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Positive Reviews of Armani Mania for Women by Giorgio Armani

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This perfume vaguely reminds me of Hanae Mori by Hanae Mori, except it smells more like orange and less like that annoying pineapple note, or whatever it is that I don't like in Hanae Mori. In any case, I adore this perfume and would seriously consider making it my new signature scent. I highly recommend it to everyone who is a fan of fruity-floral-gourmand scents. This is definitely one of the best perfumes of that genre that I've smelled so far. There is really nothing about this that I dislike. Mania for Women gets a big thumbs up from me!
22nd October, 2011
Armani Mania is a pretty yet fairly subdued fragrance. This fragrance is the opposite of mania, I find this scent to be rather soothing and peaceful.

Casting aside the unbefitting name, Armani Mania has some real likable qualities. The scent is very natural and I find it to compliment the skin beautifully. It has an almost creamy-like feel which is somewhat milky and soft.

All the notes are quite lush, however neither one dominates over the other. I don't get much of the citrus/fruity notes nor the herbs or spices. The pink pepper lingers delicately in the background providing only a subtle hint of spiciness.

The floral notes are gorgeous and feminine, they are what makes this fragrance so desirable and warm. The woodsy notes are nicely composed, with the vanilla maintaining the creaminess until the scent disappears.

Overall, the scent strength and sillage are very good and the fragrance itself quite inoffensive. Armani Mania would be very versatile, making it easily adaptable to changes in weather and different occasions. I recommend.

15th June, 2011
How did they manage to mix peppery with clean and floral and make it smell GOOD??? Maybe that's why it is called "Mania"? (I would have named it "Bipolar.")
15th June, 2010
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United States
Really like the orange and pink pepper in this. Not the lightest of scents with the sandalwood base and possibly too formal or heavy for some (suggest sampling if for a day) but its one of my staples. Would also say it has medium staying power throughout the day when sprayed directly on skin (vs walking into a cloud of spray) and I can still smell it on clothing at the end of the day.

27th November, 2007
This is so sophisticated and pleasant - I have never been a white flowers person either. I wear this and feel absolutely beautiful.

You can feel the white flowers but they dont take over, they just mingle amongst the sweet soft notes so well.

It did take some getting used to - only because how different it is to my normal picks (sweet, woody, crisp).

This is my next purchase for sure.
23rd October, 2007
A spicy-citrus scent that comes across as clean somehow. My husband loves it on me. I love the lasting power; it stays on all day and even into the next. Great for winter.
19th December, 2006
I bought this over the Christmas holiday for myself, I guess as a gift for making sure that everyone else had a gift! I love this version of Mania. I had been smelling it on a friend of mine and she would tell me that it was Mania and I could never believe her because I still had the original black top/frosted bottle Mania. I'm so glad that I finally had her show me the bottle. I'm loving this beautiful fragrance. It makes me feel so pretty.
14th October, 2006
I'm not getting alot of "woods" with this one as alot of people are. I'm getting very clean and sophisticated. Amber-vanilla fragrances are my favorite types of scents, but I don't pick that up as much in this as I do in the burberry brits, especially the gold, and organza indecense (which are a few of my all time favorites). However, I really do enjoy this one because it's something different and it's a very "clean" scent.
06th October, 2006
I bought this because my boyfriend used to wear mania for him on our first year together. We just turned two this month and whenever I wear this i always seem to be transported back to those first few days of our courtship. Ahh those days were intense. Mania will last until after you shower it's stays on you like good memories. It makes me feel very sophisticate and makes me very proud to be every inch a woman.
22nd August, 2006
Very good quality perfume with the unique sophistication caracterized by all of Armani perfumes. It's got that usual woody smell, but this time around it's sweeter than its predecessor Mania. Overall, it's a sweeter version from all the Armani perfumes opening the door to Sensi which came after, and by far, the one I like the most.
05th August, 2006
Be warned, this can be a pretty heady scent. I would definitely categorize it for winter wear instead of summer. But I like it. It's a woody, spicy fragrance that lasts a pretty long time, but there's enough hints of vanilla to tone it down, lighten it up and make it feminine. This is definitely for someone who likes to get noticed, as the fragrance stands out (but in a good way, of course).
29th May, 2006
from the official armani site:

A fresh burst of Moroccan laurel, green tangerine and pink peppercorns mingle with feminine florals and sensual cedar, sandalwood, amber and musk for a modern fragrance that is both sensual and sophisticated.

Mood: Woody, floral and sophisticated.
14th May, 2006
The review by RoseAmber hits this fragrance square on! My daughter has worn it throughout the winter, and it's just terrific on her...not cloying or heavy at all. The warm woodsiness lasts. The bottle is very plain - streamlined - but should compliment any type of decor!
11th March, 2006
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Mania is a warm, romantic, woodsy fragrance. My husband was immediately attracted to it because it is clean yet sexy. For some reason, I love the name "Mania" , but it doesn't suit the mood of this "new version" of the Mania fragrance. It did suit the original darkly spicy Mania (2002), but this review is for the "reformulation" of Mania (2004). I don't understand why Armani didn't just give the Mania 2004 fragrance its own name? I suppose there are hints of the original Mania in this blend, as it is a mysterious sandalwood-amber-vanilla fragrance, but its overall personality is strikingly different. Fortunately, I much prefer the new Mania. To my nose, two differences in the fragrance are that the saffron and the vetiver present in Mania 2002 are now gone. The older version became too masculine for my chemistry, and it was a dark, esoteric George Sand/Arabie-type Oriental. The new Mania is brighter, prettier, and has a Bay-leaf accord that brightens the heavy wood notes. Mania smells like a light version of JPG Classique (minus the rum and rose). Mania (2004) is a very feminine fragrance that warms into sensuality, yet is comfortable enough for daytime wear. Its staying power is incredible on me, and it lasts through washings on my clothing. I highly recommend this for lovers of amber-vanilla fragrances.
11th June, 2005