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Positive Reviews of S-Perfume Jet Scent Remix 2.0 by S-Perfume

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If you like "invisible fragrances", S-Perfume is well worth checking out. A subtle synthetic musk with marine hints, a slight dose of sweetness, some powder and an overall avant-garde vibe. Floral hints provide nice refinements while a sort of woody-waxy element enriches the fragrance with an intriguing futuristic facet. Definitely synthetic but somewhat smooth and graceful.

S-Perfume works pretty nice on skin subtly remarking its presence with a clean musky aura that's anything but dull. In a world where fragrances could be compared to painting techniques, S-Perfume would be aquarell.

One of the very few "aquatic" compositions that is worth checking out.
23rd June, 2012
This idea isn't that new. Jovan had Musk For Man and the like ages before. While the Jovan appears to be a bit edgy today, the S-perfume is smooth, easy going. No offenses to be expected, a very tame perfume, which by my experience wouldn't be noticed from a distance.
01st February, 2012