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ENVY ME is a playful and sweet floral-fruity for a young lady or a lady who is young at heart.with notes like peony,litchi,rose and mango,ENVY ME perfume berings to life everything that is beautiful,charming and feminine. Modern,Fresh,Summery, Cute,Appealing, Fruity,Playful and Seductive ate the same time.

Pink pepper,mango and pineapple provide an introductory freshness to a floral heart with peony, rose,jasmine and a litchi accord.tobacco mixes with musk and tonka bean for a soft and smooth dry down.It smells so nice like a fresh warm spring day and in my mind it is a delightful surprise by GUCCI.

This EDT is great for Spring and Summer,beautiful for Daytime or Office wear.It is certainly cheerfully pleasant and a joy to wear.Anyway i recommend it to a young lady who is trying a good everyday scent.It is not GUCCI'S best but really nice.


Longevity?Above average on my skin.

23rd April, 2015
A Real Keeper

I concur with most of the reviews on this page; this is a sweet, light floral with musky basenotes that make it appropriate for most anyone who wants a feminine scent. A winner.

28th October, 2013
LOVE IT!=) Its one of those fragrances that is fresh,soft and so feminine,without being too sweet, fruity nor heavy like most other 'girly/feminine' perfumes are. It makes me feel like a sophisticated and classy young woman whenever I wear stays for a considerate amount of time and is perfect for everyday casual/office wear.

Packaging is simple yet gorgeous, but I don't think its a smart idea to make a thick glass bottle with skyscraping high stature having such a narrow base. It can easily topple over with the slightest tilt, so ladies u do want to place it somewhere at the back of ur perfume counter for safety.

Overall this is a great perfume, one of the perfumes to top my list and though a tad expensive its pretty worth to buy or at least try. I give it a 9/10. ;)

10th July, 2011
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This is the second time I've tried this scent, and to put it nicely, I really dislike Envy Me.

In my opinion, it doesn't smell like something I'd imagine Gucci producing. It smells quite cheap and sour. It is in no way original and it's something I'd expect to find in a cheap drugstore, not listed under a famous brandname with an expensive price tag.

The strong opening of pineapple, peony, mango and pink pepper put me right off. These notes never seem to blend well, and in general I'm not usually a fan of pineapple in perfumes to start with.

I was hoping that the heart would be much more pleasant and interesting, but unfortunately the pomegranate and green tea took over and faded out a lot of the softer more delicate notes like the jasmine, rose and musk.

During the drydown I began to smell some improvement, however by that stage I'd already decided that Envy Me wasn't my cup of tea.

For people that honestly enjoy fruity scents, this could be for you. If I had to pick fragrances that I found similar to Envy Me I'd say, Paris Hilton and Baby Doll by YSL.

04th June, 2011
The opening starts off with a note of
tangy pineapple drying off with juicy peach and mango with an top drying edges
of Pink Pepper and shy Peony. the drydown is made luscious with Deep Ruby Red Pomegrante and sweet Litchi supported by a powdery rose note the Green tea makes it fresh. there is a note of amber missing i do smell also an faint scent of musk but barely notices it. I love the Flacon design
it's like pink lace from a ladies Lingerie very cute and sexy or conjours
up a Pink bedroom covered with pink rose petals with the intoxicating aroma of pink roses caressing your senses
this perfume represents First Love Innocence and purity if you want a perfume to fit these qualities this is the one.
09th October, 2010
A smooth tart fruity scent that's clear and open. The pomegranate really smells like black currant to me and is the dominate note by only a slight fraction over the "freshness" (afore mentioned clear and open) that is the white floral of jasmine. Don't know how this ties in as a flanker to the exquisite Envy (sweet green floral vs. fruity white floral?). Longevity is poor but it's about 4 hours. Smells decent enough but smells very generic like you've smelled it before in other fragrances.
18th November, 2009
A crisp, clean, and fresh smelling perfume. It is a beautiful light scent that smells sooooo good. It is sexy and feminine but not sensual. Everytime I put it on, it reminds me of soft gentle breeze - What's not to like about this fragrance? It's flowery, slightly spicy, and fruity all rolled into one. Gucci Envy Me has an interesting, but sweet smell. The only down fall is that it does not last as long as I would like, I have to re-apply several times during the day. I wish it lasted longer because I love the way this fragrance smells.
20th February, 2009
Last summer I noticed that a waitress at a charming Derbyshire hotel restaurant smelled like very nice shampoo and wondered what kind she used. She explained it was her Envy Me that I detected. I think that says it all. Envy Me smells like nice hair products. Fruity, floral, perky, and in a pink bottle. Quite pleasant, but I prefer Envy, which actually smells like perfume!

30th January, 2009
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...... i like this fragrance so much turns me ON ..... my wife usually wear it when she wants to get my ultimate attension ....
03rd August, 2008
very nice floral gourmand - I got it as a present, although, I would have not purchased it myself (I found it too happy for my taste - I prefer oriental florals). I would still give it thumbs up, because, although does not suit me, I can smell the quality it.
25th July, 2008
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United States
i bought this for my now ex 3 years ago and still remember the smell. very calming and floral with a kick due to the pink pepper. very chic.
15th July, 2008
Love this one. Got it confused with "Envy" intially. This is the one I was wanting and liking. Fresh, clean crisp, yet warm. Perfect for everyday.
26th December, 2007
This is one of the smells that I like to wear when I can't decide what to wear... . Especially on a summerday when I want to feel fresh and clean all day long. I always need one of these scens in my wardrobe
31st May, 2007
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United States
Envy Me, is another fragrance I was not fond of at first. IT smelled like an older women. But after my store pulled Envy Me II i decided to give it another chance, and actually adored it. I love wearing this fragrance when I feel in a "mature" mood.
20th February, 2007
i wanted it badly, but after i've bought it, i kinda regret. it was too sweet for my liking, but the smell was acceptable.
05th January, 2007
I really like this fragrance. It is a good everyday fragrance, although it seems to fade.
23rd October, 2006
Reminds me of McClintock's Number 3, maybe not quite as sweet. Florally freshness done in a very couture way! Did I mention it is clean as well? Not waterfloral or soapy clean - just fresh and crisp. A bit more green than I care to deal with in 8 hours though...
26th May, 2006 (last edited: 17th April, 2008)
Too sweet and sugary - I swear I get toothache from smelling this!!!
20th May, 2006
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United States
Envy Me (which sounds like such a Valley Girl sort of thing to say) might please the younger consumer. It's a fun, flirtatious springtime scent fairly represented by its notes: peony, jasmine, pink pepper, litchi, pomegranate, pineapple, pink musk, seringa, white tea, sandalwood, teakwood and sensual musk (whatever that's supposed to be?). It didn't fit middle-aged me.
10th August, 2005