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On paper it was actually good smelling but once on my skin it was horrible...grandmas soap as stated before too bad...only Aventus and MI are really good from the house of Creed and MI not really worth the money because of bad longgevity and sillage....
26th November, 2015
Original Vetiver is an average vetiver composition at best. Having sampled and owned a great variety of vetiver based fragrances in my years, I believe I have developed a certain lay knowledge of the variations of this scent. To my nose, OV is predominantly sandalwood, musk, ginger and green vetiver, in that order. There's a hint of citrus and cinnamon in the opening, which provides a fresh and clean effect, and OV is a pleasant fragrance to wear, but it's ultimately boring, and at Creed prices, you can find several much more diverse and authentic options. Pass this by for Guerlain, Givenchy, L'Occitane and Encre Noir and you'll have covered the field with change to spare.

Neutral at best...
24th November, 2015
I love creed ,that being said ...I have been trying out various creeds as samples before committing to a bottle or bottle(s) hence in that quest I happen to test Original Vetiver....the first thing you notice is an uplifting green -fresh out of shower smell.. emanating from the top notes of bergamot & mandarin...which stays for quite some time and then it settles down into a vetiver greenish base ..I couldn't really pick any ginger but could smell a faint spice .maybe that's because of the ginger spice ..but the overall dominate feel is a green / vetiver scent and I couldn't help but notice that it would be rather mood enhancing during summers when u are looking for respite from the heat outside ...and the heat I am referring to is humid heat excess of 90 degree F
one smell that you take will transport you to a green valley away from the heat ...and that's what its biggest strength is : Mood enhancer ...
I haven't worn it regularly hence I cant really talk about projection and sillage but knowing the reputation of creed I don't think this would be found wanting in those criterions as well.
I Recommend this for a summer wear and when you need to uplift your mood with some natural smelling vetiver which is light and green !
20th August, 2015
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Original Vetiver has quickly become one of my staples for work. It is such a fresh, clean scent that fits the professional setting appropriately. Upon initial application, I get a fresh citrus aroma. To my nose it smells like lemons (likely from the bergamot). This lemon citrus mixes extremely well with the ginger to give it hints of zest. The lemony zest is just so refreshing, especially during the warmer months. The citrus fades just a bit (although it does not disappear entirely) as the heart of the fragrance emerges. In my humble opinion the heart of this fragrance is absolutely exquisite and my favorite aspect of the scent. I get this slightly seductive dry/grassy/earthy aroma with the lemon zest lingering in the background. This dry/grassy/earthy smell I attribute mostly to the vetiver, but the sandalwood may be a key player as well. What’s amazing about this fragrance is that the freshness remains throughout the life of the scent. Even in the late stages of the dry down stage, the fragrance still emanates this freshness that keeps me refreshed all day long!

As for performance, I consider it above average, overall. Not a fragrance that will overpower other scents, but it maintains a daring aura. Projection and sillage are both average on my skin. Never really gets too far away from me. Longevity, however, is excellent. On my skin, this fragrance lasts > 8 hours. Even after a long workday, I can still get hints of this amazing fragrance!

Compliments for this fragrance are few and far between. By observing the reactions of the people around me when I wear this fragrance, I’ve noticed it lacks a WOW factor. But compliments are NOT the BE-ALL & END-ALL in regards to fragrances :) This is still an amazing fragrance that elicits confidence and a wonderful feeling of freshness. Certainly a must try from the House of Creed!
16th August, 2015
Original Vetiver remains, by some distance, the best fragrance I've smelled from the house of Creed. It is fresh, green, grassy and soapy. It opens up on the skin a very vibrant green fresh fragrance. About thirty minutes into the application it starts to emit the most gorgeous wafts I've ever encountered in any fragrance. This sensual experience continues into the drydown, where it becomes soft, alluring and vaguely musky.

Vetiver is the major player in this fragrance. But as with Creeds, this vetiver comes from the stem of the vetiver grass rather than its roots, which lends the fragrance the fresh green aroma. There is some ginger to add some zing and mild spiciness. And there is some sandalwood to provide a rounded feel. Overall it smells utterly delightful.

In summer, this is usually what I'd choose to wear over everything else.
08th March, 2015
Better than Creed Vetiver but still lousy for the price. Ginger and sandalwood is more prominent than the vetiver.

