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Negative Reviews of Purple Water by Asprey

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On initial application, Purple Water smells exactly like the lemon-scented washing powder I use in the laundry. After a couple of hours, the scent is a powerful musk that overwhelms everything else. I can't smell any ginger or basil notes at all. It scores well for longevity, but that's actually a drawback in this case.
07th January, 2013
What the heck am I missing here??

I get nothing except a weak lemonade top and a light woody drydown, all of which is totally gone in less than 10 minutes.

This is a quality upper-class cologne? I don't think so...

I must have been duped into buying a knock off or something, because what's in the bottle I have, isn't worth 2 cernts.

Lackluster and boring sum it up.

17th August, 2012
Cheap synthetic citrus/floral/musk/musk/musk.
25th September, 2010
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I would wear this if I lived in England and had no idea what fragrance to wear to Sunday church service.
29th November, 2009
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United States
Pledge (but to me in the bad way), plus citronella candle, and 8% DEET thrown in. Will pass on this one.
29th January, 2009
I got a small sprayer of this juice and whoa..smells like another cheap drugstore citrus frag to my nose, rather bland and one-dimensional, in fact, it reminds me of one of those citrus air refreshers or washing up liquids. After about 10-15 minutes the orange starts to appear but the lemon is still too dominant. def. lacks originality imo.
05th October, 2006