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Ananas Fizz is a guilty pleasure for me. Yes, it's a silly fruit perfume, but it's notable for not using that same stupid strawberry, peach, or melon most fruity perfumes use. The pineapple is juicy and realistic, bright and happy, and would be fun, if a bit immature, were it not for the deceptively complicated boozy woods supporting it. There's a note of Malibu rum here, the kind infused with tropical coconut, as well as a leafy green component and something that hints at wood but actually feels more like an element of the pineapple than anything literally woody. It's enough to keep Ananas Fizz from smelling like a cheap candle or candy, though this is still an unrepentant party perfume.

I can see how, based on notes alone, people compare this to Aventus, but they're not similar at all. Aventus is bleachy woody aquatics topped with abstract pineapple, but Ananas Fizz is more directly fun and fruity, like something Escada would make, but better.
26th September, 2017
Sadly discontinued, this simple, fresh, and relaxing pineapple/coconut fragrance is a great summer refresher for humid days. Humidity just makes this fragrance even better than on a just plain hot day (where it also shines).

I do not, however, advise wearing this fragrance in sub-70 degree (F) weather. Especially in the winter. Much like how you shouldn't wear most heavy orientals in the middle of summer, you shouldn't wear Ananas Fizz during the next polar vortex.
06th May, 2015
Genre: Citrus

Light, bright and fruity, with little projection and no lasting power. The concept is great and the fleeting top notes are endearing, but it's all gone after fifteen minutes.

Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier have explored the same territory more successfully with their recent Bahiana, which has all of the depth, complexity, and lasting power lacking in Ananas Fizz, while remaining just as bright and effervescent.
10th June, 2014
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rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Yup, pinapple it is, not too sweet, a nice ananas, with a touch of lemon for added freshness. Fruity indeed, but the lychee is quite weak and ephemeral on my skin. In the base a touch of tonka is added. Overall a nice scent for cooler summer days, but nothing overly special. Very good silage and projection though with an excellent longevity of seven hours on my skin. Borderline case, but the longevity and nice top notes just lift it into to thumbs-up category.
10th January, 2014
I am a little in love with this. Sprayed myself wet, as they say, in-store and was in nose bliss the rest of the day. Sure it's artificial, but NOT imo in an energy drink way (yuckk!!!!!). No, this is like wearing fruit candy, the chewy kind, and in a citrus-pineapple flavour. In the same family of scents as Kenzo's travel exclusive with Bali in the name, but more zesty, less musky.
24th August, 2010
I feel like they tried to cut down the sweetness of the pineapple note by overloading the thing with synthetic woods. Result: a fruit note that loses its juicy quality and thus appeal, and then a flat woody base that carries a sour pineapple tinge.

Interesting, but not entirely pleasant.
23rd August, 2010
This perfume was my FIRST foray out of the commercial (Chanel, Dior, etc) perfume world and into the more niche perfumes.

All along, I was under the impression that perfumes were either woody and dowdy (as most commercial labels' older perfumes had presented themselves) or sweet and sparkling (as most of the newer commercial perfumes had presented themselves). Ananas Fizz, as a fruit perfume, really surprised me in that it was not cloying or 'typical' of the new-age mans perfume. I was completely smitten. It was fresh and had a distinct pineapple note WITHOUT smelling artificial or 'plastic' like so many fruity fragrances do. It also smells nice and boozy which I love.

Anyway, i bought a 100ml bottle and have since finished using it, and I loved it every time i wore it. Not exactly something to wear to a dinner, but still a relatively easy scent to wear. My only beef with this perfume is that the sillage is like the memory span of a goldfish and i HATE having to reapply because it looks silly spraying on perfume in public.
27th June, 2010
I got two sample vials of Ananas Fizz, and testing it has surely been one of the oddest experiences I've had with a new fragrance. I've got to admit that it was fun putting it on. In the privacy of my own home, I poured the entire vial over my forearms, shoulders, throat, and breasts. This excess was the result of my often being unable to smell many L'Artisan frags after 90 seconds from application. The fruit-loopy top notes (which aren't really pineapple and don't fool this Honolulu native) are anything but natural, but there's a weird cheap thrills quality about it. No, it's not in the least like pouring pineapple juice all over yourself. (Aloha!) It lacks the biting but extremely sweet edginess of the real thing. It doesn't smell like any real grapefruit either. Only the French, who brought the concept of the simulacrum into postmodern discourse, could create this apotheosis of complete artificiality.

