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If the passing era of classical modern perfumery has been characterised by rich naturals blended with synthetics for power and stability, Hummer can only be regarded as postmodern because there is little or nothing natural about it.

The allergen list on the box includes linalool (lavender isolate), geraniol (geranium) and coumarin (tonka) which looks like a fougère, but what stands out most is the abrasive 'pimento' molecule that takes on the traditional role of oakmoss.

Hummer is built mainly around recessive lavender isolates and cardamom which are no match for the power of the highly invasive pimento. It also has support from camphoraceous notes, a very weak dry amber and a (synthetic) green foliage accord that for some reason contains what smells like mushroom.

This abrasive mix continues in an almost linear and very persistent fashion, probably because of the powerful aromachemicals at work. If it had been made of better stuff this could have been an interesting attempt at a new type of postmodern fougère, but the material quality is so derisory, and its so overwhelmingly harsh that the effect is nothing short of repellant.

Something this bad cannot be considered as any meaningful solution to the disappearance of oakmoss in the new era of post natural perfumery. This is nothing but a cynical parody done on the cheap.

I suppose that, being a novel fougère, Hummer should technically be regarded as a successor to Jicky. Perish the thought.

02nd May, 2017
I thought Joel_Cairo’s review was quite clever. I didn’t realize until I tested Hummer myself that the review is also truthful, accurate, and appropriate. Hummer doesn’t seem to know where it’s going. It can’t tell the difference between its base and its heart. It’s just a collection of a few unrelated fresh, synthetic accords. Bummer.

Originally submitted August 2006
09th December, 2010
eau de fart spray in my opinion. Sensory overload. Not even half good
30th September, 2009
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A bulky lavender top note that fails to drive over the sleeker, more efficient scents.
17th June, 2008
Bummer ~ for sure! After reading the listed notes and sampling the actual scent this is nothing more than a disappointment. The pyramid sounds so inviting, yet it simply falls flat. I don't enjoy this one at all.
25th July, 2007
should have been called bummer
06th October, 2005
Crude and syrupy. I received a sample of this along with a sample of Aramis Life. What a difference between the two. Where Life is complex and settles with some subtlety, Hummer is cheap after shave at best. You will likely feel the urge to shower all over again after dabbing on a bit of this. If the purpose of a scent is to project your dominant qualities, then if you are going to wear this the word "unctuous" may describe what you are projecting.
Simply horrible!
10th March, 2005