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Negative Reviews of Armani Mania for Women by Giorgio Armani

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This is a very boring perfume. I get lots of musk and woodsy notes, but nothing descript. I also pick up on some incense, but not impressive. I almost think this is more "masculine" than "feminine" I do not get any bit of orange.
14th April, 2011
Ive smelled perfume like this far too many times. Its smells generic, nondescript, and painfully boring. Its like the smell of a perfume shop after every perfume has been spritzed into the air, sort of a conglomeration of scents. I cant seem to pick out a note. It smells like perfume for the sake of perfume. No heart, No soul.
21st March, 2011
The attempt at mixed spices is valiant, but it is destroyed by a double dose of black currant and mismatched florals. I never experience any of the supposed base accords on the drydown except synthetic vanilla. If there are woods in Mania for Women, I can't find them.
24th May, 2009
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Armani Mania EDP begins with a blast which subsides immediately to a balanced, refined, low-keyed green, citrus, and mild spice. This is rather a light, neutral accord replete with a mild mixture of what could be potent spices: saffron, cloves, and nutmeg. It’s a pleasant accord – non-offensive and non-intriguing. Up until this point, the scent is uncharacteristically Armani in that it exhibits a solid nature and a definite sillage, but all too soon, those pleasant qualities disappear and this Armani becomes the more typically weak Armani fragrance. After the introduction of the spices in the heart notes, I lose everything: The entire fragrance just goes blank on me. I get no guaiac wood, no incense, musk, or vanilla. No. Sorry – Mania would get a neutral if it had some longevity, but the longevity in this scent is pathetic. 131
09th March, 2008