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Negative Reviews of Original Vetiver by Creed

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Update 1 year later:
Original Vetiver has such good reviews and I was so impressed with Grey Vetiver recently that I thought i would give this one a go again.
Masculine? Its hardly metrosexual and the phrase that comes to mind is 'no back-bone'. Boring. My original review was spot on. The old adage rings true. Never go back to an ex.

Original review:
This would have been a neutral if it were not for being so expensive.
Its a scented spa tissue with a hint of mothballs which ends up getting up my nose.
Stick with Thierry Mugler The Cologne if you want this kind of thing. You will be happier and richer.

Fragrance: 5/10
Projection: 7/10
Longevity: 7/10
02nd November, 2018 (last edited: 29th May, 2019)
There's an extremely fleeting zip of lime on first application before this settles into many hours of barbershop & soap. Initially I was ok with this, particularly the way the vetiver is kept under control. But by hour two I found the ginger just overwhelming and, in combination with the soapiness, a little nauseating. After four or five hours this fades and there's a warmer, dryer gentler skin-scent phase that's quite nice, but it's too late by then. Not for me.
26th November, 2017 (last edited: 04th December, 2017)
On paper it was actually good smelling but once on my skin it was horrible...grandmas soap as stated before too bad...only Aventus and MI are really good from the house of Creed and MI not really worth the money because of bad longgevity and sillage....
26th November, 2015
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Better than Creed Vetiver but still lousy for the price. Ginger and sandalwood is more prominent than the vetiver.

This review is for Vetiver not Original Vetiver.
23rd November, 2014 (last edited: 13th December, 2014)
Vetiver is subtle and fleeting. Overall composition: The soap beside grandmas bathroom sink.
04th November, 2014
I love vetiver, especially vetiver fragrances that smell like vetiver. Fresh, soapy, boring, not at all earthy.
06th September, 2014
Wash a car on a hot summer day. Dump out water with soap and suds into freshly cut grass. Urinate on the soap soaked grass. Original Vetiver.
05th July, 2014
quickly turns into a generic soapy perfume

Original Vetiver started with a crisp, citrus blast. I liked it a lot.

As it dried down, the citrus departed, the green cripness remained and a soapy perfume emerged.

Eventually, all I got was ordinary perfume. Where was the vetiver? Maybe the soapiness chased it away.

Not at all what I wanted in a vetiver scent.

Pros: Lasting
Cons: Lasting"

21st August, 2013
To be fair, I don't like many vetivers so keep that in mind. This opens with a soapy vetiver like Himalaya, and dries down to a green vetiver boring frag. There is something there that made it one step below dislike, I washed it off and sold the bottle.
30th March, 2013
This Creed opens with a citrus and soap fragrance. VERY strong. The problem with Creeds are that they don't last. The citrus disappears very quickly, and you are left with the soap. Green soap...Irish Spring type soap. Just as the soap dries down, the cedar and the tiny amount of vetiver peeks out, the scent is gone. MONSTER projection/sillage for the first 15 min. then No projection/sillage for a couple of hours, then Nothing. Longevity 3-4hrs. Like GIT, if you put your nose to your skin, you can smell soapy cedar for 8hrs...but it just smells weak. Original Vetiver isn't original, and there is almost no Vetiver. Of course Creed House worshipers will defend it...
09th October, 2012 (last edited: 03rd December, 2012)
Which word in the name of this fragrance is further from the truth? Original? Actually Original Vetiver (2004) is a soapy, citrus-woody fragrance in the vein of just about every designer men’s fragrance with the words “fresh” or “sport” in the name from the era. Vetiver? None so far as I can smell.