This review is for Vetiver not Original Vetiver.
23rd November, 2014 (last edited: 13th December, 2014)
Vetiver is subtle and fleeting. Overall composition: The soap beside grandmas bathroom sink.
04th November, 2014
I love vetiver, especially vetiver fragrances that smell like vetiver. Fresh, soapy, boring, not at all earthy.
06th September, 2014
Emoe Show all reviews
United Kingdom
My favourite Creed

Yes its got a starting smell of soap, but it really doesnt linger hard, kinda just blends into the other aromas.

For me, the resulting aroma i am left with is absolutely lovely, that said im a vetiver lover!

The sillage is really good, and longevity is great, definently worth a try in my book.
19th July, 2014
Wash a car on a hot summer day. Dump out water with soap and suds into freshly cut grass. Urinate on the soap soaked grass. Original Vetiver.
05th July, 2014
The opening note is a blast of citrus/lemon grass/citronella. Some people tell me this note smells like bug spray and others are obsessed with the freshness. Reminds me a lot of Acqua di Parma Colonia. I tend to always be hot and where other colognes come out super strong but then fade away quickly, Original Vetiver has staying power. 1 spray on the back of my neck lasts a solid 6 hours! Most I've ever used was 3 sprays (back of neck, lower chest, 1/2 on back of knees) and it started to be cloying.

I'm in my 20's and my gf (22) loves this smell! I'd say some scents are definitely for the matured crowd, this is not one in my opinion. JFK sported it and wooed Marilyn Monroe...end of story (look it up!).

Other than it being the only "vetiver heavy" cologne I have, it is the biggest "change up" in smell in my collection.
03rd July, 2014
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United States
This one often gets compared to Thierry Mugler cologne. I see how people will make the comparison but honestly while they share similarities I feel creed makes the better fragrance. Well to be clear it really depends on your age. If your over 30, go for the creed. It has a richer deeper and slightly darker tone. its fresh but has depth. There is a soapy quality but with a much greener tone as compared to TMC. TMC on the other hand to me is for the younger crowd who can appreciate what the creed fragrance is but doesnt feel it lends itself well to someone of their age. In other words its for those who like Original Vetiver but feel its too mature for them to wear in public. TMC thought to me is a much lighter, cleaner and is even more soapy. Dare I say that the creed just smells more complex and of higher quality. IMHO all creed fragrances share the same basic DNA. You know creed when you smell it. Just like a well tailored suit VS something off the Mens warehouse rack. If you have the nose to appreciate the finer things Original Vetiver is worth the extra money and can be had for a decent price if your patient.
16th May, 2014
Candy-sweet neroli with vetiver underneath, giving it a fresh-grass feeling. There's a salty, oceanic undertone, but it's too "green" to be "aquatic". Comparisons to Mugler Cologne are apt (worn side by side, they smell almost the same for the first half an hour or so), but the bases set them apart. While Mugler deteriorates down to weird spermy soap, Original Vetiver ends up hours later as a captivating mix of vetiver and bready tonka, with long-lasting neroli keeping up the sweetness while a quiet smudge of ambrox provides a thick richness to everything. No points for originality, and this is a fairly easy target for Creed haters, but the quality is definitely there.

Oh, and Original Vetiver performs best on incredibly hot days, the kind that wipe out most perfumes. It really sings in the heat...

16th April, 2014
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I'm a big vetiver fan (love my Vetiver Extraordinaire, Sycomore, Guerlain, Dior), and particularly from having worn Dior Vetiver a lot, I'm "tuned in" to that clear expression of the root and guess what? It's absolutely there in Original Vetiver. It may not dominate, but it's a crucial part of the fresh-green structure.

I've generally dismissed Creed, as many of their scents to me rely too heavily on common aroma chemicals (particularly dihydromyrcenol), and I just don't get a clear superiority in their ingredients to justify the prices. However, I'm impressed with OV. I've been longing for a light, affable "green" fragrance that didn't smell like a chemical mess (we all know that horrible artificial "green" note that wafts around these days) -- something like vetiver but not necessarily with all that smoky rooty-ness (which I do love). OV fits the bill.

Also worth noting is what for me is a vivid lemongrass note in the beginning, supported by ginger, then eventually softened with florals (iris?). At no point do I get overt synthetics cheapening the experience. If this is what easy-going and fresh and fun can smell like, sign me up!
06th April, 2014
lex Show all reviews
United States
soapy fresh and soapy fresh. wow I keep smelling my wrist and im getting fresh soap. to me this isn't interesting at all. its just sitting there doing what it suppose to I guess, and that's to make you smell fresh
26th February, 2014
JDBIII Show all reviews
United States
Original Vetiver = Mugler Cologne except that MC is better and cheaper and came out first. But, who's counting? Is it good? Yes. Do I like it? Yes.
18th January, 2014
Vetiver, in an original way (if not heavily borrowed from Mugler) . Clean, sporty, elegance.
23rd December, 2013

Inoffensive, clean, fresh and a bit soapy.

