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Negative Reviews of Eau Noire Cologne by Christian Dior

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It smells like black treacle, mixed with with cheap dark rum, and flea powder.
In essence, it's awful.
24th February, 2012
Pungent curry. Yikes.
And I'm writing this bit because basenotes requires me to say more.
12th August, 2010

Eew ... that is this?! It's like liquid curry!

I so wanted to love these three colognes,
but the two I have tryed out, has both been
huge disappointments. Maybe they're just
too refined for me? I don't know!
The last one I need to try out is Bois d'Argent.

Forgive me Lord for being so disloyal towards
the House of Dior, but I just can't stand this!

08th April, 2010
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This is all curry and maple syrup on me. I wanted to love this, but after waiting a terrible 45 minutes for something, anything different to happen, I am sad to say that I just don't think this is going to work for me.
10th February, 2010
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United States
Curry and maple syrup. I have no problem with harshness in fragrances per se, but it doesn't work for me here. The base is less objectionable than the top, but it's not worth the wait.
24th July, 2009
Oh dear Lord, how exactly is this wearable? Annick Goutal Sables meets Bond No. 9 New Haarlem makes for top notes from H.E.L.L! Very, very loud and after the immortelle settles what remains is pleasant and clearly of high quality but comparatively weak. This is probably a love it or hate it frag, and this reviewer hates it. Only positive aspect of this I see is that it is a very avantgarde frag for a designer scent.
07th July, 2009
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United States
I was so excited to try this, especially with the other Dior Homme exclusives being such winners, with some of those reviews proclaiming Eau Noir to be the best of the three. Oy Vey! I rarely write negative reviews because usually if I don't like something I can still see the qualities in it that make something good. I can acknowledge that just because I don't like a note or two, a fragrance can still be good but just not for me. Not this.

The opening, to me, was dead on lentil soup - with too much salt. I've sampled it now three times, and each time I could swear it smells like salty lentil soup. The fragrance then goes somewhere unexpected - to a sickly sweet amber that is very similar to Tom Ford Amber Absolute. The basenotes come back around full circle, combining amber and some salty/spicy/incense notes that, jumbled together, are somewhat unpleasant.

Not for me at all, and just bizarre. I think Bois d'Argent is the best of the three, with Cologne Blanche right behind.
29th August, 2008
This weird concoction smells like my mother's spice drawer: cinnamon, nutmeg, oregano, paprika, basil, aniseed and brunt sugar. Imagine what a bakery would smell like if it caught fire. I'm not fond of this.
28th August, 2008
Well, of the three scents in this line, here is the only one with any pretense to a wood tone. The wood is ok, but as with so many scents it is overpowered and thus ruined by vanilla. Hansel and Gretel were walking through the woods and left sweet little cookie crumbs to find their way out. Is this what you want to smell like?
23rd July, 2007
There is only one word for this: Maggi. Maggi is a liquid spice hailing from Switzerland, the basis of which is concentrated lovage. Maggi is the beginning and epitome of industrial convenience food and its norm-spice flavor, of lowest common denominator taste levelling. Eau Noir is Maggi from the bottle, Maggi in the air, Maggi on my skin. Forget the complaints about celery salt in Sables or Sud-Est or Yatagan, this is ten times more intense, read: worse. I can only surmise this results from the weird interaction of the anise, sage, fennel, and caraway perversely amplifying an already hefty dose of immortelle. Someone please drive a wooden stake through the heart of this truly undying savoury flower. If this were the last perfume in the world I wouldn't wear it. No summer of lovage for me (and heck, a bottle of Maggi is only € 1,99).
28th June, 2007 (last edited: 30th May, 2008)
This smells so similar to Bond No.9's New Harlem. Chocolate, coffee and slightly green cedar. Its potent tho! wow you can smell it everywhere. However its not one of those fragrances liked by everyone. Its not my cup of Tea. YUK!
14th January, 2007
Let me be the second to turn thumbs down. I agree with robyogi about there being a disagreeable note in the opening of Eau Noire—almost the same disagreeable one that is in Annick Goutal’s Sables. To my nose that note is very bitter and aggressive, and it totally overwhelms all the other notes. It’s a dusty, celery-seed-to-the-tenth-power-like bitter / dry note and I find it repulsive. It lasts for at least two hours, after which it has subsided enough for me to get some idea of what most everyone else is smelling with this fragrance: a strong, boderline-harsh herbal accord with an almost ethereal sweetness balancing it: I only wish I could experience this accord from the start—it’s wonderful. The dry down is very nice, but it is simply not good enough to make up for the torture of the opening.
07th October, 2006
Sorry to be the first to rain on this parade, but this scent, like Cologne Blanche, I just cannot give a thumbs-up review. I find something about the two of these scents to border on disgusting, and I am surprised to be the first to mention it. Maybe in this one it's the immortelle, a note I don't like in Sables either. But I think it is also this near-foody quality crossed with an effeminate powderiness. On the plus side, this one is darker than Blanche, which makes it a little more interesting to me. Still, the sweetness, the chocolatey note, and the immortelle make this a "no" for me.
28th March, 2006
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