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Neutral Reviews of Original Vetiver by Creed

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Right off the bat I smell the fresh lime and lemon. I like it. There's something there that's cardboard. It dried out and I still definitely smell it. I don't know what the projection will be like, but the longevity is good so far. Update. Longevity lasted about 4hrs. I had high hopes for my first Creed. Unfortunately, my quest for a juice that lasts all day continues. Longevity average. Projection average. Nobody commented
Try #2. Unremarkable juice. First impressions are correct
15th July, 2017
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Puerto Rico
It smells good. Clean, fresh, soapy and citrusy I can compare this to an "original barbershop scent" or some sport soaps that smell "fresh".

Even though, I don't think this is a unique scent because of the comparisons above mentioned, which can smell like some common soap for men or shave products, hence my neutral rating.

If you like to smell clean and fresh kind of an "after shower scent", it smells like a good quality one and has a good longevity. Not sure about projection as I only sampled this on a teststrip, yet my room smells like it, so I assume its quite strong.
18th April, 2017
Fresh, green and grassy in the beginning. After the first hour, I am starting to detect some vetiver, but in small proportions; the fresh bergamot and mandarin are stronger with a sprinkle of iris. The base is mostly white musk with synthetic ambergris and, the main word to describe it is "soapy". I find the whole fragrance overrated and at medium designer quality level. There is something that puts me off from the start which comes and goes at times.
23rd August, 2016
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Had such high hopes for this one based on the wonderful opening, but it's all downhill from there. I dig woody fragrances ala Bottega Veneta, but for some reason the woodsy base in this (and many others) just puts me off. Borderline headache territory. Is it the sandalwood? Is there Cedar/Iso Super E in here? Whatever it is, I don't like it. I guess it's not a comment on the fragrance itself, so much as my taste/personal reaction to it, but I can't bring myself to give this more than a tentative neutral rating.

22nd April, 2016
Original Vetiver is an average vetiver composition at best. Having sampled and owned a great variety of vetiver based fragrances in my years, I believe I have developed a certain lay knowledge of the variations of this scent. To my nose, OV is predominantly sandalwood, musk, ginger and green vetiver, in that order. There's a hint of citrus and cinnamon in the opening, which provides a fresh and clean effect, and OV is a pleasant fragrance to wear, but it's ultimately boring, and at Creed prices, you can find several much more diverse and authentic options. Pass this by for Guerlain, Givenchy, L'Occitane and Encre Noir and you'll have covered the field with change to spare.

Neutral at best...
24th November, 2015
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United States
soapy fresh and soapy fresh. wow I keep smelling my wrist and im getting fresh soap. to me this isn't interesting at all. its just sitting there doing what it suppose to I guess, and that's to make you smell fresh
26th February, 2014
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United States
Original Vetiver = Mugler Cologne except that MC is better and cheaper and came out first. But, who's counting? Is it good? Yes. Do I like it? Yes.
18th January, 2014

Inoffensive, clean, fresh and a bit soapy.

To me it's very soft, the Citrus, the Vetiver and the Creed bones.

It doesn't really do enough for its asking price.

The Vetiver is there, but so clean soft and almost mute.

After a little while, I'm sure I get the odd waft of Pyralone.

One of the most potent aromachemicals I've sampled in it's naked form.

If it is in there, that's what'll be adding the grassiness

Possibly even part of whatever fraction of or faux Vetiver is in use here.

My opinions of Course

Pros: Fresh, Clean
Cons: Overpriced - not uber factor like some Creeds"

27th October, 2013
Not the Vetiver champ at all.

Got a big sample of 4 ml last week and did my best to be neutral.
I placed a few drops on my palms and wrist while driving home.
And you can tell this is a well made scent!
Its dry vetiver based on lemon and bitter oranges its very fresh in the first 15 minutes but developes into a closeskin deep oily vetiver which will surround you and does not screams "IM A Vetiver bomb"

One thing :
To truly enjoy its deliciuos vetivers troke you need to put your nose close...
and thats my only CON about this scent which is pricy.
Its projection could be more.
Will i pay its price of 1$/ml? ... not now, niche is nice but prices are overrated...

Get Guerlains Vetiver for the true vetiver experience

Pros: mehh i
Cons: Mehh its not ALL THAT "

24th August, 2013
My first review so bare with me. I currently own GIT and SMW and love both. I don't have any of the longevity problems that many reviewers complain about with Creed fragrances. I have sampled Royal Oud and Himalaya and enjoyed both. I received all my samples from Saks when I purchased my Silver Mountain Water. I was ready to attribute complaints about longevity in Creeds to knock off bottles.

With that being said the longevity on Original Vetiver is horrible. I typically apply before I leave for work, and with my other Creeds I can still smell myself at 8 PM when I get home. With OV I applied this morning at the usual time and 3 hours later I had to reapply. Now 4 hours later I am searching for the scent again.

