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Positive Reviews of Frangipani Absolute by Ormonde Jayne

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Intensely floral, sweet but not syrupy, heady and semi-camphoraceus, almost playdoh-y in parts even, with a vein of citrus tying up the bouquet. Better make that a 'tree' for this frangipani smells alive!
05th September, 2015
From the other reviews, I was expecting this to be very sweet and vanilla-y, but when I tried it, I got a huge hit of citrus as the operner so that was a surprise! This fragrance is another winner from OJ, to me at least. The frangipani note is front and center (not that I am so familiar with the flower) and I love how this fragrance brings in so much feminine floral fun in without seeming the tiniest bit old fashioned or cloying. The fragrance slowly evolves into a warm creamy white pillow.

Edit: The more I wear this, the more enormous I find the frangipani note to be...FA does for frangipani what Une Rose by Malle does for rose, it makes it incredibly huge. I'm tempted to say that if you like the ginormism of Diorissimo, or other white flower soliflores, chances are you will like this.
24th June, 2011 (last edited: 10th February, 2012)
Now this is a really good frangipani scent in my humble opinion ! It smells just like frangipani - the living flower.It's got the bit of pollen going on ,a touch of flowery spice of a fresh flower,the delicate yet quite distinctive aroma. Fab. I do love this one. Well done OJ !
05th July, 2010
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Purplebird7 says it perfectly ~ "Riot of sweetflowers..." so true! Frangipani Absolute is an intricate blend that comes off with a soapy freshness, reminiscent of Antonia's Flowers namesake fragrance. Antonia's Flowers is tauted as a "living freesia" scent, but I think it possesses the same character as this Ormonde Jayne Frangipani rendition! Floral lovers NEED to sample this gorgeous bouquet ~ it is a riot of sweetflowers, and I love it!
09th May, 2009
Riot of sweet flowers made lifelike by an interesting, persistent lime-linden accord, and maybe a touch of pepper. Very floral, but a little different somehow.
18th July, 2008
i really love this fragrance maybe because it reminds me about my homeland ,when i was little every year my granfather cultivated these beautiful flowers and this perfume really has the power to brings me back those beautiful years of childhood,even my mother choose this flower for her wedding bouquet so i love it more and more
22nd February, 2006