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Neutral Reviews of B*Men by Thierry Mugler

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The community seems split (decant pun?) over the quality of the fragrance, with the consensus being that it's a lesser sibling of the other A*Men fragrances but not terrible, and on this point, I have to agree. It's most similar to Angel Men, the patchouli undertone (the characteristic A*Men "DNA") being highlighted by the rhubarb, fruit, and spice notes on top. In some respects, then, it's gourmand-ish like A*Men Taste of Fragrance, but not as distinctive.

Projection and longevity are both disappointing, specifically with respect to the other entries in the Mugler line. I get about 3 hours on my skin until it starts to disappear, and less than a foot projection, so it's less than half of the others in both respects.

Has it been discontinued? I had trouble finding it on many of the main sites. Regardless, it's not one I'll be tracking down beyond a Google search. While slightly less cloying than A*Men or A*Men Taste of Fragrance, it lacks the quality of Pure Malt, Pure Havane, or even Pure Coffee, so while interesting to smell, it doesn't embody any special qualities of its own.

6 out of 10
17th February, 2015 (last edited: 21st February, 2015)
Genre: Woody Oriental

So what does B*Men have in common with A*Men? The sweet intensity? Mostly. The patchouli? Certainly. The tremendous sillage and projection? Still there. The chocolate? Hey! Where’s the chocolate!!?? For that matter, where’s the mint?

Yup, B*Men smells a bit like A*Men without the more outlandish gourmand elements. What’s left is a very sweet, spicy, patchouli-dominated woody oriental scent. Which is to say, nothing special. The drydown, which sets in after an hour or two, and persists forever, is a dense, sweet accord of powdery vanilla, patchouli, cedar, and a raspy woody amber. It is at once very loud, heavy, and shapeless, and leaves me with the impression of being smothered under heaps of fallen velvet drapery.

As a scent B*Men is neither here nor there. It lacks its predecessor’s outrageous elements, its eccentricities, and hence much of its originality, yet retains the crude bulk that makes A*Men feel so oppressive to some noses. (Mine included.) I’m not surprised it’s gone.

(Mugler could have ventured onward with “C*Men,” but I guess Etat Libre d’Orange beat him to the punch on that one with the hideous Sécrétions Magnifiques.)
09th June, 2014
Lots of licorice and spices with below average lasting power, sillage and projection. Suitable for autumn and fall. Sweet but not overpowering. I will not miss this one, thought.
25th October, 2012
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B Men is a similar scent to A Men. It's not as strong as A Men, but it has the same DNA. It's a safe buy. I recommend Pure Havane or Pure Malt before buying this one. This one just doesn't stand out of the Thierry Mugler collection. But, if you are a collector, or you can get this one at a low price then go for it!
26th August, 2012
I get a sweet tart candy vibe from this. I can't smell the licorice not at all and if there is one it's nothing like the licorice note in LLAM. I think I'm smelling whatever the fruity notes are combined with the Rhubarb. Sweet? Not to my nose.
11th March, 2011 (last edited: 30th June, 2011)
Smells good when sprayed on a test strip, but not when sprayed on my skin.

On a test strip, the texture is creamy, and the fragrance smells like a mixture of baked bread, burnt caramel, wet cement (?), and spice. Not bad.

On my skin, however, this smells overly spicy, and I can even detect a BO note in there (I'm spraying this on freshly showered skin mind you). It doesn't come off as totally disgusting, but it deters me from wearing it.
16th April, 2010 (last edited: 07th March, 2011)
Bizarre. Magnetic, but not sure if in a good way. Makes you lean in and smell, not because it's so alluring but because you wonder "what on God's green earth IS that?!" Extremely masculine. In this respect, I prefer it over all those wimpy aquatics and ozone scents, but I can't say B*Men actually smells good. I get spice and BO. I think the fruit and rhubarb plays like sour, slightly decomposed fruit. It's sharp, it's acrid, it makes you wrinkle your nose. This stuff is powerful. Outlasts scrubs, time, and possibly nuclear holocaust. A cool weather fragrance, I respect the noses for their outlandish composition and their defiance in the face of the aquatic army, but I am not sure I would want to snuggle up to B*Men. I am truly ambivalent. My nose does not like this, but my mind appreciates B*Men's in-your-face manliness and refusal to follow the aquatic/ozonic aesthetic.
02nd April, 2010
Though amiable and respectable, B*Men fails to excite me. I don't find it particularly memorable - the only reason I ever reach for my bottle is to re-familiarize myself with its aroma. Unlike my favorites, it's a fragrance that is not strong enough in any one area to leave any sort of indelible impression (and, consequently, too average to provide a reason to continue using it). It really is a lot like a song without a resonant hook - kind of like Tommy Tutone's "Jenny" without the "8-6-7-5-3-0-9." In fact, the only thing Thierry Mugler could use as a hook was, "Hey, it's not A*Men." That is, "It's not the best fragrance I have ever made; in fact, it's the opposite - the Anti-A*Men!"