After three minutes or so--was I hallucinating?--the scent seemed to explode (yes!) with a loud blast of something I had no words to describe, even though it caused me to choke violently. Although there was something vaguely recognizable about it, I was hard pressed to analyze what it smelled like until I was teaching the next day. One of my students had a little can of one of those ghastly "energy drinks" of which undergraduates consume massive quantities in spite of the fact that they taste like nothing nature ever created. Yes! That was it! It smelled like Red Bull or whatever it is tastes! Ach! Fortunately, this moment passed quickly and the fragrance died down into an interesting powdery fruity scent, peculiar but hardly unpleasant. In a little over a hour it disappeared altogether.

I would say that it felt, all in all, like an ephemeral cheap thrill--only L'Artisan fragrances are never cheap. I can imagine that my undergraduates might like it, and I'd certainly prefer smelling Ananas Fizz than Paris Hilton Ineducable or some such in the classroom any day. I suspect, though, that something as French, eccentric, upscale, and thoroughly postmodern as AF would appeal more to the intellectually curious than to the average sorority girl. Even so, better on them than on their fifty-something professor. I might just put the second sample vial in my briefcase and let them have some fun with it before the class begins. After the midterms, I need some amusement. In the meantime, I'll look to Dole for pineapple.
31st May, 2010
yuk! i was hoping this would be similar to jean patou vacances or montana oh lala,both predominant pineapple frags. this dissapoints in every way.very synthetic and cheap smelling.reminds me of zoflora disinfectant.
13th March, 2009
No, sorry. As much as I like pineapples, this is not tart or sweet enough to be fruity. Becomes a faded wood too quickly to enjoy.
24th August, 2008
I love the scent of pineapple, so I thought Ananas Fizz to be worth a try. The opening gives the impression of a fizzy pineapple cocktail, but fades and what remains is rum-tinged cedar. Cedar becomes dominant to my nose, and I feel a bit disappointed to have been transported from the beach to the cedar chest! It strikes me as an odd direction for the fragrance to evolve. Interesting, but not something I would wear.
16th April, 2008
Thought I would purchase this one after reading some of the reveiws and I am so glad I did! I love the drydown of this one, is is not too fruity as some hve suggested yet, as the combination of all the notes come together it moves me to say...WOW!!!!
20th December, 2007
This parfum comes off as a combination of a citrus scented furniture dusting product by Pledge and 1970's fizzy candies called Zot's. Unique for a fragrance, but not my personality at all.
12th July, 2007
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Kotori Show all reviews
United States
I like this one! It is so much like a pineapple cocktail. It's like a slightly more grown-up relative of the Escada summer editions. It's also a bit more realistic. It fades to cedar relatively quickly, but I still love it.
28th May, 2007
I love this! But I agree, it could last longer. Wonder if there is a body lotion. The two together would be fantastic!

A definite summer scent, very clean and refreshing.
24th April, 2007
Fresh, tangy pineapple, some sweet lemonade or orangeade, and a lovely touch of cedar. The top notes are delicious, fruity, and (yes) fizzy. Not very long-lasting, but fun and enjoyable.
08th March, 2007
Applied it and instantly it brought a smile to my face - the pineapple notes are really fruit smell, not sugary fuit notes. The remarkable thing is the pineapple notes seem to float off of my skin, because when I smell my skin close I just can't smell pineapple...maybe on the skin I get vanilla but a REALLY LIGHT vanilla

