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Negative Reviews of Wall Street by Bond No. 9

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Bond No. 9 Wall Street gets a lot of discussion but as with many of the house's offerings, I'm unimpressed. Its opening is very fresh but dries down a bit ozonic and uninteresting.

It's a mix of cucumber, lemon, lavender, vetiver, and seaweed, and to my nose these accords don't harmonize too well.

Overall, it's an experience of citrus that veers off in a few directions but mainly seems like a cheap designer fragrance without a purpose. I don't get much nuance in this at all, and probably wouldn't ever reach for it again. Just too much seaweed.

3 out of 10
21st December, 2016
Genre: Aquatic

The initial resemblance to Creed's Silver Mountain Water is pretty explicit - even shocking. True, Wall Street is a bit less sweet, and the pronounced cucumber top note makes it the more blatantly aquatic of the pair...but the accusations of plagiarism are still hard to ignore.

The Bond scent doesn't distinguish itself too much from Silver Mountain Water as it ages, either, despite a different list of middle and base notes. Nor is the drydown any improvement on the original. Next to the Creed's ambergris reconstruction Wall Street's synthetic wood drydown smells harsh and bitter. I'm not impressed.
09th July, 2014
did not mix with my body chemistry - wet dog/smelly fish
19th January, 2014
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The opening notes (cucumber, salt) are really nice and, in my mind, are actually evocative of MI - just a bit less sweet. I'd actually like to wear this on a warm day if it stayed more linear than it does.

On my skin, about 1.5-2 hours in, this turns absolutely wretched. Like rotting fish/seaweed mixed with a harsh metallic note. Not nice at all.
20th December, 2012
I really tried hard to like this stuff called Wall Street by Bond No.9, but you can't fudge the facts. I've read many reviews on here and on YouTube that praise this concotion to the hilt. But after trying this fragrance for a while, I am very disappointed. After spraying, all I get is cucumber, a salty vibe, and a sour undertone. Don't know exactly what that is. Maybe it's the sea kale or marine notes coming up from the heart. I smell no lavender or ozone. Where did it go? Maybe it went on vacation with all the money we spent on this disaster of a fragrance. Ozone smells very pure, clean and fresh. I should know, i had an ozone air machine in my house for 5 years. Bond No.9's version or interpretation thereof is very off key to say the least. I think they need to go back to drawing board and find out what ozone is suppose to smell like, because frankly they have it all wrong. Lastly, the dry down is equally as insignificant as the top and heart. I still smell the overpowering cucumber and saltiness, but it is much subdued. I do get a bit of ambergris, but very slighty, it's barely detectable. There is no Vetiver or musks. Nada, zilch. When compared to the dry down of Creed fragrances, this dry down with the ambergris is pathetic. Wall Street is refreshing, but it lacks character to make it stand out from the rest. Unfortunately, this isn't a fragrance that warrants its hefty price tag of 175.00 for 50 ml. If want a fragrance that will uplift your spirits and has a better vibe, try Creed's Millesime Imperial. It is much better.
18th February, 2012
Cucumber. It's all you smell, and I don't mind eating them. Wearing them, however, is a much different story.

I don't get a "Wall Street" banker's vibe from this at all. This is too salty, green, and cucumber laden to really get past. I've sampled, and felt as if someone left me at a Korean salad bar. While I'm told that people like it, it just feels and smells dead common or like any other fresh/light fragrance du jour, not an upscale/upmarket feel to it. Not for the price.

