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Acceptable but not very special

Paris Hilton's concoctions are a marketing coup. They are perfectly appropriate for their teen demographic; the packaging and "image" are a bit edgy, but the scents themselves are completely safe. Light, unremarkable, but pleasant enough; I would rather spend more money and get better quality, but for the price, it's pretty decent. Especially if you are a star-struck teenager. I am not, but even I can't complain about the scent - it's well-done, if light (even in EDP strength). If you want to wear a barely-there perfume and don't mind simple scents, this is a nice aquatic-fruity-floral that doesn't overwhelm. Nice as a room spray, too.

Pros: Better than others in its price range / demographic
Cons: Not what I would call "real perfume""

15th October, 2013
Got a mini for free. The bottle is cute and hardy so it hangs out in my purse for those moments when you need to spray something that smells good...

It smells like the last, lingering waft of the perfume aisle. Pretty, subtle, nice.
A sweet and musky, yet clean and unobtrusive scent- not especially distinguishable.
Not sophisticated or luxurious, a casual and inexpensive scent that smells good.
A neutral for Miss Hilton's self titled because it smells neutral
20th February, 2012
I used to wear this fragrance everyday as my signature scent. I enjoyed the fruity sweet scent with a very minimal hint of floral, it made me feel optimistic and teeny boppy young. My friend liked it so much on me, she bought one herself. However, now that i own more fragrances, i have come to realise how it does not compare to other fragrances that are on the market.

The bottle design is very cheap though. The black wiggly lines you see on the bottle is actually a clear sticker with the lines on it, wrapped around the bottle. Not very impressive on the dresser and i sense the intended audience was for a young teen, still in school and still going through puberty.

I think it would appeal more to young girls who are just discovering perfumes who are into a medium sweet fruity fragrance.

It's not absolutely terrible...but it does not compare to other fragrances that are out there.

Notes as described on

Top notes include frozen apple, peach nectar, wet ozone and muguet, with heart notes of freesia, mimosa, jasmine and tuberose. Base notes combine skin musk, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, oakmoss and pheromone.

12th May, 2011
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I received this perfume as a gift, and I must say I'm not a fan. It's a rather odd fruity fragrance in that it isn't citrusy or sour, yet it isn't sweet either. It's more of a tart-like floral.

I have tried to like this scent, but I have concluded that I just don't like this perfume at all. In some ways it reminds me of halved peaches that you buy in the cans. Not something that I aspire to smelling like.

The lasting power is quite good and the scent is rather refreshing and clean smelling, so perhaps it will appeal to some. If I had to recommend this perfume, I would suggest it to teens seeming that it is inexpensive and fruity.

26th April, 2011
Whound anybody like have a hot cup of Cappuchino toppled with Fruits.
gives this vibe coffee and fruits
it has to grow on me before i like it or hate it but the only thing i love is the perfume design it reminds me if Doris Day whound wore if she was making on of those bedroom farses of the late 1950's in Paris Very French Looking
16th August, 2010
doing a dog rescue hand off from brooklyn to upstate, a 5 week old husky pup had just pissed and crapped all over my small, carpeted apartment.
enter the shepherd rescue woman...
i cannot describe the way she smelled except to say what i said to her
"you smell like you just took 9 million showers"
she reluctantly told me what it was and that her mother had bought it for her.

it's not something i could wear.
but "clean" does not begin to describe it.
for this pin straight blonde with perfect clothes and husband and daughter and car -- this is the smell she should always lilt along in.
15th December, 2009
Paris Hilton's subtle mix of fruit, flowers, and musk is intriguing, but ultimately it's a light, unobtrusive scent that's goes down like milk. Not a memorable fragrance. Not a scent that you crave. Not a perfume warranted for any occasion more momentous than a doctor's appointment.

And certainly not a perfume that a mega-rich heiress would wear, because lurking underneath that peachy freesia odor is the stinking smell of cheapness. Yes, Paris Hilton perfume smells cheaper than the complimentary shampoo at a Motel 6. It faded fast, too.

