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It's okay, but I find it to be too simple and basic. I don't mind wearing it; I just wish its fragrance character was deeper, that's all.

Very crisp, outdoorsy scent..."Hummer" isn't totally bad, but I think the Hummer H2 scent that came next was nicer.
29th December, 2016
This is not a bad fragrance. Not expensive. This is a good stater kit cologne. Had my bottle for a few years and it still smells the same.
28th August, 2012
This is ok, I sometimes like it, but I have many fragrances I like more. Its a very sporty scent...and im not very sporty. I also sneeze a lot while wearing this. I have gotten some negative comments on this, so I tend not to use it much. I have had this cologne in my collection for about 2 or 3 years, the same bottle, and its not even used up yet because I just don't wear it often. Honestly its not a bad scent overall, but I like other fragrances better.
27th October, 2010
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United States
While the note pyramid looks interesting, this fragrance is basically a light, fresh scent. The top notes are fresh and kind of minty, while the drydown never smells as rich as the note pyramid makes it out to be. Its a decent everyday scent, but common staples like Cool Water and Aqua di Gio has this one beat...badly.
25th August, 2006
Hummer is a fresh and casual scent with a good lasting power but nothing out of this world. It’s a nice fragrance but I like H2 better which is a warmer and more relaxing version of this.
08th February, 2006
Well, it's really not a bad scent, but it feels a bit cheap and doesn't have a lot of personality. It's very long lasting. But i won't buy a bottle as i feel it's a bit sharp and as i said kinda cheap. Now... if they could make a bottle of the scent of the plastic-cardboard where my test vial of Hummer came in, THAT frag, i would get.
05th February, 2006
Not bad, but I find it to be too simple and basic. I do not mind wearing it, it's just not as deep as I would like it. A very crisp, outdoorsy scent to be sure, Hummer was not a complete failure, IMO. I think the Hummer H2 scent that came next was much better.
02nd December, 2005
Ok, Hummer shouldn't have made a fragrance. Fragrances that are sponsored by cars or celebrities are usually cheap, synthetic, and forgettable. Still, in all honesty, this one is not half bad. It smells quite nice and for a first scent, it is far better and less sweet than the usual Lucky You's or Curve's. Good for ages 15- 21.
05th August, 2005