To me it's very soft, the Citrus, the Vetiver and the Creed bones.

It doesn't really do enough for its asking price.

The Vetiver is there, but so clean soft and almost mute.

After a little while, I'm sure I get the odd waft of Pyralone.

One of the most potent aromachemicals I've sampled in it's naked form.

If it is in there, that's what'll be adding the grassiness

Possibly even part of whatever fraction of or faux Vetiver is in use here.

My opinions of Course

Pros: Fresh, Clean
Cons: Overpriced - not uber factor like some Creeds"

27th October, 2013
Not the Vetiver champ at all.

Got a big sample of 4 ml last week and did my best to be neutral.
I placed a few drops on my palms and wrist while driving home.
And you can tell this is a well made scent!
Its dry vetiver based on lemon and bitter oranges its very fresh in the first 15 minutes but developes into a closeskin deep oily vetiver which will surround you and does not screams "IM A Vetiver bomb"

One thing :
To truly enjoy its deliciuos vetivers troke you need to put your nose close...
and thats my only CON about this scent which is pricy.
Its projection could be more.
Will i pay its price of 1$/ml? ... not now, niche is nice but prices are overrated...

Get Guerlains Vetiver for the true vetiver experience

Pros: mehh i
Cons: Mehh its not ALL THAT "

24th August, 2013
quickly turns into a generic soapy perfume

Original Vetiver started with a crisp, citrus blast. I liked it a lot.

As it dried down, the citrus departed, the green cripness remained and a soapy perfume emerged.

Eventually, all I got was ordinary perfume. Where was the vetiver? Maybe the soapiness chased it away.

Not at all what I wanted in a vetiver scent.

Pros: Lasting
Cons: Lasting"

21st August, 2013
DanHD Show all reviews
United States
Nice clean summer scent

Original Vetiver is a nice light green scent. It has little vetiver; it’s more of a pleasant citrus / green opening and the classic Creed amber drydown. When I first tried OV, I was thinking, "simple, on the boring side, what’s the fuss?" But this one grew on me. I think it’s going to be my go-to summer office fragrance, besides L’Homme. I’m not very fond of the aquatic fragrances, so this is a great alternative. OV shines when you’re outside in the heat and moving – it really starts to resonate.

I don’t think this is a classic vetiver scent though. If you want a true vetiver experience, I recommend trying FM Vetiver Extraordinaire, Chanel Sycomore, or Guerlain Vetiver.

Pros: Simple, pleasant, classic Creed drydown
Cons: Not a classic "true" vetiver"

01st August, 2013
Original Vetiver by Creed

This is Creed's take on vetiver. While other companies have used vetiver for heavier smokier woody-oriental winter fragrances, Creed made a vetiver that is more accessible and versatile. Opens with a soapy citrus, smells a lot like neroli.

But the vetiver note in Original Vetiver is truly wonderful. It combines both the leaves and the roots. While many vetiver notes are one dimensional, this vetiver note truly stands out. It is clean, yet smells like a patch of dirt, but it is much on the sweeter side. It is not shrill or grainy, but rather smooth and rich.

Projection and longevity on this fragrance are better than most Creeds, and decent in it own's right.

Personally, I didn't like this one at first, but I appreciated it more and more over time. So please make sure you wear this a few times before you judge it.

This fragrance is often compared to the much cheaper Mugler Cologne, but Original Vetiver wins on all counts. Yes, it is very similar to Mugler Cologne, but Original Vetiver easily beat it out. Better quality ingredients (especially the vetiver note). Less synthetic and shrill. More mature. More safe and wearable. It is well worth the higher price if you have the money.

What may turn people off is the soapiness of the opening (which may be a bit medicinal) as well as the note of vetiver in general. More conventional minds may not appreciate this as much as you do, but it's as accessible as vetiver has ever been. Overall, aside from that, there is a lot to love here.

An excellent creation the Creed house. Vetiver lovers finally have an option they can wear in the summer. I would recommend sampling this one.