OK, I'm being a bit harsh. Truth be told, B*Men ain't bad. It's pleasant and smells nice - a posse of torch-carrying townsfolk isn't gonna hunt you down and tar and feather you. Again, though, there is nothing here that creates a lasting memory. Is it the fruit/rhubarb? Is it the woodiness? Is it the amber or vetiver? Are any of these particularly outstanding? Meh. Much like listening to any Bob Dylan song, you dutifully persist through all the monotonous mumbling, waiting for something to click so you can sing along...but it never happens.
09th December, 2009
I can appreciate Thierry Mugler's attempt to create a more-wearable fragrance, but what I like most about A*Men is that it is gourmand and I think Angel B*Men diverges too far from this genre. I don't get any hints of a gourmand, sweet, enticing aroma at all. In fact, I think this fragrance is dominated by woods straight outta the bottle; first, the woods are more green then later, the woods are more spicey and dry. What makes this scent somewhat intriguing is the unique combination of woods and spices that is very reminiscent of A*Men. You can definitely tell these fragrances are from the same family. The fragrance is made from quality ingredients that yield respectable projection and longevity (7-8hrs with ease) though not as powerful as A*Men. If you already own A*Men, the two are different enough to warrant the purchase of B*Men, but you will notice the resemblance. As far as B*Men goes, there are other fragrances dominated by woods & spices that offer a more interesting presentation. This fragrance is good but not essential. You'll probably get mixed reviews from those around you.
24th June, 2009
A spicier take on A*Men. I own both and prefer this one for the fact that this one has vetiver. It's very masculine and spicy. I don't get much Rhubarb, but I do get a smoky, almost burnt something that kind of annoys me after a while.

The girlfriend loves this one though. She knows when I'm wearing it. So it must be distinct.

Wear this one during the winter because it is strong and travels. People will smell you and hopefully it's something they'll like. A little goes a long way.

17th May, 2009
mgrz Show all reviews
United States
Heard it was "discontinued," but found it in a MACY'S in flushing, Queens of all places! Right there in the display case! Picked up a 1.7 oz. and liked it initially MUCH more than A*Men...Have to try it more, though...after wearing it a whole weekend, I felt underwhelmed by it...not sure why (?). With A*Men, you're self-conscious of smelling too "girly", but I DO like the audacity of it! Anyway, B*Men is alive and well in Queens, N.Y.! Must wear it more to give a definitive rating.
27th November, 2008

Found some B*Men going cheap on eBay, so figured I'd risk buying blind. It is. . . . . special. I've had it on for about the last half hour, and I'm still not sure about it.

First off, the initial spray reminds me of Lolita Lempicka, inasmuch as it's like being hit in the face with a cricket bat wrapped in fragrance. This is definitely not a frag to either overuse, or to apply just before you go out. You will make people blind. Initial notes for me are not particularly fruity - more very sharp vegetable, think celery sauteed in vinegar. There is a thickness to the smell, but it's a very very lumpen one, almost like trying to fit an egg up your nose.

It's started to dry down now, and, at least on me, it's extremely spicy. It isn't unpleasant, but it does have a definite sharpness to the nose. I'm trying desperately not to say "it stings the nostrils. . . in a good way". As I'm smelling now, the spiciness is starting to bed down slightly, allowing slightly more complexity. The frag is also 'spreading out' if you will - the sharpness is beginning to flatten itself, which is not a bad thing.