The scent itself is fresh, smells great when first applied, and could be interesting, unfortunately I just can't tell anymore what it smells like.

Perhaps I will try again when the weather warms up to see if the staying power improves.
14th February, 2012
A bitter, soapy green citrus fragrance best reserved for warmer weather which performs decently and dries down to a soft cedar/vetiver. OV is generally well-received by others, male and female, and is pretty well-done overall, but in the end this offering is too sharp and too unexciting for me, especially considering the exorbitant price that comes with any Creed offering.
07th March, 2011
This is nice, but it reminds me too much of Irish Spring and/or Coast deodorant soaps.
26th May, 2010
A rather refreshing scent that leaves one smelling clean and not sour (vetiver has a sour note on skin). Better compared to Guerlain's Vetiver or Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver. Way too pricey for a fragrance that leaves you smelling just like Ivory soap 2 housrs after application.
17th May, 2010
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This is more of a less bright more mossy green version of Mugler it seems. While I do thing Original Vetiver is pretty good I don't like it as much as Mugler or even Grey Vetiver. For the price you'll pay for this it's nothing that special.

Mugler and Grey Vetiver are better done.
25th March, 2010
I love the smell of this although my first trials struck me as being a more mature scent. I like how it's a barbershop clean departure from my citrus based fresh scents like Green Irish Tweed and Kenneth Cole Reaction. OV is fresher, more upstanding. However Creed Original Vetiver just does not last longer than about an hour on me. Compared to Vetiver by Guerlain, I prefer Creed OV. If you feel that OV is conservative, Guerlain is even more mature.

At this point of vetivers I've sampled, I chose Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver. I admit it's more like Guerlain, but Tom Ford's is brighter and smoother, creamier, and doesn't have the abrasiveness I get from Guerlain. It lasts for a dramatically longer time than Creed. The soapiness of OV had me also comparing this to Bond No. 9 Riverside Drive, although they are quite a bit different. I prefer Riverside Drive over Creed OV.

So finally, I discovered something amazing by following an olfactory hunch. If you layer Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver with Creed's Green Irish Tweed you get something even better than Creed OV that lasts dramatically longer. Plus, you get the diversity of wearing them separately. The 2 in my collection equals 3 different frags.

05th March, 2010 (last edited: 10th March, 2010)
Asha Show all reviews
United States
Creed Original Vetiver

Notes: Vetiver from Haïti, Mysore sandalwood, iris from Florence, musk and ambergris, deep wood notes, mandarin, bergamot from Sicily, ginger (from

Lemon, bergamot, amber, musk, and rosewood are the most prominent notes when Original Vetiver is first sprayed. I am wondering where the vetiver is. Even after the fragrance has dried and is starting to settle, I do not smell any vetiver. What I do smell is basically a very woody-lemony cologne with soft amber-musk base. It's really not bad, but I would not classify it as a vetiver fragrance. The ingredients seem to be of reasonably good quality, however, I am having a very hard time getting excited about this fragrance. OV is Boring with a capital "B". It just SITS there, being lemony, woody and a tad spicy--in a nutshell, OV is mostly a soapy traditional scent and a bit thin on the base notes. This fragrance has none of the sparkle and beauty I would expect from a traditional scent made by a prestige house. I hesitate to suggest it as a good, all occasion, light and fresh fragrance because it is too expensive for what it is.
05th September, 2009
Lemme start by saying how much I've really, really, really tried to like Creed. Anyway, this one starts out innocuously enough, but by the dry down, you're stuck in soapy/grassy hell for the next 24 hours -- kinda like a really bad acid trip or something. And go ahead and try to wash this thing off! Can't do it! Hey, if you dig vetiver to the extreme, this is the scent for you. Go easy, though. Too much of this bad boy and the sillage gets imprinted on your cerebral cortex, just like The Phone Company wanted to do in "The President's Analyst." Remember that movie? Great flick! I'm neutral on the scent because I just don't dig heavy vetiver, and that's not Creed's fault; it's my problem and I guess I'll just have to deal with it. But a big thumbs up on the movie! Check it out!
20th July, 2009
After a good start the Creed Original Vetiver collapses within an hour into an unspectacular composition of vetiver and lime, all in all a soapy impression without the extra little kick. It is not bad but just pretty boring, just nothing I would buy.
05th July, 2008
Umm smells like soap I used to use back in NY when I was little... Smells very green and not a bad smell, but just can't see myself paying so much to smell like soap.
22nd April, 2008
Despite the opening is very similar to Thierry Mugler Cologne, Original Vetiver seems to be better in terms of sillage power. If Mugler Cologne feels younger and fresher, the Original Vetiver is the grown-up version of it. Original Vetiver feels more matured, powdery & soapy and has different end notes than Mugler Cologne. Same with Mugler Cologne, Original Vetiver is suitable for office occasion and daytime. It will not offend anyone. Personally, I'll choose Mugler Cologne over Original Vetiver as Original Vetiver is too powdery for my taste, feels too matured for my age (25) and a bit expensive. It smells weird to the extent of making me want to vomit if worn during cold rainy days but during hot sweaty summer days, it smells heavenly. I could even detect a floral hint from the vetiver scent when I'm sweating. Great stuff.
19th December, 2007 (last edited: 09th April, 2008)
This is too soapy. To me, it doesn't smell natural, it doesn't smell like vetiver, it doesn't smell like freshly cut grass, and it's not particularly smooth. It smells like a VERY nice soap. Maybe the body wash would be a good investment...this would certainly wake you up in the morning. If you're looking for a nice soap scent with good longevity, this is a top option, but I'm just not a fan of the genre. I was hoping for more vetiver and/or grass.

