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United Kingdom
The opening is a fresh and crisply zesty lemon note that is counterbalanced by some orange that later in the drydown sees some orange blossom added. Summery, bright and very nice. The comparison with L'Eau d'Issey, a staple of mine for years, is very apt. The end is a somewhat unexciting musky note, but in total there is more development here
Than is many other lemon-citrus centred scents.

For such a type of fragrance the performance is respectable, with moderate sillage, acceptable projection and a longevity of four hours on my skin. A pleasant traditional composition. 3/5
04th November, 2015
This unexpected find has proven my most pleasant olfactory surprise! I admittedly had never heard of the Asprey name, but one sniff of this wonderful soft and powdery citrus gem and I was hooked. Of all the fragrances I own, or have sampled, no fragrance better interweaves and melds with the balmy atmosphere of Miami. Layer it with Acqua di Parma Colonia's magical. In my eyes (and nose), this fragrance truly is the sleeper of all sleepers. Just lay back and enjoy. A lemon sunshine-scented TWO THUMBS UP!
21st December, 2010
I definitley get the Pledge out of this, but it's not so bad. This is by far one the zestiest lemon fragrances I've ever owned, but before the lemon gets so dominant, it reminds me a lot of L'eau d'Issey. Once the zesty lemon dies down it becomes more of a synthetic candy lemon, like lemonheads candies. In comes a big fat orange blossom note as it moves into the middle which is about 15-20 minutes after initial application. The combination of the lemons and orange blossoms go together very smoothly. As if a lemon banged an orange blossom, their offspring would be the beginning of the heart notes of Purple Water. I also get the clear smell of an actual water note in middle, like a very pure spring water. I also get some violet and lavender notes out of the middle, which isn't listed in the note pyramid; but to me, those 2 notes would definitley make a fragrance "purple". As the middle fades, it becomes more soapy and floral before it takes on a vetiver and slightly musky base. I also get a grape accord that weaves in and out. The middle and base are more feminine than the opening. Projection is better in the opening, then anywhere from 4-6 inches from the skin in the middle, then just dies down more and more with time as many fragrances do. Longevity is about 5 hours for me on a good day.

Not bad at all, Zesty opening with high hopes of a more thorough lemon fragrance; that ends up being a completely different middle and base than the opening. I like the middle and base more and more though as I wear it more, it's actually a thing of beauty. Definitely tricked me though, not what I was expecting.

