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Neutral Reviews of Purple Water by Asprey

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Purple Water is a dainty, single ply citrus, bedecked with as much pretension as Asprey can muster.

Should you be dressed as a dandy and feel the need to cover your face with a moistened handkerchief, this might be perfect. Aside from being an effective defence against malodorous peasants, this is a fairly lacklustre fragrance for general use. By no means a bad product, but surpassed by countless fragrances of its type
16th September, 2010
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United States
One of decent nouveau type eau de colognes on the market. Once rare and expensive, it now is quite affordable for a full sized bottle. The opening is synthetic and dominated by the purple flower Freesia. The base is your basic laundry detergent.
22nd March, 2010
Ok. Reminiscent of my grandmothers 4711 Ice cologne........ Makes me nostalgic.
10th November, 2008
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this is the strongest and most concentrated cologne ever.
A concentration of more than 20%.... it contains just 70% alcohol.
this is even more concentrated than most EDT's.
20th September, 2008 (last edited: 10th August, 2009)
Lemon scented Pledge furniture polish, but in a good way. Lemony floral, very fresh and clean, yet it still smells purple. Kinda of like those fruit-colored hard, sour candies you used to get from the gumball machines. It's not grape, just ... purple. I don't understand it, but I like it well enough. Might prefer it as a room freshener, however.
23rd August, 2008