Million, 212 Sexy Man and Roccobarocco Extraordinary (but with a more specifically minty and  aromatic temperament) than in the same vein as the infamous brother A*Men. The fruity and vaguely boozy note of rhubarb (in its link with the gourmand elements) characterizes the first part of the journey. In the humid dust of sweet spices and tamed fruits I detect a medicinal trait which makes me thinking to the YSL M7' "aoud apothecary-like feel", just in a way an hint more synthetic than the previous. There is possibly a subdued (in comparison with A*Men) presence of the super synthetical chord of lavender, helonial and peppermint that characterizes the A*Men's top part or may be (but I have many dubts about) a similar aromatic effect is exclusively here due to a connection of watery rhubarb and conifers' resins. The fragrance indeed along time evolves towards a sort of aromatic, almost mentholated, supersonic vanillic-ambery develop with a sort or gassy and balsamic temperament. This chemical base possesses the woodsy vibe elicited by mint, musk, cedarwood and vetiver. B* Men does not provide any peculiarity in the range of the modern (or better nowadays mainstream) fragrances because of the following or contextual launches of similar concoctions. The dry down is tremendously sweet, amberish, resinous, minty and obviously synthetic but overall in to a quite exaggerate way although time tends to notably improve and sedate the impressive sweetness that is endly characterized by a masculine, almost corporeal/organic, pungent vibe. Longevity and sillage are powerful but a touch less powerful than in A*Men.
22nd November, 2011 (last edited: 11th December, 2015)
Three big THANKS are in order.
First, thanks it is discontinued, this monster must have been created during an alcoholic binge by its creators otherwise I can not explain how they could come with such a mix of clashing notes that would leave you anosmic if you smell it for too long. Or maybe Nagel came with a good fragrance and Huclier came with another good fragrance and Mugler decided to combine them and now the Nagel fragrance and the Huclier fragrance are battling it out inside the bottle and what we smell are just the casualties of the battle.
Second, thanks for the weird rubber envelope in which this perfume comes "in". It makes it sooooooooooo hard to squeeze the spritzer so you can spray yourself just a little bit before you are exhausted.
And third, thanks that I bought a small 1.7 oz bottle so it is finished by now.
13th January, 2011
What an odd scent!
Sweet, sharp, dense.
Has a toasty note, like slightly burned toast.
And something like old celery leaves.
The amber is kinda wierd here, even diabolical.
I know what rhubarb smells like -- none.
I know what sequoia should smell like -- none.
I know what vetiver's range should be -- can't find it.
This is disquieting, kind of freaks me out. Away with it...
06th January, 2011
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MJW77 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Do people really spray this on leave the house and think they smell good?

I wore B*Men once having purchased it blind (NOT recommended!) and was conscious of how unusual and unpleasant I smelt. It bascially smells like a bag of Liquorice Allsorts. It was cheap, presumably because no one was buying it, but still a waste of money. It's certainly my least favourite fragrance of those that I own.