27th May, 2009
I like the Paris Hilton scent. I wasn't too interested because of the name, but a friend let me try it and I was hooked. Playful, fruity and clean. Not the lingering scent you desire for a romantic date. But great for a day out with friends or family. I wear it to work and no one notices it. But I like it just the same. I usually wear Cool Water, this is fruitier and has charm.
28th January, 2009
Cheap hairspray. No, really. Not even Elnette. And no progression.
29th November, 2008
It seems like a decent fruity/floral. Paris Hilton would be perfect for a lunch date at the country club. It seems far too playful for a more serious occasion and doesn't make a particularly unique or strong statement. I think on one positive note, the fragrance doesn't seem to change much from through the dry down; it is pretty honest. I might buy a small bottle for those times when I want to project a different image.
20th November, 2008
This frag really works for me, one of my regulars, and almost cheaper than petrol these days. Cold fruit to begin, yeah, i get a kind of watermelon note that warms and combines beautifully with the complex base of not quite amber but something else, which is almost how it stays till it fades away (in a very long time). Not too sweet or overpowering on me at all, i like.
03rd August, 2008
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United States
Okay how about a review on this one from a guy for a change. I will admit the with the name Paris Hilton, I was already looking down my nose at this one. I am a cologne snob. But when I smelt this on my girlfriend OH MY! I could not get enough of it. The Tuberose scent when combined with Jasmine (aphrodisiac in aroma therapy), some sandalwood and some fruit flavors - Oh My!

Also as far as being an age based scent, SO FAR from the truth. As long as you are still interested in men, it is appropriate. To describe the scent the Jasmine and Tuberose draw you in, but then the various other scents keep one after another reeling your attention in (apple, peach, sandlewood, and oakmoss...). - intoxicating.

Its not an elegant scent, but playful attractive, and as noted above surprisingly developing complex. Maybe it won't work at the lady's bridge game or for an overly formal and stuffy evening. But if want you man to pay attention or if you wrecked the car or spent too much today, this one will do the trick.
12th July, 2008
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United States
I got a chance to get a whiff of this a couple of years ago, and I wasn't overly impressed with the scent. It was pretty much like every other cheap fruity floral that I had been sniffing at the time.

This is something that I would not suit anyone my age or older, but I think it could work on someone younger - being that it's the kind of scent that is geared toward that market.

I have to agree with Lavenderose that all this fragrance basically is, in essence, is a marketing ploy to get more money for spoiled young rich girl to glean MORE money off of her minions.

Sad, truly sad.
15th January, 2008
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United States
FROZEN APPLE? what is that?? I agree with lavenderose.
I searched frags with Tuberose because I wanted to see which ones pop up. I have already reviewed Fracas, which I use to wear in the early 70's. What has happened to Fracas????? Burning rubber is what I smell. Well, back to Paris, Brittany, etc. I guess the exception would be David Beckham, that smelled pretty good, but I haven't worn it, so I dont know.
11th January, 2008
Peaches & champagne. That's all. I'm about 50/50 on this one. Maybe for the younger crowd...
07th November, 2007
This is the most fun to wear fragrance i've ever owned. It's very fresh, fruity, and sweet. I personally can't identify the frozen apple exactly, but it IS fruity. A little too much for day, but I love to wear this fragrance out at night, and it does last ALL night. No surprise, it works with my chemistry when i'm out dancing. It doesn't change much as it wears on (but what were you expecting from a Parlux frag?) But, it does smell more quality than one would expect.

EVERY time I wear it, tons of people (men and women, but usually more men) compliment me on it and beg to know what it is. Usually, I hate it when people ask to know my signature scent, and am reluctant to tell them... However, with this one, I always eventually tell. The expression on someone's face when I tell them "it's Paris Hilton" is priceless. So it's well worth it now that you can find it on every bargain bin.

This is what a young evening fragrance should be: playful, makes a statement, great conversation starter, sexy. I do appreciate the classics like Chanel No. 5 and Shalimar, but they are better for getting attention from old men. (which is fun sometimes too...)

It's a great fragrance to have fun with, and take a break from taking yourself too seriously.

