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Very unique and so good! I have to disagree with all the comparisons to Creed's MI or SMW. To my nose, it's most similar to Erolfa but sweeter and more synthetic. Usually I cant deal with overly synthetic frag's (pretty much anything cheap) but this one really pulls it off nicely. And it gets better as it dries down! I get really good projection and this stuff lasts forever! (I get whiffs of it the next morning). Excellent addition to my collection!

EDIT: this stuff seems to be a magnet for pretty hispanic women. I was first turned on to it watching one go nuts over my buddy who was wearing it at the time.

Her: "OMG you have to come smell him!"

Me: rolling my eyes "I'm not gonna smell him, that's weird" *gets a whiff anyways without trying* "oh that is good! what is that?"

I end up buying it, and both compliments I've received so far have been from gorgeous Latinas. Me gusta mucho!
07th January, 2017 (last edited: 22nd August, 2017)
Really dove in and went for a 4 spay from my sampler this morning. I get an almost aquatic vibe from it clean and crisp. But it has a SEE ME NOW attitude. The note I find calling for attention is Cayenne pepper. Really like the layers of this one. Definitely a unique fragrance in a sea of overwhelming simple aqua fragrances.
22nd February, 2016
An excellent aquatic from Bond No9. Wall St. opens very crisp and clean, with a strong fresh cucumber and salt note. This lasts easily an hour or more and sets the stage for a long lasting salty ocean note paired with a light lavender. Wall St. reminds me more of a boat aquatic scent, as it's more about ocean air and green salt water than beach sand and suntan lotion. Sillage is better than average and longevity is easily 8 hours, which I've found typical of most of the Bond line.

I don't think this compares with any of the Creed aquatics other than the ambergris and musk in the base. Wall St lasts much longer than any Creed, but perhaps is more synthetic, however the ocean air scent is still authentic smelling.

I like this as a day fragrance, better for warm weather. Could be worn to the office easily, as it's fairly light and distinguished. I'm debating a purchase. Thumbs Up.
08th January, 2016
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I absolutely adore the opening and midnotes. A unique but still acceptable aquatic but the fragrance falls apart during the drydown. It never gets bad, but it's not stable either. It lasts 12-18 hours, but this was the wrong fragrance to have this kind of longevity. It's a flawed fragrance but the good is good enough to make one want to own it.

03rd February, 2015
This has the (very good) synthetic vibe and feel of CGD 2 (which is meant to recreate an ink smell). Bond NO 9 creates a similar accord to create it's own version of the smell of fresh money. The longevity for me is very good. It lasted on a piece of clothing for 4 days, and stays with me all day (8 hours). It is fresh and summery without being clean and sterile. I think this is one of my favs from this line.
01st August, 2014
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United Kingdom
Cucumber is often combined with tea or other plants, but combining it with marine notes is quite a novel idea - and makes for a splendid opening. The marine notes stay prominent throughout, with some transient lavender accompaniment and some bergamot-vetiver style variariations adding freshness on my skin. In the base the dominant note is a synthetic but pleasant ambergris, an urbanised version so to speak, as the whales might not make it to South Manhattan. Toward the end white musk is also in the background. Silage and projection are very good most of the time, and I get a longevity of over six hours, albeit closer to my skin for the last couple of hours. Overall this is a Bond that shows originality and thinking outside the square - one of their convincing creations.
03rd June, 2014
I don't get all of the Bond No. 9 hate, but what I do get it tons of compliments on the fragrance every time I wear it. Had an older woman interrupt my brunch today to say she was set to leave earlier but had to stay and linger just because she was in a trance with this scent.
05th May, 2014
Great seascent, wood amber notes and the classical chemical feeling of the Hosue great sillage and longevity
30th October, 2013
Really enjoy this cucumber fragrance

I happen to enjoy Waal Street quite a bit.

I get 10 solid hours longevity from it, and the dry down is pretty fantastic o my skin.

I get no wet dog smell or fishy water stink.

All I get is a fresh clean cucumber vibe mixed with a salty aquatic note.

It does really smell like fresh money !

I get no similarities to Creed MI at all. Okay maybe 25% identical.....

This fragrance is a very nice spring and summer aquatic.

A mainstay in my stable.

4½ out of 5 stars.

Pros: Smells like real money.....
Cons: You don't get richer from using this fragrane ;-)"

28th October, 2013
Great, though not for everybody

A mix of cucumber, citrus, a salty aquatic, some metallic and leafy-green notes. A strange bizarre combination, for sure, but one that works, and like no other fragrance. The dry-down is not nice as the remarkable opening, but it's still enjoyable for sure. With it's high longevity, subtle projection but generous sillage, it's easily wearable. Despite the fragrance community having mixed feedback on it, I've gotten a few compliments from it and I enjoy it a lot. But this oceanic fragrance surely isn't everybody. If you're thinking of blind-buying, stay at port, but you should still sample this.