There are so many great fragrances out there it really isn't worth bothering with this weird concoction. Awefully strange stuff.
07th October, 2010
chorando Show all reviews
United Kingdom
At it's heart B*Men is a burnt homemade bread and butter pudding with a rhubarb coulis. It's as though you've just taken out your prize winning pud from the oven to present it yet again at the annual summer fete - think Womens Institute - only to find you've left it in the oven a tad too long. In that hideous unbelieving Stepford wife moment you get the rising whiff of burnt sultanas and wipe your hands repeately on your gingham apron while you myopically fixate on the sure knowledge that Mrs Mcgillicuttys' Eve's pudding will swipe the big prize AND the heart of the Sergeant Major...again. OOh the shame of it!
19th January, 2010 (last edited: 16th January, 2012)
this is by far one of the worst fragrances I had the displeasure of smelling. I sprayed it on my arm since a friend owned it and immediately regretted it. I kept getting whiffs of it on occasion and finally had to scrub it off it was so off putting.
19th January, 2010
redstar Show all reviews
United Kingdom
whoa whoa, stop it, please stop! This is tremendously vile, vulgar and tenaciously difficult to wash off unfortunately. 1 spray on the wrist produced an overwhelming feeling of nausea, simply not the sort of thing you spend hard earned money on a cologne for.
12th June, 2009 (last edited: 11th December, 2009)
First time I sampled it, I did not like it at all, just burnt sugar. I sampled it yesterday again, and I got different top notes I did not get the first time. I will try a full wearing today.
07th June, 2009 (last edited: 15th November, 2010)
I feel it is my duty to speak out against this fragrance, after seeing how many positive reviews B*Men has received here. Are you guys nuts! I tried not to dog those whom I disagree with, because we are all entitled to our own opinions. But in the end, for the sake of civilized humanity, I am forced to call those out who actually like this stuff. I wear A*Men and love it. If you like the smell of a V8, then this might be for you. There is a reason why it has been discontinued! I thought I'd try using it on my pits as deodorant, but actually would rather smell my BO! The only application I can think of for B*Men is to use it in place of garlic to scare away vampires. Two thumbs down!
18th March, 2009
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
disgusting herbal,rhubarb opening and drydown. not a hint of sweetness as amber is one of the notes just earthly and herbal. unpleasant from opening to ending.a bit spicy but definately a let down from angel a*men.
13th February, 2009
dacerace Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I have read the positives and negatives about this fragrance,and with lot's of discounts available on the scent here in the UK..I thought that I would give it a go.Quite is sweet,almost like toffee/ is strong,not one to be over sprayed,so I used it with caution...and I never got ONE positive comment at was long lasting...but the smell started to get on my nerves a bit,and people around me (who know I like trying out 'smellies') said it was the worst thing I had ever worn...and I have worn some pretty horrid fragrances.I gave it away to one of my mates...he didn't thank me either...he passed it on...and who he passed it on to thought it was horrid.Sickly,cloying,and now I know why it is getting cheaper....they are trying to get rid of it!
14th January, 2009
I liked this one a little better than A*Men, but I still didn't care too much for it. My wife felt the same way.
Again, too much going on and wasn't all that pleasant in my opinion.
26th August, 2008
A typical story: some band launches debut album and shows us all its potential, creativity, strength and unruliness (A*Men). Then some big chief from the music industry notices that band and they sign a contract. After that the band launches second album. They still play great but their music is somehow different now… maybe moderated (B*Men)… and the guys from the band say “our music is more mature now” but YOU KNOW that it is not the music you fell in love with.
Are A*Men and B*Men similar? Yes, definitely… they are so similar that I like A*Men very much and I dislike B*Men very much. Both, A*Men and B*Men, are gourmand, but A*Men is “chocolate-ish” gourmand and B*Men is “soup-ish” gourmand.
People from my environment love B*Men quite a lot, especially the young female part of my environment. Their comments are “it smells like a kitchen but it’s sexy, at the same time”, “it wakes up the animal in me”, “I wish every man wore this fragrance”… However I wear it very rarely.
Please imagine this: You should go out. You are dressed well and you splashed some expensive scent. Then you go into the kitchen where your wife or your mother, never mind, is cooking the dinner. You are staying in the kitchen for a while (10-15 minutes) and you “collect” there the smell of the food. After that you’re ready for a good amusements somewhere in the town. You smell of your scent, but you smell of the food as well. Guess what? Your lucky day has finally arrived. You don’t have to bother anymore; you don’t have to waste your time in the kitchen no more. Just buy B*Men… I did…
17th April, 2008
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After many glowing reviews of B*Men, claiming it to be a better, less extreme, less sweet version of A*Men, I had high hopes for this fragrance.

Unfortunately, my hopes were dashed when I actually sampled B*Men. There's a lot of spice and herbs going on here, plus a note that makes me a bit nauseous, which is of course a no-no for a fragrance. Apart from some sweetness and being categorizable in the 'gourmand' corner, I also don't know how B*Men would be related to A*Men.

I like A*Men, I'll pass on B*Men.
15th April, 2008
Leifer Show all reviews
United States
Strong and sugary fruit notes intoxicate a bushel of rhubarb, as giant sequoia grows with spiced moss out of a patch of vetiver. For what A*Men overdoes in sweetness, B*Men overdoes in bitterness; the initial spray is about as good as it gets. The rhubarb is too bitter and sour, relative to the "fruit notes" (sugared and caramel-covering, knowing the line of *Men!) which results in a nasty contrast of unpleasantness. Then, as it begins it's ascent into the heart, sequoia notes are present, but they seem rotten. Perhaps the rhubarb and fruits are still present as the sequoia grows, but whatever it is, it leaves the impression that, rather than being fresh and full of life, it's relatively dead. It smells exactly the same as what your dog brings back inside your house after a windy, Fall day of playing outside.... that includes some poop-infused dirt. Thanks to a grey and bland moss, the fruit notes are blushed out and the rhubarb becomes even more sour and bitter, and the base begins to crumble... even the vetiver here is out of place.
15th January, 2008
I didn't like B*Men at all. Its dark sweetness is somewhat interesting but I couldn't pass that burnt coffee powdery smell! It gets too strong and cloying for me. I think It's almost impossible to wear this fragrance on summer!
14th June, 2006
it's a strange fragrance!
A*men it's much better!!
26th May, 2006
JP1 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
oh dear...sorry...but am I the only one in thinking this stuff is horrid? its just too..too. spicy and choloty. it does last a far period but i don't like it. overrated.
26th December, 2005
I was so excited to get a new fragrance release from Mugler. I couldn’t imagine what they were going to make B*Men like. I was very disappointed when I tried it. B*Men is basically A*Men with all the gourmand notes removed. It’s awful. This is just A*Men with everything innovative and interesting about the fragrance removed.
23rd September, 2005
An inferior product to both A*Men and Cologne. The opening sweet notes are a bit too much, but wear off quickly enough. Once you get past that part, the woods and spices are nice, but not nearly as interesting as the predecessor. If this were release by another label, perhaps I wouldn't be as harsh. But if you launch a ground breaker like A*Men, your followups better be good. Especially if you continue with the naming convention. This one feels more like F*Men, where F is the failing grade. Sorry Thierry, better luck next time.
04th August, 2005
B*Men reminds me of a lighter version of A*men without the chocolate. Unfortunately, B*men's lasting power is sub average on me - it's only good for around four or five hours.
02nd March, 2005