South Street, perhaps. Wall Street? No. For my money, this is no different than any modern fresh top-note wonder that never seems to transform in the dry-down, so I don't ever get to the musk or ambergris, and barely smell the vetiver for being so overwhelmed by cucumber. This is use the wrong mix of notes for my palette, as I'd rather not walk about wafting of kale, sea salt, and...oh, did I mention cucumber?
15th August, 2011
Well, this is certainly an interesting scent. To my nose it smells like a salad in a Chinese restaurant -- probably all the cucumber and kale. I just can't imagine an occasion where I'd want to wear this.
06th July, 2011
This is an ok scent. I think Millesime blows this out of the water and even Unforgivable smells better than this. This becomes rrather sour and off putting on my skin and I wouldn't even buy this if it was at a designer price.
15th March, 2010 (last edited: 25th March, 2010)
I own Wall Street, Millesime Imperial, and Unforgivale. First of all, Wall street does NOT smell anything like Wall Street(because many people say it does on basenotes). Wall street for the first hour or so smells amazing, Fresh cucumber ! but after the top note is gone, Wall street starts to smell like the actual ocean (dead fish and ocean odor) which is really awful! I used to get compliments when i wore Wall street but it was all in the beginning stage of the top notes which is just the cucumber. after that i would not want anyone to smell me because its embaressing to smell like dead fish.

That being said, i also do Not think WallStreet smells anything like Unforgivale, eventhugh they are both made by the same perfumer which is Dave Apel. to me unforgivale smells A lot like MI. I mean A LOT!!!! but does not stay on my skin for long. Wall Street Does stay alot longer than both MI and Unforgivale but The smell of Wallstreet is very bad after the first hour.

Finally, WS is too expensive and I do not recommend it eventhough im stuck with the almost full bottle.
23rd December, 2009
Men's Health reports that women prefer cucumbers...or at least cucumber notes in men's fragrances. Leaving that info to fragrance marketers and Freudian psychoanalysts to sort out, it would be hard to believe that very many people would ever use word "sexy" to modify "Wall Street by Bond #9." It's even harder to believe that Wall Street is made by the same house that gave us Riverside Drive and Chez Bond.

I get cucumber, and lots of it, along with a salty, gritty, and slightly synthetic attempt at a marine accord that lasts too long. The drydown is better--and more similar to Erolfa--but not worth the wait. Whatever body of water served as the inspiration for this frag, I ain't swimming in it.
22nd January, 2009
It is interesting to me that several reviewers view Wall Street as similar to a Creed, but there is no consensus view on which one: Erolfa, Millesime Imperial and even Silver Mountain Water. To me, it is most similar to Erolfa, but as a caricature of it. The opening has a salty oceanic character and that is somewhat similar to Erolfa, but unlike Erolfa I find it to be harsh and devoid of any sweetness. The saltiness of sea kale coupled with cucumber reminds me of celery. Since I try to find something distinctly ‘New York’ in Bond no. 9 fragrance (and usually I cannot do so), what comes to mind here is the celery soft drink that is served in New York delis (or at least that is the impression the labels on cans of Cel-Ray soda gave me). At any rate, I find the opening to be harsh and unpleasant. After a long wait (hours), some sweet fruitiness emerges, but this feels rather weak, synthetic and totally related to the early development. I am unimpressed.
31st May, 2008
A cheap synthetic knock off Creed's Imperial Milesime. I have heard the Bond 9 references to be knock offs of Creed and this is the most obvious. I am extremely disappointed by this scent. I thought" Wow! Wall street...masculine, spicy.. a manly man scent!" and..then..I smell it..and what do I smell??


What kind of a wall street bond trader or investment banker walks up and down the street smelling like cucumbers!!?!?! Its a lot like Imperial Milesmile but has a cucumber scent instead of a melon watery opening. The staying power is weak and it smells like cheap vodka after a while.

This scent smells a lot like Sean John by P diddy. Wall Street is overall just Not a very good fragrance with poor lasting power.
04th April, 2008
Very dissapointed in this one. It really feels more like a Drakkar Noir for the new millenium, than a great and original niche offering. Mossy, green, some citrus and a generic marine accord unfortunately don't add up to something worthy of this price range. Get the excellent sweet, green and pleasantly floral Central Park instead.
16th March, 2006
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Wall Street is a pretty boring and slightly generic aquatic, woody, and slightly green fragrance. There is nothing about this fragrance that warrants the very high price tag. This is probably the least of a stand out in the entire bond line.
28th September, 2005
For an expensive product this had a very annoying sweet seaweedy drydown. The guy at No. 9 sprayed this all over my forearm and, I must say, it did have staying power. It was hard to wash off.
06th August, 2005