Is it worth the price though? This stuff is pretty expensive, usually around 70 bucks for 1.7 oz.but I have seen this online from 30-40. Even if I wasn't on a budget with my fragrances, I wouldn't pay such. It is a good smelling fragrance, that seems pretty high quality, but it just doesn't do enough for me to wanna pay that much. I would buy this for sure though if it were under 20 bucks. It's different than most of the stuff I own, and just brings a smile to my face.
07th August, 2010
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yes... out of the bottle it is pledge or any other industrial strength cleaner, but wait.... it might take a few minutes, but wait... go fold some laundry, check your email, take your dinner out of the oven... now take a DEEP whiff and call your mom because she loves you and misses you. This is a scrubber for the first few minutes, and then turns into something quite sublime, even gorgeous. The top is a synthetic chemical lemon mess, but it only takes a few minutes to turn this ugly duckling into a swan... The floral jacaranda note quickly pulls the cacophanous opening into a serene canoe ride through a glorious indolic white foamy dream. This is definately not a winter scent, nor is it a "I'm going to the club and I'm going to score" sillage bomb. The heart is a succulent and juicy soft citrus parade mixed with orange blossom playing the part of the drum major, while behind marches droves of carnation, lily of the valley, honeysuckle (yes I finally found my chevrefeuille), and lemon blossom, with grapefruit following behind playing a high tempo snare. At the end of the parade, once you think everything is over and people are packing up and ready to go home, a very simple soft vetiver is left standing on the side of the road wishing he had the chance to march with the band. The orange blossom, seeing the vetiver standing all alone, returns to keep company, and the two of them stare off in the distance until the sun sets... Anybody that judges this offering based on the opening act is really missing the headliner.
15th June, 2009
kewart Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This is a wonderful, summer scent with all the attributes of a perfect
eau de cologne. The top notes are zesty and clean, Jacaranda being one of them.
I haven't smelled a Jacaranda bush, but hope to soon to see how the scent compares
with it. These notes and are soon joined by the basil, white ginger and orange blossom -
a combination I really love. Good lasting quality right down to the musky, peppery base.
The bottle is very classy and refined in an understated way. The cap can be adapted to either a spray or a splash -
a very clever inovation I haven't seen before.
Not sure how pricey this is - I won mine in a Basenotes competition! I would guess that it's quite high end.
23rd July, 2008
An excellent citrus and grapefruit that lasts. Not as sour as Be Delicious Men but if you love Be Delicious but are saddened by its lack of staying power then get Purple Water. I can also say it a good alternative to Creed's Neroli Sauvage but Purple Water not as metallic and ZING!y.
01st July, 2008
Quite pretty really ... clean and expensive smelling. To me, this smells exactly like the toiletry tray in the marble bathroom of a 5-star hotel. It smells a bit like a fine soap wrapped in tissue paper. Hard to go wrong with this one, huh?
04th May, 2008
jdnba Show all reviews
United States
like this stuff a lot...very citrusy. It starts out very feminine but dries into an upscale barbershop frag akin to truefitt and hill lime.
27th December, 2007
Grape quarter water. ha.
Good scent for a female, cause it's not too flowery or powdery, just sweet.
20th November, 2007
I tried this one on at a Nordstrom's here in Atlanta on a warm, humid day in the 80's. Quickly, the fragrance seemed to take off on my skin and I felt enveloped in a subtle, yet delicious blanket of a purple haze of florality and fresh fruit. I loved it; however, its eau de cologne strength wasn't sufficient to please me beyond a mere 3 hours or so. Perhaps if it were in an EDT variation I would be more tempted to buy it. But, boy is it a winner for me otherwise!
25th July, 2007
Tovah Show all reviews
United States
Purple Water is a fabulous fragrance for refreshing the mind and spirit on a very hot day. It's mostly a soft floral, and the notes I detect are blossoms of citrus trees,(lemon and orange), white ginger, and aromas of the sharp, bright juices of lemon and orange fruit. Purple Water has a note of the purest, most true-to-life Lemon Blossom that I've encountered thus far in a fragrance. My dwarf lemon tree happens to be in bloom today, so I sniffed it to make sure the comparison isn't just wishful thinking. (It's not). Jacaranda flowers are a vivid lilac purple. They grow everywhere around here, and their scent carried on a breeze is zesty and linen-like. I haven't yet stuck my nose into a blossom, so this scent association may be inaccurate. The jacarandas aren't in bloom yet, or I'd have climbed up one today to smell the flowers. Purple Water is extremely clean; neither sweet nor sour. I've worn it all day and it still smells fresh and outdoorsy. I'd buy it in a heartbeat if the price was reasonable, but this fragrance isn't complex enough, or unusual enough, to seduce me into spending $75.00 on a 1.7 oz. edt.
14th March, 2007
Purple Water by Asprey is, evidently, so very exclusive, it isn't even reviewed. I just happen to know someone whose friend's cousin is married to a person who works in side BP (That's what us Insiders call Buckingham Palace, or Betties Pad, haha) and got access, if you know what I mean. So, here's the scoop. This fragrance is very aristocratic, in that it doesn't care - whether it's supposed to suit a man or a woman, whether it isn't too propostorously expensive for being nothing but a nice little cologne. It's made for people who do not even notice spending 60 quid and for whom this will never be more than a beauty accessoire not even worth mentioning, just as their Asprey watch or their Asprey teawarmer. Purple water will clearly not be a hit among US college frat boys (too feminine) or the Paris Hiltons of this world (not gaudy enough). A lot of people will think it smells like their stepmother - somehow oldfashioned. It's for ladies, dandies and gentlemen beyond all that gender claptrap. Oscar Wilde would have been amused and I think he would have worn Purple Water with pleasure. Another artists that comes to mind smelling this is Morrissey. As stated, it's really just a nice, fresh cologne and the light, refreshing citrus components are the most evident part of this composition. The twist is in the unique "purplish" smell - is it the jacaranda, indeed, perhaps with the basil? Restrained ginger sweetness blends in and we close on a whispering drydown with just hints of musk and pepper, no vetiver to speak of. The bottle is of a matching elegant simplicity. Understatement is the message here. Well, enough talk, do just hop into your MG convertible, while the weather still permits and try this while summer lasts. Just don't ever talk about it, that would give you away as an impostor...
21st August, 2006