26th June, 2007
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United States
From the classics like Apres L'Ondee, Jicky,Chanel No5, and the powerhouses such as Guerlain and Givenchy, to the superstars like Opium and Obsession and Poison--to Paris Hilton and Britney's "Curious"? Lord help us. Add perfume to the list of items which have been dumbed-down and infantized.
02nd March, 2007
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United States
good for young girls..kinda smells like j'adore but not as rich.
18th February, 2007
love it :D very summery and sweet
10th December, 2006
I tried this perfume and it was UNREMARKABLE. I think that we should all stop giving any money or precious attention to Miss Hilton. What a waste of time for an individual utterly lacking in any discernable talent but has heaps of moolah to hire marketing personnel. I find celebrity fragrance PATHETIC!
25th October, 2006
I have to say this is the BEST girls perfume hands down.

Very sexy, flirty, and fruity. All my girlfriends ADORE this and beg me to buy this for their birthday (I've bought about 5 bottles as gifts)

Lasts a VERY long time and also has phermones which attracts guys
23rd October, 2006
I agree with the reviews saying this isn't a memorable scent, that said, I do like Paris' fragrance. It's has a "nice shampoo" kind of smell to it which makes it easy to wear because it doesn't smell obviously perfume-y. This is something I'd wear if I knew I knew I was going to be around people who didn't like perfume/sensitive to perfume.
11th September, 2006
Aiona Show all reviews
United States
I saw this perfume at Wal-Mart, and I really wanted to sniff a tester first, but couldn't find any! So, Ms. Hilton's company ended up with my $9.99 for a small bottle. It isn't bad. It smells a whole lot like "Sunflowers," actually, and there was a time when I really liked that scent. However, these days, I'd prefer something a little less girly to wear to work. This would have been a nice scent if I were 10 years younger.
02nd September, 2006
I only bought this because I was experimenting with pheremones. I was pleasantly suprised. I dident think it would be as nice as it was. More fruity than I usually like. Very light, so you could probably layer it easily. And, actually- I thought the staying power was great! It was still fresh after 5 hours. And in the morning my clothes still had the scent. If you like Victoria Secret perfumes than you'll like this, I garentee. It smells alot like VS stuff.---- I dont know if the pheramones did much, but I did get some nice complaments over the course of the night.
25th March, 2006
Paris Hilton gave me a rash.

The perfume that is...ahahahahaha... no really, it never happened to me before, an allergic reaction. Anyway, that's alright though because this fragrance was NOT to my taste, cloyingly sweet and too musky.
18th February, 2006
This smells a little like Kenneth Cole Reaction, only its a lot more fruitier, strong and totally unprofessional. Should be worn by kids or used as Air Freshner, because it smells just like that.
02nd February, 2006
Young, pretty floral. Just enough other notes to balance. I'm not a Paris Hilton fan but I was impressed with this perfume. Mixes very well with my chemistry. I may just purchase a bottle and quit spraying the tester every time I go to Ulta!
20th January, 2006
Tough call.The scent is ok, nothing out of this world, it's everything you'd expect nowadays for girls: fresh, a bit fruity not so much sugary, light and fleeting, the bottle is beyond tacky, the colours are obvious given the celebrity that endorses it, the spray is a bit funky cause it doesn't spray well, like a mist. But if we are talking about what's really important and that is the smell of it, well i have to say it is nice, and was suprised by how nice it was compared to other celebrity outings. The apples on it a very obvious as is the fressia note. Terrible lasting power.
19th January, 2006 has like a terriable old lade smell. The bottle is also not that attractive!
09th January, 2006
I never thought I would like this, I do though. It smells a lot like Ralph by Ralph Lauren but a lot nicer in my opinion and longer lasting. Not as sweet as Ralph either. Having said that let me add that this fragrance is one that is easy to like and just as easy to forget and not wear again. At least for me! It's easy to wear, but there is nothing that stands out about it, nothing that makes it memorable, nothing that you would never forget once you've smelled it. I think of it as an easy spring, but even more so summer scent.
21st October, 2005