My favorite aspect of OV is the peppery dryness, but that note is done much better in Ormonde Jayne's Isfarkand, a similar but much more interesting (read: less soapy) scent.
13th December, 2007
The fresh smell of green grass, freshly mowed. Ah, verdant lawns, and spring air. Nice, really nice. Oh, but where's the vetiver? Could it be that OC didn't want to call this Original Grass? Nice, polite, country fragrance. Not what I would be looking for in a vetiver.
01st May, 2007
I have grown to enjoy vetiver. My first experiences with it in other scents were challenging--it made the herbals notes too harsh it made the flower notes too dry or sour. Then I smelled a lovely bitterness, like rustling dried grass (in Lorenzo Villoresi Sandalo) and decided to try it as a "soliflore" fragrance. In Creed Original Vetiver, this herbal lovliness shines through, supported by notes such as bitter orange and cedar. Vetiver, like patchouli, depends upon its quality for its palatability. Cheap vetiver, like cheap patchouli, is harsh and leaves a lasting bad impression. Quality vetiver, like quality patchouli, is a note that can elevate fragrance from merely good to exceptionally fine. The only problem that I continue to have with it as a solo fragrance is this: People in our culture, in our climate, have no reference point for vetiver. We cannot say, "ah, it smells like newly-woven baskets" or "it smells like a freshly-thatched roof." Instead, the guy at the check-out counter at the convenience store looked at his co-worker with the spritz bottle and rag and said, "What's that smell? Vegetable cleaner?" I paid and walked out the door without explaining. I will be the first person to admit that my tastes in perfume are far from the norm, far from popular tastes. But when it reaches this point, I wonder if I should stay home and enjoy it myself.

08th November, 2006
If you don't like a lot of vetiver in your vetiver scents, but you do like the crisp, citric and clean types of scents, then check out OV. I find that it's a little too soapy for my tastes, and I get nearly no sillage or longevity - one of the few Creeds with which I do have serious longevity issues. All-in-all there's nothing all that distinctive or interesting going on here to keep me coming back for more. It's a pretty typical clean, sharp, somewhat soapy, barbershop-type scent with a boring drydown. I still like the clearer, more mineralic 1948 Vetiver better from this house, and also like a few other vetiver scents better than either of those.
28th July, 2006
What a blast of fresh cut grass!! Uplifting and masculine with a pleasing lack of sweetness. Very good duration and silage. A complex scent with interesting development. Unlikely to offend anyone (unless you over-apply massively).

Edit 21/06/09 - Well I stand by most of that except that I can't wear it anymore because of the everlasting musk in the base. It endures through several showers and interferes with my scent choice the next day. It would be wonderful for somebody who wanted to wear it every day, or several days in a row.
Changed from thumbs up to neutral.
16th May, 2006 (last edited: 21st June, 2009)
Initially it smells like the hot lemon towels they serve after dinner at an Indian restaurant close to where I live! A citrusy scent for warm breezy days.
20th March, 2006
It's too light and really lack of longervity. I recomend guerlain's Vetiver instead.
12th March, 2006
I tried OV when I bought SMW and OS. The first burst smelt like freshly cut grass,moss,water and the odour of a billy goat. Then it smelt exactly like a barbershop, actually it reminds me of Pinaud,Talcum powder,and Barbicide! One of those old fashioned but immaculate barbershop that you might find around New York City. I don't really know what Vetiver smells like, but I kind of like OV. I sprayed it on my wrist and couldn't stop sniffing it all day. Very fresh/antiseptic/soapy smell!
07th February, 2006
I dunno, smells great, but 3 x the price of Mugler Cologne which I enjoy more. I don't get it...
14th January, 2006
A nice pleasent smell, Mostly for the spring, but you can get away with it on cooler summer days as well. DOESN'T LAST LONG AT ALL! It has a perfect bottle, and Adds alot to your collection, but if you're looking for a signiture scent, then I'd advize a grassy scent with more oomph to it.
16th November, 2005