I've gone for neutral because although it's still developing, it hasn't grabbed me by the throat. If you can still find some, and it'll be cheap by now, then it's a reasonable chance to take. If you like it, by the other reviews, you'll love it. If you don't, you've not spent much, and you can use it to kill flies. :)
10th October, 2008
You know, this ain't bad. A*Men is overpowering and B*Men is A*Men lite. I detect a huge patchouli type note. Might be the "spicy notes" listed in the pyramid. It lasts a long time. Just be sure to spray sparingly and far away from the skin lest you received a burnt caramel note.
25th June, 2008
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I bought it several years ago but nothing spetial. I prefer Angel.....This one is not common fragance, but only fashion, not quality here. Not for young people, not for old people, not for child, not for moring use, not for evening....I really dont know...Not bad, but not good.
23rd June, 2008
This is a strange frag., some days I love it, other days I don't. The top notes are a little harsh: spicy, sour, and sweet all at the same time. I like how it's distinctive, but not everybody finds it pleasant. Good thing the top notes only last for 1-2 hrs max (depending on the weather) on me. When it does dry down, B*Men is wonderful. Amber and vetiver, the right amount of sweet with the right amount of sour. Probobly not a good idea to wear this when you plan to sweat though....
18th April, 2008
B*Men. Oh B*Men.
From the moment i smelled this one i knew it would be a failure.
Its sickenly spicy, not TOO spicy, just the mix of scents starts to smell a bit unusual, and unnatural.
BUT, ..but but but!
This fragrance is PERFECT for the fall season, and ONLY when youre outside all day! (I wore it when i went apple picking.. it fit the mood perfectly.)
23rd May, 2007
Naitch Show all reviews
United States
It will remind you of Angel Men, with a twist. The sweetness is toned down and the scent has more sophistication. Sillage is pretty good, with just 2 or 3 spays you get 5 or 6 hours (stays close to the skin about 9 or 10). For me, nothing outstanding since it still reminds me too much of A*Men.
11th May, 2007
This is A*men Lite. Or, to put it differently: A*men could be - in another universe - B*men Extrême. This spicy woody scent has less lasting power and sillage then A*men. Not bad though, but the man who already has a bottle of A*men in his wardrode, could do without this one. I personally like the vetiver note, so it's no "thumbs down" for me. B*men has a niche of its own, especially if you don't like gourmand scents. When you want to smell like a candy shop, buy A*men.
19th August, 2006
Better than the failure called A men, B men starts from the same sweet point, but with a more complex and versatile drydown. Androginously and almost synthetic at first, extremely spicy towards the finnish. Oriental, resinous, addictively intoxticatig drydown, extremely pungent, heavy, persistent notes of amber and vetyver, evolving towards touches of tobacco, opiate and bitter sweet spices( maybe cinnamon, vanilla, pepper, ginger, juniper berries, liquorice ?). Smells quite wintery, persistent and exotic and is therefore better as en evening scent. It reminds me of other spicy, ambery, balsamic and provocatively sensual cutting-edge creations like Rochas Man, Opium opur homme and especially JPG Le Male.
12th June, 2006
if A*Men is the unpredictable, exciting party animal of a sibling.. then B*Man is his more mature, conservative and reliable older brother. This isn't to say that B*Man doesn't have its own merits. It is pleasant enough to make an appearance on a fall evening, or among other cold weathered nights, but it just lacks the "pizzazz" that made A*Men a classic. And even upon holding B*Men in its own light, apart from A* still doesn't thrill me. It almost smells like wet woods mixed with grenadine..not a huge amount of depth or development. I don't dislike it as strongly as a lot of basenoters, but I do agree that of the two frags, A*Men blows this one out of the water.
08th May, 2006
Paul G Show all reviews
United States
A disappointment of epic proportions. It's not bad, but it's essential an Au Fraiche version of Amen. It's nice, but I expect more from this house. Take out the tar and heavy chocolate note from Amen and you'd have this. Big let down and not worth it to my nose. Too bad.
14th April, 2006
I was expecting a lot from B*men because it is by Thierry Mugler; I found it didn’t deliver as much as I would have liked, but it is still a very good fragrance. The Rhubarb note that opens B*men is nice — rhubarb is such an excellent note that should be used more IMO. The slight note of chocolate that hovers in the background centers the scent and provides suggestions of its relationship to A*men. With the chocolate and the rhubarb, the famous A*men top notes are both expanded and diminished. I find it interesting how the rhubarb replaces the lavender of A*men — hard to believe, but rhubarb actually makes a safer, less pushy fragrance. The top notes hold on for a very long time — well into the middle notes. The conifer notes with the spices are nice, but the combination does not meet the criteria established by the opening — or else the purpose is to almost completely reduce the gourmand-ness of B*man. Then again, the rhubarb and chocolate and vanilla of the top notes have already lasted through most of the mid level. The aspect that I loved most about A*men was its drydown. I can’t make the same statement for B*men. It wimps out — I don’t think the amber / vetiver combination is intense or deep enough to complete the progression of the scent. But then, I don’t suppose it would it would have been acceptable to put A*men’s drydown on B*men — it would make them too similar. I have come to like this scent — I doubt that I will ever love it, but it’s a very good scent.
02nd March, 2006 (last edited: 12th March, 2008)
Lighter way of Amen. Not as special as Amen, Bmen means cooler, lighter and younger.
18th February, 2006
Angel Men is definitely the tastier fragrance of Thierry Mugler's collection.
11th October, 2005
I enjoy it, but don't find myself reaching for it very often. Love the rhubarb in the opening but especially enjoy the cedar and sequoia as the scent settles. Warm, rich and ambery, great for those tired of citrus and marine scents.
09th September, 2005 (last edited: 14th January, 2006)
Bmen smells very nice,but:
1-it's not long lasting(3-4 hours)
2-Bmen smell like a coconut candy made in my country.
08th August, 2005
I thought I'd like this one. I applied it and found it to be better than A*Men, which I find to be very chaotic and too sweet. B*Men is more mellow and has a fairly stable quality to it. Maybe it was the change from fall to winter, or just me, but B*Men seems now to sting with its own sweetness in a difficult way that I finally didn't like. It's an okay scent, but definitely an acquired taste thing.
29th January, 2005