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Negative Reviews of M7 Fresh by Yves Saint Laurent

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Green Machine

I have had my bottle for 2 weeks and have decided to sell it. Very basic/linear scent.. light citruses mixed with some veviter. very little oud. not worth the money. I am very dissatisfied with this..

Pros: Green Lovers
Cons: Medical/herbal"

25th August, 2013
A fresh scent with citrus and oud. I found it bland and boring and subsequently gave it away after trying it a couple of times.

31st March, 2011
This has a fresh, bright opening of citrus and vaguely ginger notes, the latter seems quite synthetic. Oudh is contributing the bright aspect, and it develops in intensity. The scent gets a bit sweet in the dry-down. Where’s the vetiver? Overall, I find it screechy-synthetic and tiresome.
07th December, 2010
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Cloying sweet medicine. I'm not sure about a lot of the claims here - oud? None. Ginger? Maybe a smidgen. Raisins? Beaucoup. It's a cloying raisin bouquet with a foundation of bitter sickness; essentially, the smell of bad morning breath, or the taste left in your mouth when you're sick and haven't brushed your teeth in two days, with a little menthol. Anybody remember Vicks Vapo-rub? Another way to characterize this is bad morning breath after eating a bowl of fruit loops. It's a strikingly synthetic smell that even borders on offensive, either in terms of its cloying sweetness, or in terms of its bitter, somewhat noxious undertones. M7 is alright, maybe not one of my favorites, but this one is not alright. I'm afraid this one is a 'pass'.
14th July, 2009
This smell is for older men. Not like me 22 years old.
Not my taste. Strong and not so good
30th June, 2009
Let me be the first one to give this one a thumbs down.

It smells fresher than the original alright, but I would hardly call this a fresh oriental. It's more of a light oriental. The aoud is pushed into the background, and a very medicinal accord dominates the fragrance. It reminds me of south east asian medicine.

Now, if you're not of asian descent, I can imagine you smell exotic wearing this frag. However, if you are, then you just smell like you did when you had the flu when you were younger, and your mom just put on some medicine on you.

02nd January, 2009