Layers great with my Eau des Merveilles - smells like a cocktail party on the beach!
02nd March, 2007
Quarry Show all reviews
United States
Very pleasant. It's not too sweet, not too bright nor too sharp. For a juicy scent, it bears a mark of quality. I just don't think I want to smell like I spilled pineapple juice on myself. If I had a decant, I'd experiment to see if AF would layer well with a floral. Hmmmm.
27th October, 2006
First sniff of the sample is slightly ananas-y, but not much. Copy on the card says "exotic cocktail"...yeah, kind of. More alcohol than fragrance. It's light and refreshing but lasts approximately three minutes and forget sillage. NOT memorable.
25th October, 2006
Light, sharp, sweet, fizzy, boozy—just a delightful fragrance. It is pineapple-y and light floral with a hint of cedar and vanilla. It reminds me of something that I can’t quite place (I’ve never soaked pineapple lifesavers in water so that couldn’t be it); it probably reminds me a can of pineapple juice because I can smell a little of the metallic tinge that I get when I open a can of pineapple juice. As pleasant as Ananas Fizz is, it stays too close to the skin and has too little longevity for me to take very seriously. If someone would give me a bottle of this I’d probably wear it once in a while, but I want to spend my hard earned money on something that delivers a little more substance.
15th October, 2006
The Baron de Charlus recently informed me: 'The other night I dreamed again that I was in the Palace of Versailles. Passing Marie Antoinette on the stairs, I gallantly sprayed her with a bottle of L'Artisan Parfumeur's Ananas Fizz.
"Naughty Charley-Charl," she giggled, "you must not spray the Queeny-Queen. Off with his head!" I made a deep bow. "Your Majesty," I informed her, "I intended it merely as a token of my enormous esteem. Yet what a tantalizing scent Ananas Fizz is! On the face of it, a simple enough citrus effusion, but layered with I know not what ingredients that transform it into a gold and gorgeous mystery! What do you think they might be?"
"Cod and garlic," cackled the Queen, "cod and garlic just for me!" "A truly revolting thought, you regal slubberdegullion," I choked, before hurrying off to the palace latrines.'
26th May, 2006
Paul G Show all reviews
United States
This scent makes me feel like I'm at an upscale restaurant and saw something that sounded like it should be good but ends up leaving me hungry and completely unsatisfied. It just doesn't work and has no lasting power at all. Soak some pinapple lifesavers in water and save yourself $100.
14th April, 2006
Tovah Show all reviews
United States
This is the fragrance of carefree happiness and joy. It's so bright and uplifting I want to bathe in it. I wish it had better lasting power, but I must own this, even if I have to pickle myself in it to make it last. It's bright, fun, cheerful, and so pretty!
16th March, 2006
Though short-lived, the pineapple and cedar blend is a welcome change to most citrus-based summer scents and simply smells great! Would love an extreme version of this!
14th January, 2006
Smells like a fruity mixed drink you would have at the beach. It's very lively and fun. It's a great scent for spring and summer. Even though it doesn't last too long, it's really refreshing. It's one of the easier scents to wear from L'artisan and I don't see how anyone could hate this.
29th December, 2005
On me it's pure sugar. Very, very sweet. I also had problems with longevity. Lasted about 3 hours. I would have to say it's more of a feminine scent than most of the L'artisan fragrances.
19th October, 2005
Ananas Fizz does not evolve much on my skin, it smells basically the same now as when I applied, only weaker. The scent itself smells like pineapple and coconut, it is quite nice, not too sweat either. I really enjoy the smell on this scent; It is a nice, light fragrance that would be well suited for the summer. My only gripes with this scent is that I think it would be better if it were a little more potent, lasted longer and had slightly more sillage. I applied it about 2 hours ago and already it has very noticeably weakened. If scents last well on your skin I would definatly recommend checking this one out as a summer scent. I would give it a 7/10.
17th August, 2005
CoL Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Oh I love this one! Pineapple and cocnut without smelling like a pina colada! Lasts forever and still keeps its "fizz" all the way through! Yumsters!
02nd June, 2005