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Negative Reviews of DKNY Be Delicious by Donna Karan

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Chemicals smelling like green apples.

Scrub it off. Better still, don't buy it and throw your unused samples away.
10th August, 2017
I bought the rollerball, so my experience might be skewed from the difference in application.....

I don't get ANY apple! I get lots of the cucumber though. Since I hate to eat cucumber, I'm not really digging the cucumber scent in my personal space. That being said, this is a nice, crisp and fresh scent, and I can appreciate it for that.

Only 2 stars though, because I applied at 9am, and then had to reapply at 12pm. Perhaps the perfume spray performs better! Not a winner in my world...
19th February, 2016
Edited: tried it again today just after showering and it confirms what I suspected: melon/cucumber notes turn weird on my skin.

Longer description: Applied it after drying myself from shower and it actually started OK. Finally I could smell the green apple and a hint of lemon, and the cucumber was soft and not offending. A little soapy too. Not what I expect from perfume (more of a shower gel scent, or shampoo), but pleasing in a simple way.

Unfortunately, as my skin warms up and starts smelling like me (and I like my natural smell very much), the cucumber note turns weird, overpowering, synthetic and rancid.

My chemistry and this scent do not mix well. But now I see that this scent could be nice in a different skin.
The only perfume I own that I actually hate. A dear friend gave it to me, so I have kept it, but I really do not like it.

I cannot smell apple at all. Only artificial cucumber (a natural cucumber smell would be nice, but this one is too artificial) and something sweet and annoying. When applied, I think I can smell ammonia, but it could just be my hate making me imagine it.
02nd August, 2014 (last edited: 26th October, 2014)
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Cucumber, synthetic apple, flowers and boredom.
26th January, 2011 (last edited: 06th January, 2014)
Synthetic apple. Ever smelled a real fresh apple?
Could not even bear to finish the sample. Put it in my desk drawer and was relieved when a student expressed her love for it: donated it immediately. Maybe it is a question of age...
16th December, 2010
oh my goodness I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who thinks this fragrance is horrible, it smells like a cheap booze soaked tramp, given me a horrible headache as well.
08th August, 2010
Oh My Gosh - not possible to give this zero stars ,is it ?! It reeks of alcohol and it's just a very generic scent. Cheapo floral detergent. Tide detergent smells better than this- hell ,my dryer sheets smell better than this. I wonder how much thought was put into this fragrance. This smells like every other cheap and nasty scent out there. Where is the 'delicious' apple ? Horrible ,horrible, horrible. For The Perfume God's sake, please don't buy this.
18th June, 2010
Gigantic sillage, DO NOT wear in confined spaces. Aggressively fruity and citrusy-sharp - instant headache potion. Repugnant. Doesn't change much over time, though the most offensively sharp top notes do mellow ever so slightly. My observational powers are compromised by the blinding headache this one gives me.
04th September, 2009
Tiresome and far too high pitched. It has been said that this fragrance is "light". It is nothing of the sort. This is loud, screechy and abrasive like nails down a chalkboard.
21st January, 2009
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United Kingdom
I don't like the melon/fruity combination at all and combined with the synthetic-smelling apple, I'm left with an impression of a bucket of apple peels and hollowed out melon skins doused in some kind of cleaning product. Not good. I'm sure this will suit many people, but it fails to entice me.
03rd August, 2008
My hairstylist told me about DKNY Be Delicious, so believing her as I do about everything in the beauty world, I rushed out and scored a sample from our one and only Herbergner's. Within five minutes, I was looking for a drinking fountain, not only to take some Exceedrin for a quickly approaching migraine headache, but to wash that scent off my wrist! The initial burst of floral was overpowering to say the least. I waited for the next note to appear, only to find that it was a weaker version of the first. Did I ever find the Apple, the Watermellon, the delighful fruit salad I expected? No. Perhaps it's my personal chemistry, perhapsI'll try it again, but for now, I'll put the sample away and try my Chanel Coco.
07th April, 2007
Totally unappealing on a woman. Sour and offensive to the nose and a pollution of ones' personal space. Why would anyone spray themselves with this nasty concoction?
02nd April, 2007 (last edited: 10th September, 2009)
This to me is a typical boring fruity floral and I am one who likes an occasional fruity floral, but this one is just blah. Nothing different or special. Ripe green apples with more fruit and cucumber, florals, and the drydown woods are not even perceptible to me. It is not offensive in any way, just boring.
29th January, 2007
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Aiona Show all reviews
United States
This perfume smells like Curve, to me. And I cannot wear it, for the same reasonsI won't wear Curve. It reminds my husband of all irritating women he used to encounter when he worked in a movie theater.
15th September, 2006
Strangely this doesn't smell of apples to me. It just smells strange and generic, I was expecting an apple scent but the cucumber seems to dominate it all.

It's NOT a scent to try.
28th February, 2006
A modern and nice bottle helps nothing the bad and boring scent!
16th February, 2006
Wahhh.....i smell like a granny smith apple!
06th February, 2006
It smells so common. It's unoriginal... you can find a lot of similar scent on the shelves...
05th January, 2006
This scent is dominated by the smell of green apples. Not horrific, but then why would anyone want to smell like an apple? I don't see the point.
03rd December, 2005