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Negative Reviews of L'Eau Bleue d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

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Monumentally disappointed in this fragrance. I read a lot of good reviews and blind bought a 4.2 oz. bottle. I can't stand it in the least. I've tried to wear it on several occasions, and it's a synthetic smelling miasma of mediocrity. Thumbs down.
19th February, 2017 (last edited: 22nd February, 2017)
Sweet, light spice and aquatic. A sort of odd, toasted note -- soggy old cereal in a metal bowl? Vaguely disquieting tone, piercing in a muted, synthetic way. I don't find this at all attractive.
03rd March, 2011
This to me becomes almost like a version of Herrera's Aqua. I don't get citrus from the opening which I was hoping for, just a strong dose of peppery spices that I really dislike. To its credit, it's very distinctive, unique almost and would definitely have some admirers but I'm afraid I'm not one of them.

I'm all for 'good things come to those who wait', but here when dealing with £30-40 products, this shouldn't be the case. A good scent should be 'good' all the way, why open so oddly? Even so, the spices and florals during the development are not my type, I'd be far happier with a more straightforward generic citrus or aqua to be honest. Notes? I get pepper, florals, some form of strange seaweed, rose, muted woods, lavender of course and more strange florals. None of which are as 'high', crisp or clear than I had hoped, like Creed's Himalaya does so well. It becomes quite nice, but certainly doesn't remind me of a fresh cool sea-breeze. That is far more refreshing
07th April, 2010
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This was the worse thing I've ever smelled. It smells like medicine. a total turn off.
19th January, 2010
I bought this one based on a solo review. The smell is unique. It has a more green scent rather than blue. Opens up with a chemical like odor or should I say medicinal is a better word. This reminds me of how a fake christmas or other evergreen tree smells when it is new upon the first sprays. The dry-down is plugs my nose with musty moss. Moss is good in fragrances but I didn't like it in this one. No joke, It smells like the interior of a cave. It is one of those try before you buy. I think that it does have that dirty yet clean smell that girls like, but I couldn't stand to smell it. I gave this stuff away!
26th December, 2008
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United States
Kind of smells like rosemary and cucumber. What a strange scent. Smell first before buying.
31st August, 2008
I would say this is at least unisex. If you're wanting to smell like a man, look somewhere else. I can imagine women wearing this.
28th December, 2006
my uncle has a insecticide shop in Greece...pesticides..insecticides.. all that kind of stuff..

i smelled l'bleue and thought... thio kostas shop!!!...

now...the "eau fraiche" LIGHTER more FRESH version, is AMAZING! it isnt listen on here though...
28th December, 2006
Oh no! This has a horrid chemical flavour to it. Revolting.

I see another reviewer used the word "toxic". I think that's about right.
29th July, 2006
This one smells way too heavy, smells like chinese medicine or a toxic spray... and sooo much wood it's just disgusting... I have never in my life been so offended by a smell. This stuff is indescribably horrific smelling. I really wanted to like it but I'll pass on this one!
03rd March, 2006
I do not recommend. This smell is terribly overrated and is an exact replica of other 'Blue' scents like Nautica Latitude/Longitude and Polo Blue. Several friends after getting a whiff said they would only use this as a last resort for backup. The original L'eau D'issey is far far better.
09th July, 2005
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United Kingdom
Been a big fan of L'eau D Issey, i was expecting a great smell, to my surprise i hated this one, it reminds of a bubble gum, if you liked the L'eau D Issey dont expect much from this one.
09th November, 2004