OV includes that whistle-like note from Mugler’s Cologne, but instead of metallic like the Mugler, it’s sour. I think it’s meant to read as clean in a 21st century masculine manner, but the soapy, fragrance-masking quality isn’t quit able to cover its own sour-sweaty smell and winds up a bit vinegary, stale.
11th August, 2011 (last edited: 14th August, 2011)
Pityful attempt by Creed. They need to step up to the plate and hire a perfumer that knows what he or she is doing. This is supposed to be vetiver? What vetiver? Another complete fail from the marketing department of Creed.
22nd April, 2011
cja75 Show all reviews
United States
Jees this stuff is awful. I have heard others compare frags to a urinal cake, this stuff smells exactly like a urinal cake. Im sorry there is nothing positive to say about it. There are frags I dont care for but don't smell bad but this stuff smells BAD
23rd March, 2011
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I read about this on here and had to investigate after becoming addicted to Comme De Garcons Series 4 Vettiveru. Started off with a nice grassy smell but this quickly went and it ended with a "I've just come out of a soapy bath" experience that did last for about 5 hours. I am not sure that this is what i want to smell on myself constantly and it started to bore me as it did not come and go in any different forms. It was in my opinion not worth the premium price tag as to smell of soap caqn be done much cheaper! Go for CDg Series 4. Much more interesting. I also bought the Tom Ford Grey vetiver that started off terrible with an strong alcohol smell but once this matured I was left with a yummy woody sweet aroma that lasted forever that I couldnt stop picking in waves.
19th October, 2010
Mr_B Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Soap. Soap. Soap. This, for me, is the most disappointing Creed fragrance.
02nd October, 2010
All I got with this was Soap- the cheap stuff you used to get at school.
15th August, 2010
Like fly-spray. Very unpleasant.
19th June, 2010
At best this smells like a bar of Dial, or a Crayola scented crayon (Baby Powder mixed with Cedar Chest maybe?). At worst it smells like a grass clogged lawnmower. I don't understand this at all. The gradient green bottle is nice though, so at least there's some investment to keep after you dump the $250 liquid out.
23rd June, 2009
My girlfriend ordered a bunch of Creed samples so I thought I'd take the opportunity to try this. The women's scents were great. This, not so much.

At the leading edge, there's a refreshing clean soapy thing going on. But to me it didn't last, and quickly degenerated into this heavy old man smell. My girlfriend outright hated it and would not come near me. This seemed to spend most of its time in this old man kind of drag-me-down vibe. It almost reminded me of someone trying to cover up a urine smell with perfume.

It stuck for a long, long time, and I didn't use much at all. The interesting thing was when I did a workout later on, body heat or sweat seemed to liven it a little and a nicer sweeter, cleaner scent took over from the urinal reek.

I would only wear this in hot weather, if ever. And it would need to be the right occasion. A funeral, maybe. I could see a funeral director wearing this. Can't see anyone under fifty wearing it, to be honest.

13th June, 2009
To 99% of the population, this stuff will merely smell like a bar of soap; to the other 1%, it will still smell like a bar of soap--only the allure of Creed will precede their sense of smell, and a purchase will be made.

Nonetheless, Original Vetiver does smell quite nice; but so does a bar of Green Irish Spring.

Bar of Green Irish Spring soap: .99 cents
Bottle of Original Vetiver: 100$+

Hence, thumbs down.
28th January, 2009
mgrz Show all reviews
United States
The reason y'all like Creed OV better than Mugler Cologne (the better frag.), is that you paid twice as much for half the amount! 'Nuff said!
29th November, 2008
Smells pretty soapy rather than grassy, also the longevity is very poor.
09th August, 2008
I have bought THREE bottles of this stuff. One at a discount online store, two at official Creed stores (Neiman Marcus and Holt Renfrew). I think the samplers I bought were amazing but that the bottles I paid for were awful. The product always had very little lasting power. I am weirded out because it smelled so nice years ago when I tried the sampler. Either Creed ran out of good vetiver, or something is wrong with my nose that affects how I smell OV but not how I smell tons of other perfumes.

Other than that, it is one of the cleanest scent I have ever smelled, and I get compliments every time I wear it during it's short duration of 2-3 hours max.

And by the way, I have even sprayed it about 10 times on my shirt, left my shirt at home, came back a few hours ago and you could not even tell that there had been perfume on it. That is not normal as even a cheap cologne should make a shirt smell good for a long time.
15th July, 2008
This smells almost exactly like Thierry Mugler's Cologne. I don't like either. THM Cologne smells like bathwater but this smells like freshly peppered bathwater.
09th June, 2008
Sorry, but after drydown all I was left was a strong soapy perfumy headache.
29th April, 2008
This, like Creed's other Vetiver, disappointed me. Where the other had a caramel/woody scent that quickly disappeared, this gave me a soapy scent with no detectable vetiver at all. It too disappeared quickly, which was not upsetting as I found it totally undistinguished.
10th January, 2008
Panoen Show all reviews
United States

Lime shaving cream.

14th March, 2007
The most blatant rip-off of Mugler Cologne. " Old English" Creed seem to sell fragrances by giving the false impression that their products are of superior quality, which they are not. They are all highly priced and poor lasting. Americans seem to fall for this cynical marketing ploy more than most. There isn't any detectable vetiver in this anyway. Buy the utterly marvellous Mugler Cologne and avoid this overpriced rubbish.
14th February, 2006
Another scent with Vetiver in the name that doesn't have any in the bottle. I think OV and Carven's Vetiver lost their vetiver to Guerlain in a poker match. It's a pleasant creamy soap type smell, with zero longevity on me. It's also bears a startling similarity to TM's Cologne.
07th November, 2005
It seems to be an everybodys darling. It´s not for me.
10th October, 2005