28th October, 2013
Not for everyone, worth a try

Works for me, but some people's body chem. kills the dry down. Took me a couple weeks of wearing to really start loving it, now I just wish the scent lasted longer. worth a sample if you like aquatic. Grabs some decent compliments.

Pros: distinct smell, can detect different layers in dry down
Cons: average longevity, would expect more for the price"

01st September, 2013
overpriced aquatic

an interesting scent, with some originality in the seaweed notes, utterly synthetic vibe and incredibly overpriced... hence, one star only!

Pros: original aquatic
Cons: incredibly overpriced"

14th August, 2013
Almost a scrubber

This starts out as a fishy ocean water and dries down into wet dog.

07th August, 2013
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Wall Street by Bond no 9

This has been compared to Millesime Imperial often, and while I see some similarities, this is completely different. This is a fresh aquatic fragrance, but completely different than the other ones out. With the salt, cucumber, and vetiver among other notes, it may be a strange combination, but the opening is magical, heavenly and is superior to almost every other fragrance out there. It is crisp, clean, green, modern, distinct and evokes the theme of cold hard cash.

However, after the first hour, the drydown becomes very average. It just smells like salt and seaweed with no character. For the next 14 hours.... A huge disappointment considering that if the drydown were as good as the opening, this could very well have been the greatest fragrance of all time. It's a shame.

29th May, 2013
Wall Street is probably what Donald Trump was going for with 'Success". The drydown is almost identical and the base gets a touch sour after about 6 hours. I like the first 4-5 hours of Wall Street and really that's about all you need for a night out. It's cool and green and fresh. The ladies seem to give this one a thumbs up - and it projects well.

The price is a bit steep for this one. I do think it's a great and somewhat unique smell, but the last few hours are not especially 'expensive' if you catch my drift. Could be my chemistry, but some of the other reviews seem to suggest differently.

11th December, 2012
Way too oceanic for me. It literally smells like you swam through an inlet ocean cover that's over-grown with seaweed. All I'm getting is salt, seaweed and cucumber on my skin. I want to like it, it's so different than anything out there. It's just too over-the-top oceanic for me. I'm sure it may smell better to others around but it's giving me a headache as this doesn't seem to have a different scent in the dry least on me.
Edit 3/15/13
I came around to Wall Street. My initial review was neutral due to over-application using the small bon bons.
03rd August, 2012 (last edited: 15th March, 2013)
Love this stuff. Not as much as Millesime Imperial, but close. Replace the watermelon in MI with cucumber and you have Wall Street. Wall Street has more of a "fresh" vibe and lasts longer.
01st April, 2012
went to saks and got my gf a bond fragrance for christmas coming up and got some free samples. (wall street being on of them.)

whenever i sample fragrances, i put a dab on a post it note to smell it as well as on myself. what i'm getting at is when i put it on the post it, it smells like nothing but cucumber and "marine notes/aquatic". but on me, it smells like lavender, mildly aquatic, almost NO cucumber (which im glad about), and a little vetiver.

this fragrance is honestly one of my new favorites. definitely a perfect scent for the office that can be worn year round. it's not too light and not too heavy, it's just right. get a sample.
08th December, 2011
The King is dead, long live the King.

This stuff is AQUATASTIC. Have I used that word before? Well, I may have, but in this case I am implying that Wall Street is the best damn aquatic that I've ever smellled, exceeding even Millesime Imperial, which I had previously considered to be the best.

There isn't much more to say here, except that I will own a bottle soon, I just need to figure out if I want a delivery of a fragrance in this disgustingly hot summer, OR, am I going to venture into Manhattan or Stamford to hit up a Saks. Or I could wait a bit.

Protip - Spray this on your clothes because your skin may absorb certain elements of the scent leaving behind an unacceptable odor.

Edited because I misspelled "King" in the opening line. Can you believe that?
19th July, 2011 (last edited: 21st August, 2011)
The first thing I have to give Bond No. 9 credit for is they really captured the smell of Wall St. in a bottle. Literally. I'm familiar with the area, and that is what it smells like.

Geographically, Manhattan's Financial district (Wall St.) sits at the lowest point of the island. Three of the four sides are surrounded by water -- to the west there's the Hudson River, to the east there's East River and seaport, and to the south we have the entrance to the Staten Island Ferry. So it's only fitting that the area is represented with an aquatic scent.

As for the scent, to echo everyone else, it's a very pleasant cucumber aquatic scent with a little bit of salt to it (probably from the sea kale). Sporadically, especially in the first hour or so, you'll get an almost syrupy blast of cucumber as well. I personally like it, but I can see how some folks would find that as a turn off. Sillage stays fairly close to the skin, and speaking for myself, a typical application will get me 8 - 10 hours.

