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ENVY ME is a playful and sweet floral-fruity for a young lady or a lady who is young at heart.with notes like peony,litchi,rose and mango,ENVY ME perfume berings to life everything that is beautiful,charming and feminine. Modern,Fresh,Summery, Cute,Appealing, Fruity,Playful and Seductive ate the same time.

Pink pepper,mango and pineapple provide an introductory freshness to a floral heart with peony, rose,jasmine and a litchi accord.tobacco mixes with musk and tonka bean for a soft and smooth dry down.It smells so nice like a fresh warm spring day and in my mind it is a delightful surprise by GUCCI.

This EDT is great for Spring and Summer,beautiful for Daytime or Office wear.It is certainly cheerfully pleasant and a joy to wear.Anyway i recommend it to a young lady who is trying a good everyday scent.It is not GUCCI'S best but really nice.


Longevity?Above average on my skin.

23rd April, 2015
A smooth tart fruity scent that's clear and open. The pomegranate really smells like black currant to me and is the dominate note by only a slight fraction over the "freshness" (afore mentioned clear and open) that is the white floral of jasmine. Don't know how this ties in as a flanker to the exquisite Envy (sweet green floral vs. fruity white floral?). Longevity is poor but it's about 4 hours. Smells decent enough but smells very generic like you've smelled it before in other fragrances.
18th November, 2009
Last summer I noticed that a waitress at a charming Derbyshire hotel restaurant smelled like very nice shampoo and wondered what kind she used. She explained it was her Envy Me that I detected. I think that says it all. Envy Me smells like nice hair products. Fruity, floral, perky, and in a pink bottle. Quite pleasant, but I prefer Envy, which actually smells like perfume!

30th January, 2009
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i wanted it badly, but after i've bought it, i kinda regret. it was too sweet for my liking, but the smell was acceptable.
05th January, 2007
Reminds me of McClintock's Number 3, maybe not quite as sweet. Florally freshness done in a very couture way! Did I mention it is clean as well? Not waterfloral or soapy clean - just fresh and crisp. A bit more green than I care to deal with in 8 hours though...
26th May, 2006 (last edited: 17th April, 2008)
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United States
Envy Me (which sounds like such a Valley Girl sort of thing to say) might please the younger consumer. It's a fun, flirtatious springtime scent fairly represented by its notes: peony, jasmine, pink pepper, litchi, pomegranate, pineapple, pink musk, seringa, white tea, sandalwood, teakwood and sensual musk (whatever that's supposed to be?). It didn't fit middle-aged me.
10th August, 2005