29th May, 2013
To be fair, I don't like many vetivers so keep that in mind. This opens with a soapy vetiver like Himalaya, and dries down to a green vetiver boring frag. There is something there that made it one step below dislike, I washed it off and sold the bottle.
30th March, 2013
I really like this stuff, a gentle and sparkling vetiver that smells very classy, a perfect daytime unisex work scent, and in summer sunshine would smell fantastic. It smells of the very grassy vetiver rather than the earthier vetiver root. Reminds me of the much cheaper L'Occitane Vetyver, and of course the very similar and much cheaper Mugler Cologne, which is near on identical. For Creed freaks, makes a nice change from GIT whilst somehow having a similar fresh vibe.

However, sillage and projection could definitely be better, especially at this price.
20th December, 2012 (last edited: 16th April, 2014)
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The name is not telling the whole story: this fragrance is much younger than Vetiver 1948, and there is much more to OV than Vetiver. A lot of citrus in the opening, then vetiver but not the usual earthier root but more the leaf scent of the plant. Much less dirty. Wood and later ambergris in the drydown with a soapiness at the end that makes me wonder whether "original" is used here in the sense of "unusual". Decent longevity of three hours on me but limited silage and projection make it a good office fragrance in spring or summer.
16th November, 2012
A well made green and fresh fragrance, great for spring and hot summer days.
At the opening you can smell very green and fresh vetiver note with some citrus notes. funny thing here is this green and fresh combo give you sour grapes vibe!
In the mid the green and sour grape vibe start to fade and very transparent and light vetiver note comes in! it's very smooth and pleasant.
In the base again, you can smell vetiver note with some soapy vibe. very nice and clean.
Projection is good but longevity is poor on my skin.
I get 3-5 hours.
08th November, 2012
This Creed opens with a citrus and soap fragrance. VERY strong. The problem with Creeds are that they don't last. The citrus disappears very quickly, and you are left with the soap. Green soap...Irish Spring type soap. Just as the soap dries down, the cedar and the tiny amount of vetiver peeks out, the scent is gone. MONSTER projection/sillage for the first 15 min. then No projection/sillage for a couple of hours, then Nothing. Longevity 3-4hrs. Like GIT, if you put your nose to your skin, you can smell soapy cedar for 8hrs...but it just smells weak. Original Vetiver isn't original, and there is almost no Vetiver. Of course Creed House worshipers will defend it...
09th October, 2012 (last edited: 03rd December, 2012)
Oscroft Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This is my first Creed fragrance, and after sampling it a couple of times, I really liked it enough to buy a bottle.

The citrus in the opening smells like real dried orange peel, not the "Terry's Chocolate Orange" synthetic smell that some others offer, and it lasts surprisingly well. And coupled with the fresh greenness, it makes a really nice opening.

Some say there's not much vetiver in it. It's certainly not a one-note vetiver fragrance, but once it starts to dry down, I get plenty of it - it's greener and fresher than, say, Guerlain Vetiver, and nowhere near as woody, but to me it's clearly there in good quantity.

Later on, the sandalwood and cedar start to come out to me - more subtle than many, but very nice indeed. And even at this stage, there's still some of the opening orange there. And even later, there's a bit of a musky skankiness, if that makes sense - is that a combination of musk and ambergris? And even at the end of it all, when it's nearly gone, there are still hints of the opening orange.

As for longevity, the samples I tried lasted 4-5 hours on my wrist (which is good - fragrances just don't last on my wrist), and with a full wearing I'm getting in excess of 12 hours - which is exceptionally good. And I've been getting compliments on it too, which is unusual for me.

All in all, I think this is a fabulous fragrance, and definitely my favourite Creed so far - I'm very happy I bought it at a bargain price when I had the chance. (I like Aventus too, but full price is a bit too much for me).
02nd September, 2012
I previously gave this a neutral rating. After wearing this one quite a few times, I would have to give it a thumbs up. Slightly soapy and green scented frag that could be worn year round. This is a grown man's scent (30+). I don't get a lot of Vetiver in this one but it is in there. Definitely one to have in your arsenal.
22nd August, 2012 (last edited: 25th December, 2012)
cerjr Show all reviews
United States
A unique take on Vetiver. I can smell the traditional Creed base, but this vetiver is different than many others. Not as soapy as Tom Ford Grey Vetiver or Jo Malone Vetyver Cologne, nor as dark as Guerlain Vetiver A sweetness is what I get from it, and I don't typically like sweet on me, but this works well. It is something you won't smell on many other people, has a long life when wearing, and gives an air of sophistication and class.
08th June, 2012