This can be pulled off by men or women, but probably leaning a bit towards the masculine side. It also projects a vibe that you know what you're doing and ready to take charge. It's great for the office, particularly a formal office setting. Not sure if that was the intention, or serendipitous of them making an aquatic scent to represent the area that's become a symbol of corporate culture.

This one has become my go-to office scent of late. I'm a fan!

22nd April, 2011
This is one of my favorite scents from Bond no 9. I love the cucumber that slightly lingers for a split second. When this fragrance was introduced; I knew with a mixture of sea kale and cucumber, that I would have to try it. It doesn't disappoint and it's a fragrance that I'll wear for many years to come. It also has terrific longevity. Of course it's appropriate for work, but also for everyday wear. I also purchase many Creed scents; but I'm starting to become a huge Bond no 9 fan. I find that Bond no 9 scents are a bit edgier and sportier than Creed; though Creed leans more towards smelling more elegant and lemony fresh. Right now; Creed's Millesime Imperial and Bond no 9's Westside are making my world smell better by permeating the universe! What a way to start 2011!
04th January, 2011
Fresh, clean, marine and masculine...perfect for work/the office where society dictates rules and regulations and a certain code of conduct...

Thumbs up...!
30th December, 2010
I really enjoy this fragrance. Hints at MI, but I think the two are more dissimilar than similar. MI has a "bite" to it that this does not possess.
04th November, 2010
I really enjoy this scent. To me, it doesnt smell like SMW or MI, it's closer related to Heeley's Sel Marin, but with the off-beat oceanic flavor, instead of a fresh ocean scent. The biggest difference being the cucumber opening. The musky drydown is the stage where people are either going to like this or not. Definitely a try before you buy on this.
08th September, 2010
This is a green scent… so I have to try it. This is an ozone-marine scent… so I should avoid it. Such was my mental dilemma. In the end, I bought the 6 ml bottle. I like it but I don’t think I would find the big fancy bottle a worthwhile investment.
This is a crisp green scent, and it is constructed from unusual elements. The ozone and marine notes (normally a problem for me) work here. They are handled well (not to excess) and give the scent a refreshing character. The cucumber and kale give a brisk, slightly metallic green note, meant to suggest crisp bank notes. High concept? Sure, but this is an agreeable fragrance, though not brilliant.

02nd September, 2009
This really doesn't smell like any Creed to me; however, I do find that Wall Street smells like a higher-quality Unforgivable with cucumber thrown in. It's certainly pleasant, and I would wear it if given a bottle, but I would not purchase it for myself, particularly at Bond's prices.

Edit: Well, I thought I had this one figured out, but Wall Street has grown on me in a big way during my last few wearings. I suppose I was trying too hard to relate it to other fragrances instead of judging it on its own merits. Although certain notes bring to mind other scents, as a whole, I find Wall Street to be unique. The cucumber and ozonic notes give it a "crisper" feel than others, while I also detect a melon note that gives it some added depth. While fairly linear, it lasts a long time. Thumbs up.
12th August, 2009 (last edited: 17th August, 2009)
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United States
I wont go on my rant quite like I did with Riverside Drive, but I'm sorry, this isnt MI... or better yet, Erolfa. First of all, MI is one of the all-time greatest scents ever made, IMO. Not saying that Wall Street doesnt hold it's own, but the two defining notes in MI are the Melon and Ambergris. Neither are present in Wall Street. What it does have is a very noticeable, in-your-face Cucumber note and some spicy-aquatic action happening. I guess the need to compare scents will always exist, and from what I can tell, it's to give others a better idea of what to expect. Bbut that's only accomplished when done accurately.

Bottom line: Wall Street is a very good spicy/aquatic creation. But it doesnt compete with or resemble MI, nor does it try to.
07th August, 2009 (last edited: 12th February, 2013)
Is this Unforgivable???? Almost??? There is something diff....I dont know I been wearing Unforgivable all week. I am wearing Bond No 9 Wallstreet today...Damn I like this one a lil better! Its not as spicey!
06th May, 2009
genvy5 Show all reviews
United States
This lasts an insanely long time for an aquatic. More interesting than MI. I prefer it. However, I still feel like both scents are missing some depth which would draw me more to them. Erolfa has this. Still, both this and MI are well-done scents which last.
01st February, 2009
If you mixed Creeds Erolfa (drier/saltier aquatic) and Millesime Imperial (fruitier/sweeter aquatic), you'd have Bond's Wall Street. Since I very much like both of the aforementioned Creed fragrances (especially Erolfa), it's no surprise that I very much like Wall Street. Nuff said.
27th January, 2009